Complete Stockholm Itinerary: How to Spend 2 days in Stockholm

Complete Itinerary: How to Spend 2 days in Stockholm

Wondering how to spend 2 days in Stockholm? You are in the right place because I have prepared a detailed Stockholm itinerary for 2 days with a lot of useful travel tips.

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is a vibrant and dynamic city known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and picturesque waterfront. It’s often referred to as the “Venice of the North” due to its numerous islands and waterways that crisscross the city.

Whether you’re getting lost in the enchanting streets of Gamla Stan, exploring world-class museums, or discovering the tranquility of the archipelago, Stockholm leaves an indelible mark on every traveler’s heart.

In this article, you will find a complete Stockholm itinerary for 2 days with other things that you should know before visiting Stockholm.

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Things to know before visiting Stockholm 

Is Stockholm worth visiting?

Is Stockholm worth visiting?
Saint Jacob’s Church

Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in the north of Europe. The cradle of Swedish culture with a rich past and heritage that takes you from the Viking era to Abba through Pippi Longstocking.

Nicknamed “the Venice of the North”, your travel to Stockholm will take you through picturesque canals, impressive facades, and flourishing modern architecture.

The parks are another reason to visit Stockholm. Depending on the season you will discover endless green space with blooming flowers or perhaps magical golden tones of autumn.

Stockholm is a tourist-friendly city, where everyone is welcome, but considering limited time, you still need a comprehensive itinerary for 2 days in Stockholm. That is where I step in.

How many days in Stockholm?

How many days in Stockholm?
Prästgatan, Gamla Stan

When you open the map and you read the list of sightseeing and museums you might wonder: is 2 days in Stockholm enough? The answer is yes.

2 days in Stockholm is the perfect amount of time to enjoy all the essentials of Stockholm, taste delicious meatballs, and try unique experiences.

In this itinerary, we will cover how to spend 2 days in Stockholm and how to maximize your time in this charming city. I will add some optional stops, so this itinerary suits different travelers and interests.

When is the best time to visit Stockholm?

When is the best time to visit Stockholm?
Sankt Eriksgatan Street

The best time to visit Stockholm is during the summer when you can enjoy pleasant temperatures and sunny days. There are many cool festivities and free events during summer as well.

Early autumn and late spring are also great options for milder weather and fewer crowds. This is a great option if you are a budget traveler.

However, if you’re a fan of the festive holiday season, visiting Stockholm during winter can provide a unique experience with a fantastic Christmas atmosphere. Just be prepared for very cold weather and shorter, darker days.

How to get to Stockholm from the airport?

How to get to Stockholm from the airport?
Storkyrkan or Stockholm Cathedral

To get from Stockholm Arlanda Airport to the city center, you have several convenient options.

Arlanda Express: This is the fastest way to reach the city center. The Arlanda Express is a high-speed train that takes approximately 20-25 minutes to reach Stockholm Central Station.

Trains run frequently, and you can purchase tickets at the airport or online. One way ticket costs 320 SEK, while the round trip is 600 SEK. Here you can purchase the ticket.

Airport Shuttle Bus: Flygbussarna (Airport Coaches) operates shuttle buses that connect Arlanda Airport with various locations in Stockholm, including the central bus terminal at Cityterminalen.

The journey takes about 40-45 minutes, and buses depart regularly. One way ticket costs 99 SEK. Here is more information.

Taxi: Taxis are readily available at the airport. Be sure to use authorized taxi services, and the journey to the city center will take around 40 minutes, depending on traffic. Taxis can be convenient if you have a lot of luggage or prefer a direct route. The taxi will cost you between 500 and 800 SEK.

Private transfers are also available here.

How to move around Stockholm?

How to move around Stockholm?
Södra Riddarholmshamnen

When visiting Stockholm for 2 days, choosing the right method to move around is essential to save time and money. I will add more tips within the itinerary so you know what is walkable and where you will need transport, but here are the best ways to move around Stockholm together with pros and cons.

Public transport

Public transport is the best way to move around Stockholm. It is safe, punctual, reliable, and will take you anywhere in the city. 

Compared to other cities in Europe, it can be pricey, but there are daily deals where you can save some money. The daily ticket costs 160 SEK.


Taxi is another great way to move around during your 2 days in Stockholm itinerary. Overall it can be a good idea if the weather is bad and you are carrying your luggage. But as I said, not really necessary since public transport is very reliable. 

