120+ Best Milan Quotes and Milan Instagram Captions

Recently visited Milan or planning to visit Milan soon? Maybe you are looking for some inspiration and the best Milan quotes? Or maybe you have a lot of photos & videos for social media and need unique Milan Instagram captions? I got you covered.

Milan is the capital of the Lombardy region in Italy and it is known for its rich history, fashion, and culture. This lively Italian city has something for every kind of traveler and it is a real metropolis of the world.

That is why I have prepared more than 120 best Milan quotes for the most inspirational captions. In this article, you will find different varieties of Milan quotes—iconic sayings, unique Milan Instagram captions, or something easy-going and fun.

Most of these quotes are translated from Italy, so I am pretty sure you won’t find these anywhere else. No matter if you are traveling to Milan or you live in Milan already, you will find some of the best Milan quotes in this post, so keep on reading!

Best Milan Quotes

Best Milan Quotes
Best Milan Quotes

“Milan is a great vital babylon of glittering buildings, warehouses, office girls, stockbrokers, accountants, cafes, restaurants, and tailors, within the collective aroma of saffron risotto.” ― Guido Piovene

“Milan is always Milan. Who doesn’t stop, doesn’t feel sorry for herself, is full of energy and plans, takes a lot, but gives more, multiplying everything.” ― Fabrizio Caramagna

“I would summarize Milan’s style with three Ds: discretion, discipline, and duty. In a world that tends towards quackery, anarchy of behavior, and cunning, Milanese Calvinism is welcome!” ― Giorgio Armani

“Milan has some beautiful areas, it’s beautiful with the fog, it’s a bit like a woman with a veil.” ― Ornella Vanoni

“There are cities of obvious beauty that are open to everyone and other secret ones that love to be discovered. Milan belongs to this species, to the point that it is difficult to establish the reasons for its charm (…). I believe that it consists first of all in its “class”, no more and no less as happens with certain women who strike us with their bearing, even if they are not beautiful, or even wearing make-up.” ― Carlo Castellaneta 

“I have always thought that I feel good in Milan, that it is a place for fighters, for stateless people, a foreign legion. That I wouldn’t know where else to live. I did everything here: university, children, marriage, work. Milan looks like me. It doesn’t speak much, It doesn’t have time, It doesn’t seem to get attached to anyone, but that’s not the case.” ― Daria Bignardi

“It’s not true that I’m ugly. It’s not true that there is always fog above me. It’s not true that I’m cold and only think about money. [..] Who did you take me for? I am Milan. And I’m a beautiful lady.” ― Raffaella Rietmann and Michele Tranquillini

“Milan has its own magic of dazzling lights and streets to travel without wondering what the destination is. Because wherever you walk, you will feel like you are at the center of the world.” ― Fabrizio Caramagna

“Yes, Milan is really beautiful, my friend, and believe me sometimes you really need a tenacious will to resist its seductions and stay at work.” ― Giovanni Verga

“There are people who speak badly of the fog in Milan. I don’t know the one in other countries, but the one in Milan is a great fog, nice, affectionate, and friendly. It wraps everything around you like a caress.” ― From the film Invisible Chains

Unique Milan Instagram Captions

Unique Milan Instagram Captions
Unique Milan Instagram Captions

Exploring Milan’s timeless beauty.

From the Last Supper to the latest trends – Milan’s cultural journey is timeless.

Sipping espresso with a view of Milan’s skyline.

Strolling through Milan’s fashion district like a local.

Indulging in gelato dreams in Milan’s charming piazzas.

Finding inspiration around every corner in Milan.

Glamorous nights and Italian bites – Milan, you’re the star of the show.

Embracing la dolce vita in Milan’s enchanting atmosphere.

When in Milan, dress like the locals – stylish and ready for aperitivo.

Writing my own Milanese fairytale.

More Milan Instagram Captions

More Milan Instagram Captions
More Milan Instagram Captions

Dining on delectable Milanese cuisine with gusto.

In Milan, every step is a catwalk, and every corner tells a stylish story.

Milan, you have my heart.

Embracing the essence of Milanese sophistication.

Marveling at Milan’s modern architecture juxtaposed with its rich history.

Savoring every gelato-filled moment in Milan’s sunny plazas.

Living la vita bella in Milan’s picturesque alleyways.

Milan is always a good idea!

Sippin’ espresso, chasing dreams – that’s the Milanese way.

Leaving a piece of my heart in Milan’s enchanting embrace.

Funny Milan Puns for Instagram Captions

Funny Milan Puns for Instagram Captions
Funny Milan Puns for Instagram Captions

Milan is pasta-bly the most fashionable city in Italy.

