120+ Best Miami Quotes and Miami Instagram Captions

Recently visited Miami or planning to visit Miami soon? Maybe you are looking for some inspiration and the best Miami quotes? Or maybe you have a lot of photos & videos for social media and need unique Miami Instagram captions? I got you covered.

Miami is a true testament to the power of diversity and the allure of tropical living. With its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and cosmopolitan atmosphere, Miami stands out as a unique destination that embraces people from all walks of life.

That is why I have prepared more than 120 best Miami quotes for the most inspirational captions.

In this article, you will find different varieties of Miami quotes. Iconic sayings, unique Miami Instagram captions, or something easy-going and fun.

Whether traveling to Miami or living in Miami already, you will find some of the best Miami quotes in this post, so keep reading!

Best Miami Quotes

Best Miami Quotes
Best Miami Quotes

“Miami is one of these places where diversity is in our blood, where, you know, if you want to go have a Nicaraguan breakfast, a Cuban lunch, and an American diner dinner, you do.” – Ana Navarro

“I am lucky enough to live in Miami so dinner on the beach with people I love is one of my favorite ways to relax.” – Adriana Lima

“Miami Beach is a place where anything can happen, and often does.” – Gloria Estefan

“All the lights in Miami begin to gleam. Ruby, blue and green, neon too. Everything looks better from above my king. Like aquamarine, ocean’s blue.” – Lana Del Rey

“Miami is a city where you can find everything you want, and more. It’s a place that will leave you breathless.” – Donatella Versace

“Miami is a place where you can feel the pulse of the city just by walking down the street.” – Emilio Estefan

“Miami is too bright and colorful to miss.” – Anshula Varma

“Miami is one of these great places that is a really sensual, physically beautiful place.” – Michael Mann

“Miami Beach is a place where the ocean kisses the shore and the people live life to the fullest.” – Unknown

“Miami is a city that has a heartbeat of its own. It’s a place that pulsates with energy and vitality.” – Jennifer Lopez

Unique Miami Instagram Captions

Unique Miami Instagram Captions
Unique Miami Instagram Captions

Miami is always a good idea!

You had me at Miami.

You cannot stop Miami.

Miami, here we come!

Miami is not a place. It’s a feeling.

If you follow your heart just right, it will get you to Miami.

Miami vibes.

Going to Miami.

Miami has my heart.

Miami is my happy place.

More Miami Instagram Captions

More Miami Instagram Captions
More Miami Instagram Captions

Any day is a good day for Miami.

Somewhere between living and dreaming, there’s Miami.

Hello, Miami. You’re looking gorgeous today.

Keep calm and go to Miami.

It’s Miami o’clock.

Miami looks good on me.

Always say yes to Miami.

Wake up and explore Miami.

Miami is a state of mind.

Happiness is a weekend in Miami.

Funny Miami Puns for Instagram Captions

More Miami Instagram Captions
More Miami Instagram Captions

Just Miami, myself, and I.

We shore are going to have a great time in Miami.

Avoid pier pressure, and just go to Miami.

In Miami, no one is shellfish.

Shell we dance on Miami Beach?

Hanging with my sea gals in Miami Beach.

Sea you at Miami beach.

Sea-sing the day in Miami.

Champagne Miami.

It’s all sun and games here in Miami.

Miami sure is sun-derful.

Short Miami Quotes 

Short Miami Quotes 
Short Miami Quotes 

“I love Miami and would love to always be in Miami.” – Goran Dragic

“Miami is a party city, a go-fast city.” – Rick Ross

“Miami, in many ways, is a quintessentially American city.” – Tibor Fischer

“Miami has embraced me and I love them for that.” – Lil Wayne

“In Miami, there’s a Latin flavor, and I just love every bit of it.” – Ryan Guzman

“I think Miami is such a beautiful, sexy, gorgeous place. I love the people there.” – Minka Kelly

“Miami Beach is where neon goes to die.” – Lenny Bruce

“Preparation in Miami is always good because of the weather.” – Paulie Malignaggi

“I’m a winner. Dwyane’s a winner. We’re going to bring winning to Miami.” – Chris Bosh

Inspirational Quotes about Miami

Short Miami Quotes 
Short Miami Quotes 

“Views are overrated; it’s light that counts. I have an apartment in Miami’s South Beach, and I get tired of looking at the ocean. Even that view gets old after a while. Sunlight streaming into a room – it never gets old.” – Michael Graves