Getting into a taxi usually costs 45 SEK and 15 SEK per kilometer. Apps like Bolt and Uber are also available if you want to request your taxi online.


Biking is a fun and independent way to explore Stockholm in 2 days but the moody weather might affect the experience. Overall the city has a lot of bike lanes and it’s very easy to navigate. 

Keep in mind that bike rental is not available in winter. You can find more information here.

Where to stay in Stockholm for 2 days?

Where to stay in Stockholm for 2 days?
Photo credit: Hotel Diplomat Stockholm via

It is important to find the right accommodation for your trip, so I have prepared a list of the best hotels in Stockholm for every budget. Depending on your travel style, I am sure you will find something suitable, so take a look and decide where to stay in Stockholm.

Luxury: Hotel Diplomat Stockholm

Where to stay in Stockholm for 2 days?
Photo credit: Hotel Diplomat Stockholm via

If you are looking for a luxury experience to make your 2 days in Stockholm special, Hotel Diplomat Stockholm is the best choice.

Set in an impressive 1911-era Art Nouveau building overlooking the sea, it boasts lavish interiors and bright rooms, some with an epic view of the Stockholm archipelago.

Unique: Lydmar Hotel

Where to stay in Stockholm for 2 days?
Photo credit: Lydmar Hotel via

For a truly unique experience of comfort and extravagant design, Lydmar Hotel’s spacious rooms are individually decorated, have wooden floors and original stucco.

This chic waterfront hotel offers views of the Old Town and Royal Palace and it’s one of the best locations to get the best out of your 2 day Stockholm itinerary.

Mid-Range: Lady Hamilton Hotel

Where to stay in Stockholm for 2 days?
Photo credit: Lady Hamilton Hotel via

If you are an aesthetic lover and love an intimate environment without breaking your finances, Lady Hamilton Hotel is your place to be.

This charming hotel is housed in a listed 15th-century building, right next to the Royal Palace which makes it perfect for your Stockholm itinerary for 2 days.

Affordable: Best Western Hotel Fridhemsplan

Where to stay in Stockholm for 2 days?
Photo credit: Best Western Hotel Fridhemsplan via

Finding decent accommodation in Stockholm while on a budget might be challenging, but not impossible. Luckily Best Western Hotel Fridhemsplan is there to make your trip to Stockholm easy and affordable.

Despite the prices, the hotel keeps a good quality standard and boasts a breakfast that is rich and delicious. A perfect idea to save some money and start your 2 days in Stockholm the right way.

What to do in Stockholm for 2 days?

  • Get lost in Gamla Stan and visit The Royal Palace
  • Discover the best viewpoints for postcard views
  • Enjoy a traditional Viking dinner at the Aifur Krog & Bar
  • Find hidden gems like Svartensgatan and Public Library
  • See the metro art at the T-Centralen
  • Eat your way through Östermalms Food Hall
  • Enter inside the Stockholm City Hall
  • Spend an afternoon at your favorite museum
  • Visit Gilded Crown on Skeppsholmsbron and Skeppsholmen Viewpoint.

2 days in Stockholm itinerary

Overview of day 1 of your 2 days in Stockholm

  • Morning: optional breakfast at the Skeppsbro Bakery, Gamla Stan, Sundbergs Konditori, The Royal Palace;
  • Lunch: Stockholms Gästabud;
  • Afternoon: Svartensgatan, Monteliusvägen, Skinnarviksberget;
  • Dinner: Aifur Krog & Bar.

Skeppsbro Bakery

2 days in Stockholm

If you don’t have breakfast included at your hotel, Skeppsbro Bakery is the place to start your perfect 2 days in Stockholm itinerary for first-timers.

This is the quintessential Swedish bakery, modern and minimalistic yet with a personal touch. The terrace is open to enjoy sunny days. 

Now, let’s talk pastries. Skeppsbro Bakery boasts an impressive variety that will leave you craving more. From flaky croissants to delightful cinnamon rolls. 

If you are an early riser, no problem, the bakery opens at 7 am every day, with a slightly later start at 8 am on Sundays. Closing time is 6 pm, giving you flexibility in your schedule.

Worried about the cost? Don’t be. Breakfast at Skeppsbro Bakery is budget-friendly, ranging from 5 to 10 euros depending on your appetite.