Olive you to Milan and back, with a side of parmesan, please!

What do you call a fake noodle in Milan? An impasta.

Pasta la vista baby!

Milan, I’m going to tiramisu.

Slice to meet you Milan.

Milan: Where every photo op is ‘Prada’ perfection.

Strolling through Milan’s streets, feeling like a ‘Milan-aire’.

Feeling Milan-choly? Just add gelato!

Milan stole a pizza my heart, and I’m not mad about it!

Short Quotes about Milan

Short Quotes about Milan
Short Quotes about Milan

“There is only one in Milan.” ― Milan proverb

“I love Milan because when the sun rises. Nobody notices.” ― Dargen D’amico

“If Milan cries it really cries.” ― Lucio Dalla

“Milan still remains the only international metropolis in Italy.” ― Philippe Daverio

“Milan is a bit like me: not obviously pretty, actually beautiful.” ― Mariangela Melato

“In the great dish of Italy, Milan is the main dish.” ― Unknown

“How lonely in this crowded, roaring city!” ― Clement Rebora

“Milan is a huge conglomerate of hermits.” ― Eugenio Montale

“The most fun city in the world is Milan.” ― Angie Everhart

“To understand Milan you have to dive into it. Dive into it, don’t look at it as a work of art.” ― Guido Piovene

Inspirational Quotes about Milan

Inspirational Quotes about Milan
Inspirational Quotes about Milan

“Milan, for me, is a city of discovery. You can find some amazing gardens behind some great houses; I also love finding beautiful galleries and incredible shops, but you have to explore. And the food is amazing.” ― Francisco Costa

“I love the Milanese more than Milan, Rome more than the Romans.” ― Roberto Gervaso

“The Milanese is a worker, and flaunts it; time is money; labor omnia fecet. He loves the office with sentimental warmth, he is unhappy if it is far away, unless, in the evening and one month a year, the myth of work is replaced by its twin myth, that of “having fun”.” ― Guido Piovene

“In Milan, few people speak the dialect, but almost everyone is familiar with English. English is the true dialect of Milan.” ― Fabrizio Caramagna

“Milan is perhaps the only Italian city where true humor exists, humor in the British sense, which veils and spices things up without modifying them. It mixes especially with the more trite, more common and prosaic aspects of the city; it lets them rise slightly, leaving them as they are. Manzoni and Porta, our greatest comedians, were Milanese.” ― Guido Piovene

“Take a problem of any nature (political, social, cultural, technical or other) and give it to two Italians to solve: one from Milan and the other from Sicily. After a day, the Sicilian will have ten ideas to solve this problem, the Milanese not even one. After two days, the Sicilian will have a hundred ideas to solve this problem, the Milanese none. After three days, the Sicilian will have a thousand ideas to solve this problem, and the Milanese will have already solved it.” ― Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa

“In Milan, the “laurà” comes first. It doesn’t matter what you do, but you have to do. And by doing you create opportunities. Milan is a city full of energy.” ― Fabrizio Caramagna

“Often, Milan is literally invisible, a black and white city where a few occasional colors manage to make themselves noticed: the different shades of pink of the Duomo, the brilliant blues of the spring skies. It is remembered above all as a gray city, like its suburbs. Milan is universally considered an ugly city: its beauty is hidden, private, hidden behind barred doors, in the interiors of courtyards, in the “few discreet squares”.” ― John Foot

“I once wandered around the desolate suburban neighborhoods and wandered along the railway embankments, fascinated by the romantic picturesqueness of Porta Ticinese, of the canals. Now there is the metropolis of skyscrapers, the city that is a little futuristic, a little provincial: a mix between risotto and steel, which amuses me.” ― Alberto Lattuada

“In other cities, there is the sun, the monuments and the sea. In Milan, there is the ritual of the aperitif with its magic and its places.” ― Fabrizio Caramagna

Quotes about the Duomo of Milan

Quotes about the Duomo of Milan
Quotes about the Duomo of Milan

“Everywhere I looked, from every corner, next to every spire with which the building is dotted, marble figures appeared… The wonderful mystical world manifested itself here! Yes, this was a church of God!” ― Hans Christian Andersen

“If I had to use an image of the female world, then I would say that the Milan Cathedral appears like a lace fabric – gigantic and delicate at the same time – that the hand of a magician has suddenly transformed into stone.” ― Fanny Lewald