“I moved my family down to Miami to stay with my father-in-law, Jack, for a while. Best move I ever made.“ – Dion DiMucci

“Miami is one of these great places that is a really sensual, physically beautiful place.” – Michael Mann

“It is Paris that makes one feel poetic, Rome that makes one feel heroic, yet it is Miami that makes one feel young.” – Pietros Manos

“Miami, you can never run out of material. As long as you have Miami around you, you will never, never stop being amused.” – Dave Barry

“I love Miami. I miss it so much. And I miss the beach – the peace it brings you. I love the sound and smell of the sea.” – Genesis Rodriguez

“I couldn’t sleep knowing I was going to leave my Miami. It’s always going to be my home, but it’s not the same.” – Hanley Ramirez

“Miami is a city that never fails to surprise you. It’s a place where the unexpected is always just around the corner.” – José Andrés

“Miami is a city where the sun shines, the water sparkles, and the people are always smiling.” – Gianni Versace

“I love Miami and would love to always be in Miami.” – Goran Dragic

“Miami Beach is a completely interesting hybrid because it is, on the one hand, a resort and, on the other hand, a real city. This condition of the city and the water on two sides I think is really amazing. And in the heart of that city, it has put an enormous convention center, an enormous physical presence.” – Rem Koolhaas

Quotes about Life in Miami

Quotes about Life in Miami
Quotes about Life in Miami

“Miami is one of the great cultural melting pots in the world. I love working and living here.” – David Caruso

“Second only to the sea, the Miami sky has been the greatest comfort in my life past 50. On a good day, when the wind blows from the south, the light here is diffuse and forgiving.” – Iggy Pop

“Even though Puerto Rico will always be my hometown, I feel Miami is my second home.” – Anuel AA

“Miami is a melting pot in which none of the stones melt. They rattle around.” – Tom Wolfe

“I think just growing up in Miami, there’s a gumbo of different cultures that influence us.” – Flo Rida

“I really love Miami, but I don’t think the architecture matches the city. It’s a bit too commercial.” – Zaha Hadid

“I was actually born in Miami. We would spend the summers there growing up, so it’s like my second home.” – Dominik Garcia-Lorido

“The biggest thing is, I can never forget where I come from. That’s why I wear Miami on my sleeve. I never forget where I grew up.” – Manny Machado

“I think Miami is such a beautiful, sexy, gorgeous place. I love the people there.” – Minka Kelly

“Miami Beach is a city that never sleeps, always awake with its colorful and vibrant nightlife.” – Unknown

Miami Travel Quotes

Miami Travel Quotes
Miami Travel Quotes

“Miami is nothing like me, and that’s why I need to be here – it’s the opposite. I’m practical, where this place is moody, I’m stolid in my interior, where this place has a certain flair, and I’m materialistic in a sense that this place is fundamentally spiritual – there’s a quicksilver quality about this place.” – Iggy Pop

“But this is Miami, you can’t come to Miami and not show any skin. You gotta show something. If you’re all covered up in this heat, you’re gonna make me pass out just to look at you. It’s sweaty in Miami-but the diamonds will keep me cool.” – Lil’ Kim

“What’s special about Miami is the collision of cultures. And the white sand beaches and fantastic restaurants.” – Jeffrey Dean Morgan

“Miami Beach is a place where people from all over the world come to party, play, and be themselves.” – Pharrell Williams

“I suspect that most people in the world will travel through or at least wish to travel through Miami in their lifetimes. I think it is on the same level as seeing the pyramids in Giza for many people. But, Miami is slippery: It is a place that is always that distant orgiastic green light while also being a hot, tropical, and very real place.” – Jim Drain

“Miami is always super, duper lit.” – Post Malone

“Miami’s party city reputation, at times, feels fictional. But there’s a reason for all the hype. From lazed beach mornings to pulsing nights, Miami is to the USA what Tel Aviv is to the Middle East.” – Anshula Varma

“In Miami, there’s a Latin flavor, and I just love every bit of it.” – Ryan Guzman

“The people in Miami are so different from anywhere else I’ve been in America. They’re so down to earth, really friendly, and quite self-effacing, with a good sense of humor. I’m not saying other parts of America don’t have a sense of humor, but Miami maybe has to have a really good sense of humor for lots of different reasons, and it works. It works for me.” – Tracey Emin

“Miami can be super-kitschy at times, and it’s fun to embrace that.” – Camila Mendes

Funny Miami Quotes

Funny Miami Quotes
Funny Miami Quotes

“I don’t know how anyone lives in Miami. Because no one goes to sleep.” – Dave Portnoy

