2 Days in Dubrovnik: Perfect Itinerary + Amazing Day Trips


Planning a quick getaway to Dubrovnik and looking for a 2-day itinerary? I’m here to help you plan your 2 days in Dubrovnik, so you can cover all the best things to do in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik is a city in southern Croatia fronting the Adriatic Sea. It attracts visitors from all over the world and charms them with its beautiful orange rooftops, tiny alleys in the old town, delicious food, fantastic beaches, raw islands, and much more. And in this article, we will cover it all. 

2 days in Dubrovnik might sound few, but I will help you maximize your time here. Also, if you have additional time, I will cover the best day trips from Dubrovnik and share some practical information to make this planning as easy as possible. This is your complete Dubrovnik travel guide.

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Overview of Your 2 days in Dubrovnik

Overview of Your 2 days in Dubrovnik

There is a little something for everyone in this itinerary as I like to keep it flexible and offer different activities for different interests. But you will still experience the essence of Dubrovnik and enjoy the best of it.

Don’t get discouraged when you see the overview of your daily itinerary as some of these attractions are optional and others won’t take a lot of time to visit. You will certainly have time to relax during this trip.

Now, it’s time to discover how to spend 2 days in Dubrovnik.

Day 1 of your 2 days in Dubrovnik

St. Blaise's Church - one of the best photo spots in dubrovnik

Overview of your Dubrovnik itinerary for day 1: Old Town, Vrata od Buže or Vrata od Ploča, Stradun, St. Blaise’s Church, Franciscan Church, and Monastery, Large Onofrio’s Fountain, Dubrovnik West Harbour, lunch at Ala Mizerija, hidden parts of Old Town, St. Joseph’s Church, Church of St. Ignatius, Jesuit Stairs, The walls of Dubrovnik, dinner at LADY PI-PI.


Doors of Dubrovnik West Harbour

I suggest you wake up early on your first day in Dubrovnik and start with the Old Town. Depending on your location, there are 3 ways to access the old town: Vrata od Ploča, Vrata od Buže and Vrata od Pila. Vrata od Ploča and Vrata od Pila are connected with the main street of the old town – Stradun. While Vrata od Buže is connected to Stradun with a lot of stairs. The best would be to start with Vrata od Buže or Vrata od Ploča.

I suggest you take a walk on the Stradun, start with St. Blaise’s Church, head to Franciscan Church, and Monastery, and finish with Large Onofrio’s Fountain and Church of St. Salvation. All these places are the main attractions of Dubrovnik, so it gets extremely busy during the day. Especially when the cruise ships come, so early morning walk is highly recommended. 9 am would be a perfect time to start.

If you didn’t have breakfast in your hotel, there are a lot of great bars on this street. I can recommend Cele Dubrovnik Gourmet & Lounge or Café Festival for breakfast, but I have to say that the prices are quite high for local standards. If you are looking for a cheap breakfast in Dubrovnik, make a stop at Mlinar.

Once you are done with the main street, head to Dubrovnik West Harbour via Vrata od Pila. Here you will find some of the best views and some secret spots in Dubrovnik. You will need to follow the path of Ul. Skalini dr. Marka Foteza and there are multiple photo spots in this way. You can see my photo guide for Dubrovnik with exact locations here.


Hidden corners in Old Dubrovnik

From Lovrijenac, follow Ul. Skalini dr. Marka Foteza and use Ala Mizerija as your location on Google maps. First, you will see Beach Bar Dodo, but you will have to pass it to get to one of the best secret bars in Dubrovnik – Ala Mizerija. This place is located away from tourists, so it’s a real gem. They serve cool drinks and delicious snacks, but portions are generous and you can easily have lunch with one or two dishes.

After lunch, I suggest you go back to the Old Town and get lost in the tiny alleys away from the main street. These streets won’t be crowded and you will be able to escape the hot sun if you are visiting in summer. You can start at St. Joseph’s Church and follow Ul. Josipa Jurja Strossmayera. Choose the Church of St. Ignatius as your destination, but don’t be afraid to look for some cute corners on your way, because this area is full of hidden gems.

The Church of St. Ignatius is right next to the Jesuit Stairs. And I’m sure this place is familiar in case you are a fan of Game of Thrones. It is going to be crowded here, but it’s on your way, so make sure you don’t miss it.

You can also use some time to rest because you will need some energy for the next activity.



And now it’s finally to discover one of the most beautiful places in Dubrovnik – The walls of Dubrovnik. But there are a few things that you should know before visiting.

First of all, the Walls of Dubrovnik now have an entrance fee and it isn’t small. The fee is 250 kuna (around 33 euros) per person, but it includes Lovrijenac as well. Yes, the price is not low, especially if you consider the fact that it used to be free, but you can’t visit Dubrovnik and miss the walls.