“Meanwhile, there is one wonder in Milan that is by far the most important, which I cannot help but describe: the cathedral. From afar it appears as if cut out of a sheet of white paper, but when you are close you are amazed to discover that those lace-shaped cutouts are undeniably made of white marble. If we look at the whole work a little longer, we find that it is very graceful, colossally beautiful, a gigantic children’s toy. However, it presents itself even better at midnight, in the moonlight, when the crowd of white stone figures descends from above and accompanies you through the square, whispering an ancient story in your ear.” ― Henrich Heine

Milan. The Duomo drips upwards.” ― Marcello Marchesi

“Renzo, having climbed one of those passes onto the highest ground, saw that great machine of the Cathedral alone on the plain, as if it were not in the middle of a city but rising in a desert; and stopped on the spot, forgetting all his troubles, to contemplate even from afar that eighth wonder he had heard so much about since he was a child.” ― Alessandro Manzoni

“All these evenings I went, around one in the morning, to see the Milan Cathedral again. This church, illuminated by a beautiful moon, offers a spectacle of extraordinary and unique beauty in the world. Architecture has never offered me similar sensations.” ― Stendhal

“The delicacy in its grandeur and its whiteness give it the appearance of a glacier with a thousand points, or of a gigantic concretion of stalactites; it is difficult to believe that it is a work carried out by human hands.” ― Theophile Gautier

“Yet this great mass of weight appears, in the sweet moonlight, like an enchanting and fairy-tale ice crystal that could vanish in an instant. In the center, the major spire towers proudly, like the mast of a great vessel amidst a fleet of coastal vessels.” ― Mark Twain

“Among the Gothic churches of Northern Italy, the most famous of all is the cathedral of Milan, with which Gian Galeazzo Visconti wanted to leave a magnificent memory of his lordship. It cannot be said with certainty which architect sketched the plan: it was begun in 1386 by Simone da Orsenigo; from 1400 to 1447 the works were directed by Filippo degli Organi. In addition to this, they helped with advice and work from architects from the most varied schools and the most disparate countries, not only Italians but French, Flemish, and Germans.” ― Ulrich von Ensingen

Funny Milan Quotes

Funny Milan Quotes
Funny Milan Quotes

“In Milan, everything was based on money. In bars they said “cappuccio”, for cappuccino, a few syllables were saved.” ― Enzo Biagi

“But, I say, if the Milanese, in Milan, when there is fog, cannot see, how can you see that there is fog in Milan?” ― From the film Totò, Peppino and… the bad girl

“The most beautiful thing in Rome is the train to Milan!” ― Francesco Schiavone

“What is the difference between Rome and Milan, apart from the fact that people work up there?” ― Arrigo Benedetti

“Only in Milan do you welcome and say goodbye at the same dinner. To save time!” ― From the movie Welcome to the North

“In Milan, they open the windows to give the city a fresh air.” ― Pino Caruso

“Now that we are finally in Milan, do we want to go and see this famous Colosseum?” ― From the film Totò, Peppino and the bad girl

“And the mayor said during the election campaign: Milan is the most European city in the world. Not even New York is as European as Milan.” ― Claudio Bisio

“I live in a city occupied by very busy people. They all walk quickly, they only look at the women after nine in the evening.” ― Marcello Marchesi

“In Milan 3 there are mosquitoes so big that when there is fog they make them land at Malpensa.” ― Gene Gnocchi

Quotes by Famous Milanese

Quotes by Famous Milanese
Quotes by Famous Milanese

“Loneliness is not melancholy, a lonely man is always in good company!” ― Giorgio Gaber

“Art, this extension of the forest of your veins, which pours out, outside the body, into the infinity of space and time.” ― Filippo Tommaso Marinetti

“If Jesus came back on earth he would slap us all in the face. We deserve it, all right, but we really need a caress from him.” ― Enzo Jannacci

“As a doctor, I think exactly like this: life is always important, not only when it is attractive and exciting, but also if it appears helpless and defenseless.” ― Enzo Jannacci

“I don’t feel Italian… but fortunately or unfortunately I am.” ― Giorgio Gaber

“The sure way of absolving the robust villains is to condemn the weak innocents.” ― Cesare Beccaria

“There is no freedom whenever the laws allow that, in some events, man ceases to be a person and becomes a thing.” ― Cesare Beccaria

“The moment occupies a narrow space between hope and regret, and it is the space of life.” ― Carlo Emilio Gadda

“Sometimes silence says what your heart would never have the courage to say.” ― Alda Merini

“The best revenge? Happiness. There’s nothing that drives people crazy more than seeing you happy.” ― Alda Merini

Pop Culture Milan Quotes

Pop Culture Milan Quotes
Pop Culture Milan Quotes

“I was in the fashion shows in Milan; I was seventeen, I was doing like 100 shows. People were asking, ‘How does it feel to be the model of the moment?’ It was hard for me to answer as myself. I barely spoke English.” ― Gisele Bundchen

