Best Cafes in Hanoi: Places That You Can’t Miss

Best Cafes in Hanoi: Places That You Can't Miss

Looking for the best cafes in Hanoi? Continue reading, because we will discover everything about Vietnamese coffee, visit some of the most Instagramable cafes in Hanoi and discover the best local gems that you can’t miss.

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and it is one of the most unique places to visit in Asia. Vietnamese culture has been strongly affected by Chinese and French in the past, however, it still has a unique charm that has been cherished for centuries.

When it comes to food and cafes, you will notice a nice blend of authentic Vietnamese traditions together with a foreign influence.

Shortly after your arrival in Vietnam, you will see how much locals love their coffee. Trying Vietnamese coffee is one of the best things to do in Hanoi and a great way to discover unique flavors of the local specialty.

Did you know that Vietnam’s coffee has been shipped to more than 80 countries, making it the second biggest exporter in the world? Impressive!

So let’s dive in and unlock some of the best cafes in Hanoi that you shouldn’t miss during your time in the Vietnamese capital. And there are many, so get ready for it!

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10 best cafes in Hanoi for every coffee lover

Hanoi Coffee Station

Best Cafes in Hanoi: Places That You Can't Miss
Best Cafes in Hanoi: Places That You Can't Miss

The Coffee Station is one of the most popular cafes in Hanoi and it offers interesting brunch options, including avocado toasts and smoothie bowls. Great vegan and vegetarian dishes and affordable prices.

As the name suggests, it is another popular coffee place. The owner and the staff are very knowledgeable about the coffee and will share some pretty cool secrets about their local traditions. Even put up a show and teach you how to make the famous egg coffee.

If you ask me, this is the place where you can try the best egg coffee in Hanoi.

You can stay inside and take advantage of the air conditioning or choose a table on the balcony and see the lively streets of Hanoi as you enjoy your meal. I was a frequent visitor at the Hanoi Coffee Station and I can say that this is a must-visit cafe in Hanoi.

The Note Coffee – the most Instagrammable cafe in Hanoi

The Note Coffee – the most Instagrammable cafe in Hanoi

Looking for the most Instagrammable cafe in Hanoi? The Note Coffee is the place to be. It is known for colorful, customer-written notes lining the walls.

You might think there are a few stickers here and there, but no. Everything is covered with stickers – the walls, the tables, even some books, and the ceiling.

Here you can try a variety of Vietnamese coffees like coconut or egg coffee, or simply enjoy an espresso. When you order your drink, you get a few stickers so you can leave your message to the world and add it to the current collection. It is a very cool idea if you ask me. And of course, one of the best photo spots in Hanoi.

If you are planning to take pictures, avoid the second floor as there is not enough light. You make your order on the first floor and then head to the third floor. But don’t forget to leave your note and enjoy your drink once you are done with photos.

Hanoi 1990s

Train Street Cafe

I am sure you have heard about the famous train street in Hanoi, however, nowadays access to it has been limited. Hanoi 1990s is the place to go if you want to see the train passing the city as you sip your coffee.

Currently, it is a famous cafe in Hanoi and you don’t want to miss it. They have some tasty appetizers together with traditional Vietnamese coffee options. I suggest you check the train schedule and head there a couple of hours before the train should pass as it can get busy.

I have to warn you that the train schedule is not as frequent as it used to be. You should be prepared for delays and cancellations, but I still think visiting the train street and this cool cafe in Hanoi is worth visiting.


best brunch in Hanoi
where to eat breakfast in Hanoi?

This place caught my attention mostly because there was always a line of people waiting outside. And as soon as I tried their food, I understood why.

The atmosphere is lively and you can get a nice table on the balcony if you are not afraid of summer heat or don’t mind the nonstop honking of Hanoi.

They serve brunch all day long and the menu has something for everyone – delicious healthy options, vegan & vegetarian meals, and desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. My personal favorite was their drink menu – smoothies, juices, iced tea, and of course, more coffee.

And if breakfast is the most important part of your day, head to Lifted for one of the best breakfasts in Hanoi. It opens at 8 am daily, so it is a perfect solution for the early birds to fuel up for the rest of the day.

Lá Studio

Best Cafes in Hanoi: Places That You Can't Miss

Lá Studio is a hidden gem located in the Quang An area of Hanoi. It is a bit further away from the central area and main attractions, but you can certainly enjoy a nice walk on the promenade after your dose of coffee and enjoy the views over Hanoi.

When it comes to food and drinks, everything is 100% plant-based. They have an open-air kitchen so the food is cooked in front of your eyes which adds extra charm to the cafe.

If you are a smoothie bowl lover, don’t miss this cafe in Hanoi. And it is a great option if you are on a budget since the prices are very affordable.