Another thing to remember is the opening times. I recommend you to enter 1 hour before closing time and stay 30 minutes after the walls are closed. I saw many tour guides even after closing hours, so don’t worry about it. Click here to see the opening times.

I believe most of you are visiting Dubrovnik in summer, so you can head to the walls around 5.30 pm. If you are visiting in winter, you can swap the evening itinerary with the afternoon and go to the walls shortly after lunch.

The main entrance is at Pile Gate, but you can also start the walk at the entrance by St Lucas Fortress (St Dominic’s street) and the entrance by St John’s Fortress.

Also, I highly advise being careful if you want to book a tour online and read all the conditions. Most of the tours don’t include the ticket to Dubrovnik walls, so you will have to pay 250 kuna extra.

Unfortunately, the old town of Dubrovnik is filled with a lot of tourist traps when it comes to restaurants. I strongly recommend avoiding those restaurants where the waiter approaches you on the street and checking online recommendations before. My personal highlight was LADY PI-PI, so that’s where you should end your first day in Dubrovnik.

Day 2 of your 2 days in Dubrovnik

Day 2 of your 2 days in Dubrovnik

Overview of your Dubrovnik itinerary for day 2: Banje Beach or Beach Sveti Jakov, lunch at the Above 5, local experience, Dubrava Observation Point, Konoba Dubrava.



I believe that you might be a bit tired after climbing those Walls of Dubrovnik yesterday, so I want you to take it easy and spend your morning at the beach. There are a lot of great beaches in Dubrovnik, but I suggest keeping it easy and visiting Banje Beach. It is very close to the old town and it offers fantastic views of Dubrovnik. Here you can rent a sun bed or bring your own towel.

As an alternative, I can suggest Beach Sveti Jakov which is rated as one of the most beautiful beaches in Dubrovnik. A true paradise if you ask me. But it is located more than 2 km away from Old Town and requires a lot of stairs. You can either walk for 30 minutes or grab an Uber.



There are some beach bars right on these beaches, but I personally didn’t try them and the reviews didn’t look promising, so I suggest you head back to your hotel to freshen up and get ready for one of the best-rated restaurants in Dubrovnik. It is called Above5 Rooftop and this elegant sky-high restaurant is situated on the rooftop in the center of the Old Town, surrounded by its ancient stone walls. If you think the view is fantastic, wait until you try the food. Make sure you make a reservation.

After lunch, I want you to try one of the cool experiences that Dubrovnik has to offer.

I know that there are many Game of Thrones fans visiting Dubrovnik, so you should use this time to join The Ultimate Game of Thrones Tour. It’s one of the top things to do for the majority of tourists. Click here to book it.

If you are visiting in summer and you love staying on the water, you can consider Guided Sea Kayaking Tour with Snack. Click here to book it.

Maybe you are feeling adventurous? Then the Kojan Koral ATV Quad Safari tour will be perfect for you and you can click here to book it.

Or if you are a foodie like me and you want to discover more about local cuisine, I can recommend Traditional Dalmatian Cooking Class which takes you to the countryside of Croatia to discover the real flavors. You can book it here.

There are a lot of fun things to do in Dubrovnik, but I know that we are all very different, so I’m sure one of these options will suit your needs.


Dubrovnik from the top

And I want you to end your Dubrovnik itinerary with some wonderful views over Dubrovnik and sunset is the best time to do you. You can reach Dubrava Observation Point with a cable or Uber. Uber is cheaper and great for those who are afraid of heights. If you prefer to take the Cable Car, check their website for all the details.

You can simply take a walk and soak in the views. Grab your camera, because you will want to remember these views forever. And if you are feeling hungry, I have to advise you to walk to my favorite food experience in Dubrovnik. Konoba Dubrava is the winner for me and I would be very upset if you decided to skip it. Also, it might look further away, but walking from the cable car won’t take more than 10 minutes.

Once you are done, use Uber to go back to your accommodation. Don’t call the taxi via phone, because they can try to scam you with the price.

And this is the end of your 2-day itinerary for Dubrovnik!

Best day trips from Dubrovnik

Best day trips from Dubrovnik

If you have some additional time, I highly suggest you take some day trips from Dubrovnik. There are several options and endless tours available, so you are in good hands in case you don’t know how to plan it.


FROM Dubrovnik TO Lopud

My personal highlight is Lopud island and it takes a bit more than one hour on the ferry to get to Lopud island from Dubrovnik. You can visit the Church Holy Mary of Spilice, take the walk on the promenade, arrive at Botanical Gardens, and hang out on the Beach Sunj. Everything is walkable from the marina.