“Miami is just really fun whenever I go there. It’s like this post-apocalyptic Barbie world: everything is pink, and there are palm trees everywhere.” – Grimes

“Almost everything strange washes up near Miami.” – Rick Riordan

“People – just weird people are attracted to Miami. And they come there not for serious reasons, usually.” – Dave Barry

“As good as Miami is, we’d rather go to Miami.” – Luol Deng

“In New York I’m a six, but in Miami, I was like a negative three.” – Amy Schumer

“A lot of times when I say I didn’t do anything I was actually in Miami doing a show.” – Girl Talk

“Miami’s like paradise. And I think the beaches are topless. So we’re gonna spend a lot of time at the beach.” – Pauly D

“I love the crowds in Miami. I feel that is one of the tournaments where I get more support. That helps me a lot.” – Rafael Nadal

Top Miami Quotes

Top Miami Quotes
Top Miami Quotes

“I remember being so homesick and realizing that where I came from was not something that existed in the cultural imagination outside the city. People used to think Miami was just partying in South Beach all the time.” – Jennine Capó Crucet

“I’m very comfortable here. I enjoy all aspects of it. This is a place I want to make a stamp and bring something that Miami hasn’t seen before.” – Giancarlo Stanton

“Having Miami in a state like Florida makes no sense. You may as well put Los Angeles in the middle of Arkansas. It’s not connected, it’s just bright and loud and big and… there.” – Caspar Vega

 “Miami is a city that embodies the American spirit of opportunity, creativity, and determination.” – Marco Rubio

“The thing that’s really cool for me about Miami Beach is you have this dichotomy between sunlight and family and happiness and innocence and then at night, darker, stranger mob conspiracy stuff sort of comes out. It seems like a storytelling engine. You can just keep writing about how those two worlds smash into each other.” – Mitch Glazer

“Miami’s not anybody’s poor cousin. It’s an aspiration to live in this town, not something you have to do to promote yourself like some of the larger cities.” – Iggy Pop

“My favorite city is Miami. It’s very fresh and the beach is sunny.” – Liu Wen

“Is Miami America? Is it a state? And Is it the South? … I love Miami for the same reason I love the places I love most around the world… it’s the mix here, this big, messy, dysfunctional hell broth of people from all over the world that make it so awesome and make it a place I want to keep coming back to. Also the food’s good.” – Anthony Bourdain

“Miami is a melting pot in which none of the stones melt. They rattle around.” – Tom Wolfe

“I came to Miami for the first time during the winter, and naturally, I fell in love with the weather.” – Joanna Krupa

More Miami Quotes

More Miami Quotes
More Miami Quotes

“In the US you have New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Miami and dozens of other cities; a few have a strong visual character. But even with those, there is just too much space between them and too many people.” – Michael Bierut

“I’ve always felt that Miami is part of my DNA.” – Francis X. Suarez

“I like anywhere with a beach. A beach and warm weather is all I really need. I like going to Florida – to Miami and to visit my mom in Fort Meyers.” – Rob Gronkowski

“Watching ‘CSI: Miami’ is like watching ‘Teen Jeopardy!’ or doing the crossword puzzle in ‘People’ magazine. It makes you feel smart even when you’re not.” – Willie Geist

“One of my favorite vacation places is Miami, because of the people, the water and the beach – of course – and the architecture on Miami Beach is so wonderful.” – Oksana Baiul

“I’m from Miami. Everybody knows how the girls in Miami is fly.” – Trina

“And you definitely shouldn’t attempt to drive yourself in Miami, because odds are you’d make some foolish tourist mistake such as stop for a red light, which means you’d be rear-ended by a vehicle going upwards of eighty miles per hour driven by a motorist with no insurance but a minimum of two firearms.” – Dave Barry

“I was in Fort Lauderdale from about age 7 to 14. And that’s where I learned the most about music. My favorite DJ was this guy named DJ Laz and the Miami bass guys. I was super into, like, Arthur Baker, that kind of stuff.” – Diplo

“I get to represent me and my family, but most importantly the Miami Heat.” – Bam Adebayo

“Miami for many decades has been an intellectual talent exporter. I have many, many friends who grew up, didn’t go to school here, didn’t come back.” – Francis X. Suarez

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120+ Best Miami Quotes and Miami Instagram Captions

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120+ Best Miami Quotes and Miami Instagram Captions
120+ Best Miami Quotes and Miami Instagram Captions

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