Keep in mind that it is closed on Tuesdays and operated between 9 am and 4 pm. This means that you can visit for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or an afternoon coffee break.

The Hanoi Social Club

As the name suggests, The Hanoi Social Club is more than just a cafe. It is famous for unique dishes, hip design, chill vibes, and fun live music events. You can listen to artists from all over the world every Tuesday and Wednesday. See more event details here.

But you can visit Hanoi Social Club any other day and enjoy your meal on the secret rooftop or taste some traditional Vietnamese coffee.

This place is very central yet tucked away from the busy streets of Hanoi so it is a perfect oasis paired with some of the best food in Hanoi. Without a doubt, it is one of the best cafes in Hanoi and you should add it to your cafe itinerary!

Old Town Cafe

Best Cafes in Hanoi: Places That You Can't Miss

Old Town Cafe is the perfect place to try specialty coffee in Hanoi and it is one of the cafes that you can’t miss in Hanoi. There are very limited food options, so keep lunch or dinner for another restaurant, however, it is a great place to relax during your coffee break.

If you already tried the famous egg coffee, go for something different and taste the best coconut coffee in Hanoi. And if you are lucky with the weather, head to the last floor and enjoy the lake views from the rooftop terrace.

Hidden Gem Coffee – Quán Cà Phê Tái Chế

Best Cafes in Hanoi: Places That You Can't Miss

This is another Instagrammable cafe in Hanoi. As the name suggests, it is hidden away in the little alley remote from the busy streets. What makes it so unique? The street art that you can find inside and the fact that the entire design is made from recycled materials.

But the highlight of this cafe is the traditional Vietnamese coffee that you have to try. This Hanoi cafe offers all the essentials that you shouldn’t miss during your time in Vietnam. I didn’t get to try their food, but I can certainly recommend this place.

Looking for a place to eat? Don’t miss Bánh Mì 25

Looking for a place to eat? Don’t miss Bánh Mì 25

Bánh Mì 25 is a sandwich shop and a must-try place in Hanoi. Banh Mi stands for the famous Vietnamese sandwich while 25 represents the number of the house where the sandwich shop is located.

Nowadays, there are many similar sandwich shops around Hanoi, however, Bánh Mì 25 is the one that you don’t want to miss. This is not a fancy restaurant or cool cafe. More like a street food stall, but the focus should be on the quality and flavors of the food.

Crusty bread rolls are smeared with pate, mayonnaise, or any other sauce of your choice and filled with ham, chicken, or sausage together with vegetables and greens.

Basically, it is up to you to combine your favorite things and choose your fillings. Super affordable and quick lunch idea during your time in Hanoi.

Or try the essence of Vietnamese cuisine at the Quan An Ngon 

Or try the essence of Vietnamese cuisine at the Quan An Ngon
Or try the essence of Vietnamese cuisine at the Quan An Ngon

If you are in the mood for a traditional meal, head to Quan An Ngon. A lively garden filled with traditional lamps and endless food stalls for different specialties – absolutely wonderful.

Here you can find all the classics of Vietnamese cuisine, like Pho and spring rolls. Personally, I loved their spring rolls and noodles but the choice is pretty wide and you will certainly find something you like even if you are a vegan or vegetarian.

You will see many locals around you and this is just another proof that they serve the best Vietnamese food. Prices are moderate, however, it is better to make a reservation if you are planning to dine here. Either way, you will have to wait in line. But the place is big, so the waiting time is not too long.

Rice Bistro – one of the best restaurants in Hanoi

Rice Bistro - one of the best restaurants in Hanoi
Rice Bistro - one of the best restaurants in Hanoi

Rice Bistro is one of the best restaurants in Hanoi and you have to visit it at least once during your time in Hanoi. Why is that?

First of all the atmosphere. It is a very silent and wonderfully decorated restaurant where you can have a traditional meal with a twist. The menu includes unmissable specialties like the pomelo salad with shrimp or the grilled pork with sticky rice. 

This is slightly more expensive than the average Hanoi restaurant but worth every single penny for the taste, quality, service, and location. Vegetarian options are included.

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In conclusion…

Best Cafes in Hanoi: Places That You Can't Miss

This is the end of the best cafes in Hanoi and I hope you will appreciate my restaurant suggestions together with some additional Vietnamese cuisine exploring tips.

I believe that by now you have a list of the cafes that you want to visit during your time in Hanoi and you are impatient to start exploring.

I would love to hear your thoughts, so if you have any feedback or additional tips, leave a comment below. Also, check out my Instagram for regular travel videos and travel inspiration. Or explore other destinations on this travel blog.

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Best Cafes in Hanoi: Places That You Can't Miss
Best Cafes in Hanoi: Places That You Can't Miss

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