I choose to book my experience on GetYourGuide and absolutely love it. It includes lunch and some other islands that are certainly worth visiting for a quick stop. You can book it here.

Or you can also take the public ferry from Dubrovnik and explore it on your own. You can find all the necessary information here.



Another famous day trip from Dubrovnik is Lokrum. It’s another island located right in front of Dubrovnik. Lokrum offers some spectacular views and raw nature. Make sure you visit Botanical Garden, The Dead Sea, Benedictine Monastery, and the famous Buža na Lokrumu. You can reach all these places on foot.

I already suggested a kayaking tour that takes you around Lokrum and you can book it here.

Or you can take a ferry and explore it on your own. You can find all the necessary information here.



You will see Mostar tours all over Dubrovnik. Unlike other two-day trip options that are very relaxed, this requires a lot of time on the road and takes a full day. You can either rent a car or join a group tour. These tours are very affordable and there is not much to see in the middle, so I would suggest you choose a group tour this time. See available tours here.



And then there is Montenegro and similar to Mostar, it takes an entire day. If you ask me, I don’t think a day trip is enough considering that Montenegro has a lot to offer and Kotor is just one of the many places that you should see in Montenegro. If you are not sure, take a look at this article where I share the highlights of Montenegro.

But if you don’t have enough time, you can find organized day trips here.  

Getting around Dubrovnik

View from Lovrijenac in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Most of the attractions in Dubrovnik are located within a short distance, so walking is the best option. Also, cars are not allowed inside the Old Town, so you are on your own there. And this is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t rent a car for Dubrovnik.

If you choose to book your accommodation further away, I suggest you download Uber. This way you can always pay with a card and avoid any misunderstandings about your destination and price. Also, Uber is very easy to use and available at all times.

Then there is a public bus, but it is a bit confusing and almost nonexistent on Google Maps. You can head to the A1 Bus station and ask for directions and help with the bus tickets.

From the Dubrovnik Airport, you can choose two options: shuttle bus or taxi. The shuttle bus is super easy to use and will cost you 55 KN (7.30 EUR) and a taxi is about 200 KN (26.60 EUR) to the Old Town.

Where to stay in Dubrovnik for 2 days?

Photo credit: Grand Villa Argentina via Booking.com
Photo credit: Grand Villa Argentina via Booking.com

I choose to stay in the old town and that’s certainly the best place to stay in Dubrovnik to have easy access to all these photo spots. Here are some hotel recommendations.

Photo credit: Grand Villa Argentina via Booking.com
Photo credit: Grand Villa Argentina via Booking.com

LUXURY: Grand Villa Argentina

This hotel is located 10 minutes walk away from the old town, however, the views make it absolutely worth it. Also, once you arrive from this side, you won’t need to climb, so that’s a good start. Certainly the best 5-star hotel in Dubrovnik.

Click here to see rates & availability and book your stay in this luxury hotel in Dubrovnik.

Photo credit: Scalini Palace via Booking.com
Photo credit: Scalini Palace via Booking.com

MID-RANGE: Scalini Palace

Wonderful boutique hotel in the heart of old town with spectacular views over Dubrovnik. It’s a modern hotel with a traditional touch and those are usually my favorite mid-range hotels. Only 5 minutes walk away from the beach!

Click here to see rates & availability and book your stay in this mid-range hotel in Dubrovnik.

Photo credit: Arty Old Town Apartments by Irundo via Booking.com
Photo credit: Arty Old Town Apartments by Irundo via Booking.com

AFFORDABLE: Arty Old Town Apartments by Irundo

These apartments are located in a strategic position near Pile Gate. Here you can access the old town without the stairs and around the corner, you have a lot of public transport options. In the peak season, it gets more expensive.

Click here to see rates & availability and book your stay in this affordable apartment in Dubrovnik.

Where to take the best photos in Dubrovnik?

photos of dubrovnik - Stairs of Old Dubrovnik

If you are passionate about photography and want to find the best photo spots in Dubrovnik, I got you covered. Click here to read my photo guide for Dubrovnik. And you can easily implement these locations in this itinerary. Most of them are mentioned already.

Recourses for your 2 days in Dubrovnik:

In conclusion…


I’m sure that after reading this article, you already know how to spend 2 days in Dubrovnik and what to see in Dubrovnik in 2 days. You can also plan some amazing day trips and make the most of your time in this beautiful country.

I would love to hear your thoughts, so if you have any feedback or additional tips, leave a comment below. Also, check out my Instagram for regular travel videos and travel inspiration. Or explore other destinations on this travel blog.

Pin it for later and save 2 day itinerary for Dubrovnik!



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