3 Days in Seville: The Best Seville Itinerary and Best Things to Do


Looking for the best things to do in Seville? Planning to spend 3 days in Seville? To help you maximize your time, I’ve created the perfect 3-day Seville itinerary. After following this itinerary, you will discover the real charm of Seville and fall in love with this vibrant Spanish city.

Seville is the capital and largest city of Andalusia and it is the fourth largest city in Spain. Seville is famous for the Flamenco, the beautiful Plaza de Espana, the third biggest cathedral in the world, and the Arab influence in buildings like Alcazar.

After following this 3-day itinerary for Sevilla, you will discover the soul of this characteristic Spanish city and cover all the main attractions, taste the local food and see the essence of Sevilla.

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Best time to visit Seville?

Best time to visit Seville?

I will be honest here. You have to be a bit crazy to visit Sevilla in summer. I have been in Sevilla in summer and I love heat, but it gets extremely hot, so I ended up spending most of my day in the pool of my hotel. It’s nice, but I’m there to discover the city. Spanish call it “the frying pan of Spain” and there is a good reason for it.

The best time to visit Seville is spring and fall. The weather is warm and sunny and you won’t find many tourists around. Even winter has nice weather, but it can be a bit unpredictable. If you live in a country with a harsh winter, winter in Seville will be your perfect city break.

How many days to visit Seville?

How many days to visit Seville?

Seville is full of tourist attractions, but, luckily for its visitors, it is not very big. 3 days in Seville is the perfect amount of time you will need to visit the city. You will have the chance to see the top sights in Seville, relax, and enjoy the Spanish way of life.

Of course, if you have more time, it’s even better. You can easily divide this itinerary as you please, but in 3 days you can discover Sevilla stress-free. This itinerary will guide you on how to plan how to visit Seville in 3 days optimizing your time, so keep on reading.

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How to get around Seville?

How to get around Seville?

Casco Antiguo is the historical center and place where you will spend most of your time. It is filled with famous attractions and hidden gems of Sevilla. The streets are very narrow, so I don’t advise you to bring your car. Your feet will take you everywhere around Casco Antiguo. And on your way, you will discover many beautiful courtyards, churches, and fountains.

During your 3-day Seville itinerary, you will definitely have to walk a lot but in case it’s too hot to walk or you get tired, Seville has a good metro system that will help you follow your Seville itinerary. Buses are great as well!

Uber can be a valid alternative if you are moving very early or very late or you simply want to maximize your time. But traffic can get pretty busy during peak hours, so keep that in mind. You will find many bicycle and scooter rentals, so that’s a great option as well if you want to skip the traffic!

What to eat in Seville?

What to eat in Seville?

Spain is famous for its tasty food and Seville won’t disappoint any food lover. 

In 72 hours in Seville, you will have the chance to taste classics of Spanish cuisines like paella, Jamon, and churros, but there is much more you should try when you visit Seville.

Seville and its region – Andalusia, offer some regional food you have to try, like the famous Gaspacho. Gaspacho is a tomato cold soup, perfect for summer days. Flamenco eggs are another classic of Sevilla food, consisting of eggs, sausage, ham, peas, tomatoes, and fried potatoes.  Rabo de Toro is something for meat lovers, it is the tail of the bull which is usually served as a second dish.

Drinking in Sevilla is a serious topic. After all, you can’t eat all that tapas with water! 

Manzanilla is a variety of sherry wine, it is mainly produced in the town of Cadiz, close to Seville but it is widely consumed in Seville. Then there is Amontillado and Tinto de Verano which goes well with tapas. Finally, Seville is proudly the city where the famous Spanish beer Cruzcampo is produced, it’s a very light beer, perfect for the hot Sevillian days! You will see Cruzcampo in every bar. 

Where to stay in Seville?

Where to stay in Seville?
Photo credit: EME Catedral Hotel via Booking.com

As you already know, Casco Antiguo is the place to be. However, you will have to walk around this area, so be prepared for that. Choosing central accommodation will be a great idea to get the best out of your 72 hours in Seville and stay close to all the top sights in Seville.

Photo credit: EME Catedral Hotel via Booking.com

LUXURY: EME Catedral Hotel

EME Catedral Hotel is definitely the best choice to spend an unforgettable night in Seville.  This beautiful 5-star hotel in Sevilla is located 60 meters away from the Giralda and it offers a pool and a bar with the best view over Seville. You will have the chance to take a drink with a fantastic view of the Giralda and you don’t want to miss a sunset here. The hotel also has a terrace restaurant. Some rooms have private balconies with a view of the old town and some more offer a fantastic and romantic view of the cathedral. Other services EME Catedral Hotel offers are a gym, spa, and solarium.