Gamla Stan

Stockholm in 2 days
Stockholm in 2 days
Prästgatan, Gamla Stan

After starting your day with the right amount of caffeine and carbs, explore Stockholm starting from Gamla Stan, which is its heart and soul. In the Old Town of Stockholm, you can find many must-visit places to add to your 2 day Stockholm itinerary.

Noteworthy is the religious architecture, Storkyrkan (the Cathedral) and the Saint Gertrude are two of the most important churches in the capital.

Some streets like Prästgatan and squares like Stortorget are the perfect places to lose yourself in a pleasant walk. The picturesque old town is the perfect place to buy a souvenir or sit down for a fika. Also, you can’t miss Stockholm’s narrowest street also known as Mårten Trotzigs gränd.

Gamla Stan is also the perfect place where to find some of the most famous museums in Stockholm – the Royal Palace, and the Nobel Museum. I recommend you to visit the Royal Palace.

If you looking for a guide and deeper knowledge about Gamla Stan, don’t miss this tour.

Sundbergs Konditori

Stockholm itinerary

Before visiting the Royal Palace take a quick coffee break in Sundbergs Konditori, which is the oldest cafe in Stockholm.

When it’s the good season, you can enjoy your coffee on the terrace in one of the most picturesque squares of Stockholm. When it’s cold, you can sip a hot drink while appreciating the lavish interiors, and make your Stockholm itinerary a little more cozy.

The patisserie became a gathering place for the part of Stockholm society known as the Skeppsbroadeln as well as those active in the banking system. The cafe was nicknamed “Lilla Börsen” which means the Little Stock Exchange.

So don’t miss out and add it to your Stockholm itinerary.

Royal Palace

2 day Stockholm itinerary
The Royal Palace
Stockholm itinerary for first timers
The guard at the Royal Palace

In the heart of Sweden’s capital stands a regal masterpiece that symbolizes royalty and a repository of history – the Royal Palace. Whether you have three or two days in Stockholm this is a must to add to your itinerary.

One of the most iconic events at the Royal Palace is the Changing of the Guard ceremony. This daily spectacle, accompanied by a military band, draws crowds who gather to witness the precision and pageantry of this show.

When it comes to architecture, its Baroque and Renaissance design, with its imposing copper-green roofs and ornate facades, commands attention against the backdrop of Gamla Stan.

Visitors can explore the fantastic Royal Apartments, which showcase the lifestyle and taste of Swedish royalty. Each room is a work of art, adorned with impressive furnishings, exquisite chandeliers, and intricate decorations.

During your visit, you will see The Hall of State, The Tre Kronor Museum, The Royal Chapel, The Royal Regalia and so much more.

At the end of your visit stroll through the beautifully manicured Royal Palace Gardens, a peaceful oasis in the heart of the city. That is just a cherry on the cake, especially if you are visiting during the warm season.

Stockholms Gästabud 

how to see the best of Stockholm in 2 days

For your lunch take a small walk to reach the infamous Stockholms Gästabud. This place was recommended literally by everyone we talked to as one of the best places to eat in Stockholm and I have to say, it didn’t disappoint.

The place is located in the heart of the old town and it is small but cozy. During the nice season, you can get the table outside and enjoy some sun.

I tried the famous meatballs and they were absolutely outstanding, delicious, and nicely prepared. The fish soup was also noteworthy and a great choice for cold days. There is also a good list of drinks with local beers and ciders and a wide selection of nonalcoholic beverages.

The price range varies between 250 SEK and 600 SEK per person.


2 days Stockholm itinerary
Katarina Kyrka from Strömkajen

Walk or take a bus to Svartensgata – one of the most charming neighborhoods in Stockholm. Surprisingly there is not a lot of information online, but this picturesque area is filled with colourful houses and cobblestone streets which give the place a sort of timeless charm.

The iconic Katarina Kyrka stands proud in the center of the neighborhood and it is surrounded by green spaces. The area is also home to Muralmålning Os Gêmeos, one of the most popular murals in Stockholm, and to several iconic cafes, beer gardens, and restaurants.

My favorites are Kvarnen, Mosebacketerrassen, Meatballs for People, and Robin Delselius Bageri.

In the immediate surroundings, you can also find other important religious buildings such as the Sofia church, and the Stockholm Mosque.