Click here to see rates & availability and book your stay in this luxury hotel in Seville.

Photo credit: H10 Corregidor Boutique Hotel via Booking.com

MID-RANGE: H10 Corregidor Boutique Hotel

If you are not a big spender, but you still like quality, great service, and modern rooms, H10 Corregidor Boutique Hotel is the perfect fit for you. It is located in the heart of Sevilla and it is built around a typical Andalusian patio with a fountain, which is also where breakfast is served. In H10 Corregidor Boutique Hotel you will find a pool to refresh during the hot Andalusian days. Even the basic rooms are decorated in style and offer you nice amenities like a coffee machine or mini bar.

Click here to see rates & availability and book your stay in this mid-range hotel in Seville.

Photo credit: Hotel Patio de las Cruces via Booking.com

AFFORDABLE: Hotel Patio de las Cruces

If you are on a budget, The Hotel Patio de las Cruces is definitely the best choice for you! It is located only 10 minutes walk away from the cathedral, so it’s a perfect position to explore Seville. The rooms are simply decorated but they offer all the amenities you need like wi-fi, air conditioning, and a private bathroom. 

Click here to see rates & availability and book your stay in this affordable hotel in Seville.

Overview of Your 3 Days in Seville Itinerary

Overview of Your 3 Days in Seville Itinerary

There is something special about the Spanish way of life and Seville is a perfect place to discover it. I want you to take it easy, yet still, see the most beautiful places in Seville. This 3-day Seville itinerary will help you do that, so keep on reading.

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Day 1 of your Seville Itinerary



Your first Seville day has to start in the majestic Plaza de Espana. The square is so big and rich in details that you can certainly spend all morning here. If you come early enough, don’t forget to take some wonderful photos as it is one of the best photo spots in Seville.

All the 49 Spanish provinces are represented by beautiful azulejos and every province is majestically painted. However, it’s hard to explain it. If you ask me, it is one of the most beautiful squares in Europe and certainly the highlight of Seville. I was there for the sunrise, but you can sleep in. The square is so big that other tourists won’t bother you. At least not until 10-11 am.

Once the city starts to wake up, relax with a coffee in the garden aside from the square, or maybe rent a little boat to be on the canal of the square.

Exploring the park Maria Luisa will give you the chance to discover other treasures like the Jardin de los leones, and the Fuente de las Ranas. 

Visiting the square and the gardens will easily take all morning and you will certainly be in the mood for a nice lunch. Bar Manolo León – JUAN PABLOS is a great option if you want to try some genuine Andalusian cuisine in a stylish environment.


Day 1 of your Seville Itinerary

Your afternoon starts with a view of the Torre del Oro and a walk on the riverside where you can look at the colorful houses of Triana. Cross the Bridge of San Telmo to explore this hidden gem in Seville.

I recommend you to visit the Triana area because it is one of the unusual things to do in Seville. Visitors tend to focus only on the main sights and often miss Triana. This colorful area feels very authentic and it’s not overpacked with tourists.

Make sure you stop for a visit and see some religious buildings like Real Parroquia de Señora Santa Ana or try some more sweets at Confitería Rufino. In Triana, you can find one of the best bars in Seville – Casa Remesa. Taste great affordable tapas in an authentic environment.


Flamenco in Seville

When the sun goes down, catch the sunset on Calle Betis and book a Flamenco show for after. Flamenco show is one of the best things do to in Seville, so no excuses, you have to do it. I can recommend this Flamenco show, but the opportunities are endless.

Once your show is over you will certainly be hungry. Spanish start to dine around 8 pm and that’s already considered early, so you better fuel up with some tapas if you are an early eater like me. For dinner, I have prepared a historical restaurant loved by locals and it is Las Golondrinas – Pagés del Corro. The place is very small and simple but you just have to try their tapas (their mushrooms are to die for!). And the same about hospitality.

Day 2 of your Seville Itinerary



After a busy day, your Seville itinerary starts in a sweet and slow way. If you read my recommendations for Madrid and Valencia, you know my love for churros. Well, Seville is not an exception. El Comercio was founded in 1904 and still goes strong. In this historical bar, you will have the chance to spoil yourself with some delicious churros, but some tapas are on the menu as well. This is for me one of the best bars in Sevilla, and it opens early in the morning.

After a nice breakfast, you are ready to visit the Cathedral – one of the top sights in Seville. The Cathedral has to be added to your Seville Itinerary even if you are here for just one day. It is the largest gothic cathedral in the world and one of the biggest cathedrals. It was built on the ruins of a mosque, its construction started in 1401 after the Reconquista, and it shows the city’s wealth as it had become a major trading center. Inside you will see several relics and paintings of relevant artists like Bartolomé Esteban Murillo. 