Monteliusvägen and Skinnarviksberget

Stockholm itinerary for 2 days
perfect 2 days in Stockholm itinerary for first-timers
Mariaberget – best views of Stockholm

Your 2-day Stockholm tour itinerary will take you to Monteliusvägen and Skinnarviksberget, located within a short distance of each other. Both of these views offer fantastic photo opportunities and romantic vistas.

Mariaberget, known as Maria Hill in English, is one of the seven hills of Stockholm. Perched atop this hill, you can enjoy sweeping panoramas of the city and its archipelago. Be sure to bring your camera to capture this Insta-worthy place in Stockholm.

When it comes to breathtaking views and serene escapes in the heart of Stockholm, Skinnarviksberget is one of the hidden places in Stockholm.

The star attraction of Skinnarviksberget is its unparalleled views of Stockholm. From this privileged point, you can enjoy the city’s iconic landmarks, including Gamla Stan (the Old Town), Riddarholmen Church, and the glistening waters of Lake Mälaren.

The vistas from these viewpoints are very similar, so if you have a limited amount of time, pick your favorite one. Whether you’re drawn to Mariaberget or Skinnarviksberget, both places contribute to Stockholm’s hidden gems.

Aifur Krog & Bar

48-hour Stockholm itinerary
Aifur – best Viking restaurant in Stockholm
what to do in Stockholm for 2 days
Aifur – best Viking restaurant in Stockholm

If you are looking for a unique experience during your 48-hour Stockholm itinerary, you might want to consider a Viking restaurant. A dinner in Aifur Krog & Bar is more than just a meal, it’s more of a Viking feast concept. 

With its ancient interiors, the place is lit up by candles and you can find Viking items like musical instruments or even a small ship.

When talking about food, Aifur stands out with a creative and traditional menu. Noteworthy is the smoked salmon, which I can safely say was one of the best of my life, and the deer with mushroom sauce. Also, you can find local beers and their special signature mead to properly match your dish.

Keep in mind that Aifur is one of the most popular restaurants in Stockholm so you better reserve a spot to ensure your experience. If you go early, you might still find a spot, but you stand no chance during busy hours.

The price range varies between 350 SEK and 1000 SEK per person according to your meal of choice.

Overview of day 2 of your 2 days in Stockholm

  • Morning: optional breakfast at the Fabrique, Södra Riddarholmshamnen and Riddarholmen Church, Stockholm City Hall, T Centralen metro, Odenplan and Library;
  • Lunch: Östermalms Food Hall;
  • Afternoon: Museum (optional), Gilded Crown on Skeppsholmsbron, Skeppsholmen Viewpoint;
  • Dinner: Restaurant Tradition.


what to see in Stockholm for 2 days
Fika at the Fabrique Stenugnsbageri
three or two days in Stockholm
Fika at the Fabrique Stenugnsbageri

Once again, if you don’t have breakfast included in your hotel, enjoying it at the Fabrique is one of the best things to do in Stockholm in 2 days.

Fabrique isn’t just any café; it’s one of the trendiest and coolest places in the city. Its popularity is evident from the numerous locations it has opened around Stockholm. So why should you consider Fabrique for your morning meal?

First of all, Fabrique offers a warm and cozy Scandinavian ambiance. As you step inside, you’ll feel like you’re entering a welcoming haven where you can enjoy a leisurely breakfast. The Scandinavian touch is everywhere, from the design to the atmosphere.

But what truly makes Fabrique shine is its exquisite selection of pastries and bread. Whether you are into cinnamon rolls or you’re a fan of freshly baked bread, Fabrique has something to satisfy every palate. Each bite is a taste of Scandinavian baking mastery.

And don’t worry about your choice of beverage – Fabrique has you covered. Whether your choice is coffee or tea, you’ll find a diverse range of options. And if you prefer something cold and refreshing, they have a good selection of cold drinks to quench your thirst.

Södra Riddarholmshamnen and Riddarholmen Church

complete Stockholm itinerary for 2 days
Södra Riddarholmshamnen

After breakfast walk to Södra Riddarholmshamnen. Despite being one of the lesser-known spots, this is one of the best things to do in Stockholm in 2 days whether you are a photo enthusiast or you just want to enjoy a romantic moment with a beautiful view.

When you think of Stockholm, images of picturesque waterfronts, historic architecture, and a vibrant cultural scene likely come to mind. Södra Riddarholmshamnen combines all of these elements.

The harbor offers views of Lake Mälaren and the surrounding islands. The waterfront promenade invites visitors to take leisurely strolls and capture breathtaking photographs of the city’s skyline reflected in the tranquil waters.

The highlight of Södra Riddarholmshamnen is the view of Mariahissen, however, feel free to explore the area and photograph other famous landmarks in Stockholm. And don’t miss Riddarholmen Church as you head to the Södra Riddarholmshamnen.

Stockholm City Hall

best things to do in Stockholm in 2 days
Stockholm City Hall
Stockholm 2-day itinerary
Stockholm City Hall

Head to the Stockholm City Hall to discover a real gem of the Swedish capital and another must-visit for any Stockholm itinerary for first-timers.

Designed by architect Ragnar Östberg, Stockholm City Hall is a stunning example of National Romanticism and Swedish architectural prowess. Its magnificent brick façade, ornate spires, and elegant waterfront location on Lake Mälaren make it an art lover’s dream.

However, the most beautiful part is hidden inside the Stockholm City Hall and you will need to join a guided tour to see it with your own eyes.

The tour includes a visit to the Blue Hall, the Golden Hall, the Council Chamber, and the Gallery of the Prince. All these places offer not only great photo opportunities but also a chance to step into the Swedish culture.

Keep in mind that the ticket office opens at 8.30 am and guided tours in English are at 9.30 am, 10 am, 10.30 am, 11 am, 11.30 am, 12 pm, 1 pm, 2 pm, and 3 pm.

The entrance fee for an adult is 140 SEK while students and seniors pay 120 SEK. You can buy the tickets at the City Hall Shop.

T-Centralen metro

2 days Stockholm sightseeing itinerary
T-Centralen subway station

The Swedish capital is famous for its unique metro stations located all over the city and during your 2 days in Stockholm you have to visit the T-Centralen subway station as it is one of the most iconic places in Stockholm.

T-Centralen isn’t just a place to catch a train; it’s an architectural masterpiece. Designed by architect Gunnar Lené, the station is a prime example of 20th-century modernist architecture.

The station is often referred to as the “World’s Longest Art Gallery” due to its stunning collection of artworks. The walls are adorned with colorful murals, sculptures, and installations created by various artists. 

One of the most famous sections of T-Centralen is the platform for the Blue Line, which is often referred to as the “Tunnelbana Gallery.” The platform is adorned with vibrant blue and white tiles and features a series of one-of-a-kind mosaics.

So take the metro from Stockholm City Hall to get to your next destination and plan some extra time to appreciate the art inside the station.

Odenplan and Library

48 hours in Stockholm
The Stockholm Public Library

If you are wondering what to see in Stockholm for 2 days and you are passionate about books and indoor design, head to the Stockholm Public Library.

Get off in Odenplan, where the Gustaf Vasa Church stands proud as a symbol of this busy square, and take a short walk to reach the public library.

The Stockholm Public Library is more than just a repository of books; it’s a cultural treasure, an architectural wonder, and a sanctuary for bibliophiles. Considering its distinctive design, it is one of the hidden gems in Stockholm but also, a great place to relax and enjoy a peaceful time.

Designed by renowned architect Gunnar Asplund in the 1920s, the Stockholm Public Library is a masterpiece of modernist architecture. Its elegant façade, grand entrance, and symmetrical design are proof of Asplund’s vision of creating a space that seamlessly marries form and function.

Upon entering the library, visitors are greeted by the awe-inspiring Rotunda. This circular space features a soaring ceiling adorned with intricate murals and a central oculus that floods the room with natural light.

Use the main entrance, head to the left side of the building, pass the cafe, and take the stairs up. That is the ground floor of the Rotunda, however, you can use the lift or the stairs to go up to the bookshelves.

Östermalms Food Hall

long weekend in Stockholm

If you are wondering what to do in Stockholm for 2 days to discover local flavors and delicacies in an authentic way, head to the Östermalms Food Hall.

This beautiful 1880s food hall is filled with several cafes and antique stalls selling local products, seafood, and gourmet goods. Östermalms Food Hall is also the best place to try some unique delicacies of Nordic cuisine, such as cured elk or smoked reindeer. 

In addition to the diverse stalls, Östermalms Food Hall and its surrounding also houses several cozy cafes. These are perfect for a leisurely meal or a quick coffee break as you explore the market.