Giralda is the bell tower of the cathedral and it’s one of the most famous landmarks in Seville. When the construction of Giralda was finished, it was the tallest tower in the world, and it was an old minaret of the mosque that was standing in the area.

Since this is one of the most visited Seville sights, I recommend you to buy online to skip the line and you can do it here. Trust me, you don’t want to wait one hour in line.

The cathedral and Giralda tower are open from Monday to Saturday: 10.45 am – 6.30 pm. And on Sundays from 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm.


Casa de Pilatos hidden gem in Seville

Once you finish your visit to the cathedral, don’t miss the beautiful Cabildo Square, which is one of the nicest squares in the city. I bet after this visit you are hungry, right? A few steps away from the cathedral, La Goleta di Álvaro Peregil is ready to satisfy your hunger.

After lunch, a few minutes away check the interiors of the church of Santa María la Blanca and walk to the Casa de Pilatos to admire some beautiful architecture. This palace is considered the prototype of the Andalusian palace, and it is built in Italian Renaissance style with Mudéjar elements and decorations. The azulejos, the ceilings, and the courtyard will leave you speechless. You can visit the palace every day from 9 am to 6 pm, and the admission fee is 10 euros. You can buy your ticket here.

After all this culture you deserve some shopping. Walk to Calle Sierpes to buy some souvenirs or some nice dresses. During this walk don’t forget to check Iglesia del Salvador, which is one of the nicest churches in Seville.


best restaurants in Seville

After some leisure time, it’s definitely the time to catch a beautiful sunset, and there’s no better place than Metropol Parasol. Don’t forget your camera, this is one of the best places in Sevilla to take an epic photo.

After sunset, it is time to try one of the best paellas in Sevilla. A few steps away from the Metropol Parasol you will find one of my favorite restaurants ever – Baco Cuna 2. Baco Cuna 2 is not only famous for its fantastic paella, food, and service, but also for the beauty of the place. It’s located on a beautiful patio and it’s surrounded by more azulejos. There is also a rooftop bar with a fantastic view of the Giralda. 

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Day 3 of your Seville Itinerary


Alcazar Seville

Your third day in Seville starts with breakfast in La Cacharrería. This restaurant is loved by the locals and it is specialized in breakfasts and brunches. This is the right place to get the boost to visit another iconic landmark of Seville: the Alcazar.

In this UNESCO heritage palace, you will be able to discover some of the best tiles decorations your eyes have ever seen. The two tile types used are majolica and arista tiles. The most photographed spot in the palace is the Patio de las Doncellas.  The name means Courtyard of the Maidens, and it is a reference to the apocryphal story that the Moors demanded an annual tribute of 100 virgins from the Christian kingdoms of Iberia. In gardens don’t miss the fountains of De Catalina De Ribera.

You will need a couple of hours to visit the Alcazar without rushing. I recommend you to take your camera as this is one of the best photo spots in Sevilla and in all of Spain. In order to save time, I recommend you buy your tickets online on their website.

Keep in mind that the main entrance is from the Gate of the Lion. And just 5 minutes away from the Alcazar take a visit to the Plaza de Toros and appreciate the architecture of the building.


where to shop in Seville

The last afternoon of your 3-day Seville itinerary starts with instagrammable lunch at Salvaje. The place will welcome you with very interesting dishes in a super stylish location.

After a nice lunch, you will be ready to visit the stunning Basílica de la Macarena and the best baroque church of Seville: the Iglesia San Luis de los Franceses.

Your last afternoon is also the chance to take a walk in Mercado de Feria, a famous shopping street in Sevilla. Don’t miss the Feria Market to buy some Spanish delicacies to bring home. In Feria, you will be able to see relevant architectural buildings like the Real Parroquia de Omnium Sanctorum.

On Thursdays, you will have the chance to go treasure hunting at the flea market.


best bars in seville

Finally, on your last evening indulge in the Spanish way of life in Alameda de Hercules. Locals love this area of Seville and it greets you with dozens of tapa bars and some of the best restaurants in Seville. So come here, enjoy your time, blend in with locals and have fun!

I can recommend Antojo for some delicious tapas, libros y cafe for relaxing with a beer, and Maquila for a dinner with some hipster vibes with a traditional touch. The choice is yours.

Resources for your 3 days in Seville:

In conclusion…


I believe that you are ready for your trip to Seville and you don’t have to worry about planning anymore. Now it’s time to enjoy and make the most of your 3 days in Seville.

I would love to hear your thoughts, so if you have any feedback or additional tips, leave a comment below. Also, check out my Instagram for regular travel videos and travel inspiration. Or explore other destinations on this travel blog.

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