If visiting the food hall sounds appealing to you but you are not sure how to navigate the market and want to join a guided food tour, check out these top-rated food tours in Stockholm.

Stockholm Food Tour
The Nordic Food Walk Stockholm

Museum time (optional)

how to spend 2 days in Stockholm

2 perfect days in Stockholm must include a visit to one of the hundreds of museums around the city. The Swedish capital offers something for every taste, but here is a list of some of the most famous museums located within a short distance from the center.


If you are passionate about Viking history and everything related to the sea, this is an absolute must.
Vasa is one of the most visited museums in Stockholm and it displays the only almost fully intact 17th-century ship that has ever been salvaged, the 64-gun warship Vasa that sank on her maiden voyage in 1628.

Nobel Museum

Alfred Nobel was one of the most important personalities in Swedish history and probably the world. Here you can discover more about the scientists, authors, and freedom fighters who have all contributed to the peace and development of the human race through videos, unique artifacts, and guided tours.

ABBA Musem

If you are into music and pop culture, this is a must visit museum in Stockholm! Dive into an interactive experience where you try on virtual costumes, sing, play quizzes, mix original music, and get up on the stage with ABBA. Keep in mind that you access with a pre-booked time.

Skansen Open Air Museum

This is the perfect place to take a glimpse of how life in old Sweden was. Skansen is also the world’s first open-air museum where you can see 150 historically interesting houses and farmsteads.

You will also learn about the living conditions of the Swedish people between the 16th century and the first half of the 20th century.


This is the perfect place to dive into Stockholm’s vibrant contemporary art scene. Fotografiska is an important center for contemporary photography in the heart of Stockholm.

If you are a photography lover, you will love not only the exhibition but also the stunning views across the city from the bistro to take a postcard of your 2 perfect days in Stockholm.

Strömkajen Viewpoint and Gilded Crown

epic 2-day Stockholm itinerary
Gilded Crown on Skeppsholmsbron
the ultimate guide to seeing Stockholm in 2 days
Strömkajen Viewpoint

Go catch the sunset at one of the most iconic viewpoints of the Swedish capital and one of the best places to see for your Stockholm 2-day itinerary. 

Strömkajen Viewpoint will give you a privileged view of Gamla Stan and yet a lot of tourists still miss it as it is not advertised online. In fact, if you look up the name, you won’t find many photos. But once you get there, you will recognize the iconic viewpoint.

Strömkajen is situated on the shores of Lake Mälaren, providing visitors with splendid waterfront views. As you step onto its promenade, you’ll be greeted by a scenic panorama of historic buildings, boats bobbing in the harbor, and the shimmering waters of Stockholm’s archipelago.

On top of that, you get a fantastic view of the Royal Palace and the Stockholm Cathedral. 

And only a few steps away you will find the Gilded Crown on Skeppsholmsbron, another iconic must-visit for your 2 days Stockholm sightseeing itinerary.

As you approach Skeppsholmsbron, you’re greeted by an exquisite sight: the Gilded Crown adorning the bridge’s central arch. This golden emblem has become synonymous with Stockholm’s regal charm and the grandeur of the city’s maritime history.

Restaurant Tradition

Stockholm vacation

Complete your epic 2-day Stockholm itinerary in Restaurant Tradition – one of the most exclusive restaurants in Sweden.

Minimalistic and yet stylish are two perfect adjectives to describe this restaurant, which will make you immersed in the Nordic food culture.

The restaurant’s mission is to deliver always the best quality by using the freshest products. In fact, you will find a seasonal menu with the best products that Sweden has to offer in every season. Some classics of Swedish cuisine like meatballs, potato pancakes, and salmon are always on the menu.

The price range varies between 350 SWK and 1000 SEK per person.

Other places you might want to add to your Stockholm itinerary

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Other useful tips for visiting Sweden

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In conclusion…

Complete Itinerary: How to Spend 2 days in Stockholm

If you were wondering what to do in Stockholm for 2 days, I am sure that now you are fully prepared for your trip and can’t wait to discover this unique Swedish city.

I would love to hear your thoughts, so if you have any feedback or additional tips, leave a comment below. Also, check out my Instagram for regular travel videos and travel inspiration. Or explore other destinations on this travel blog.

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Complete Itinerary: How to Spend 2 days in Stockholm
Complete Itinerary: How to Spend 2 days in Stockholm

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