“Frankly, Milan kind of sucks as a restaurant city. It’s so fashion-obsessed that people don’t pay that much attention to the food.” ― Joe Bastianich

“I grew up in Perugia, Umbria, in a world outside of fashion, so I didn’t learn about it until I was older and moved away. In Milan, the women are really into fashion, and all the big fashion brands are based there, but I don’t think they feel pressure to look good all the time.” ― Monica Bellucci

“I drive around on my scooter in Milan alone – we don’t have bodyguards or anything like that. I am a fashion designer, not a celebrity, and although I get stopped for autographs and the like, I don’t think I am famous.” ― Stefano Gabbana

“My favorite thing about Milan is that you see these guys, and it’s as if a spaceship came out of the most attractive planet invented and just dropped them off all across the city.” ― Brad Goreski

“I arrived in Milan when I was 18—but my time in Italian football helped me to mature.” ― Alexandre Pato

“Milan is my home, where I chose to go, and where my heart really is.” ― Kaka

“I quit my job at the bank when I was 19. I took a chance. I went to Milan to study opera and singing. My father really supported me economically.” ― Marcello Giordani

“When I was a child, it was my dream to be a professional footballer. When I was 14 I visited Milan’s San Siro stadium and remember thinking how unbelievable it was. From then onwards I vowed that one day I would be playing there – and I am very proud that I achieved this and also for everything else I have managed to achieve in football.” ― Andriy Shevchenko

“Milan is reborn every morning, it beats like a heart.
Milan is positive, optimistic, efficient.
Milan is to be lived, dreamed and enjoyed.
Milan to drink.” ― advertising slogan for the Amaro Ramazzotti campaign (the expression “Milan to drink” was used in journalism to define the rampant and fashionable Milan of the 80s)

More Milan Quotes

More Milan Quotes
More Milan Quotes

“Milan is a true metropolis: strong and fearless but welcoming, too. Little by little, I came to realize that I could become someone here.” ― Giorgio Armani

“I moved to Milan when I was 15. I was always looking for something; I never really felt like I belonged where I was, so I went to live overseas.” ― Laura Prepon

“I love Milan, and I’m not just saying that. It’s a city that gives me a great sense of euphoria. I can’t explain why, but I feel a special energy there.” ― Shawn Mendes

“How can you forget arriving in Milan? For the first time, I saw things I had never seen or imagined. An immense station, full of trains, and noises, with an arched roof that seemed to extend forever, as majestic as an ancient temple. A multitude of people are always in a hurry. Then suddenly, in the open air, the boundless square with trees, flowerbeds, and trams crossing each other, the click of exchanges in the tangle of tracks, the sparkles flying from the trolley, the rows of taxis, the bright and immense advertisements. In the first days, I saw and saw: the Duomo, the Scala, the Gallery, the department stores, the Rinascente and the Upim, the facades of the banks, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Corso Buenos Aires, the streets, the squares. How beautiful Milan was.” ― Gaetano Alfetra

“Among your stones and your mists, I do holiday. I rest in the Square of the Cathedral. Instead of stars every evening words light up. Nothing rests in life like the life.” ― Umberto Saba

“Milan is a city similar to a leaky inner tube, but it is no longer clear where the nail went in. It was a place where everything happened and now nothing exciting, pleasant, positive anymore happens. Now it’s just routine, simple maintenance of what already exists. Where are the great ideas, the projects that led us to dream? Here, Milan no longer dreams, the city of Bauscia is now sleeping, maybe it snores but it doesn’t dream.” ― Carlo Castellaneta

“Winter in Milan. You see there in the sky, in that little sun in winter among the mists, a memory of the sun? How the moon looks and lets itself be looked at. Milan at midday is already twilight. And the trees blackened in that silver cold they have gentle branches, at times the wind passes, a voiceless wind, gradually darkening. Only the little sun like a big moon. Thus the Duomo bloomed with gray and lichen appears in the mists of clear nights.” ― Alfonso Gatto

“Milan is marvelous, picturesque, and full of elegance.” ― Wesley Sneijder

“On the first day you hate Milan, after a week you want to escape, after a couple of months, you start to believe that it’s not that bad, and after six months you fall in love with it.” ― Leonardo Livati

“If only you knew, my love, how I like it leave when Milan is still asleep see her dozing and realize that it is beautiful before he starts running and screaming.” ― Fabio Concato

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120+ Best Milan Quotes and Milan Instagram Captions

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120+ Best Milan Quotes and Milan Instagram Captions
120+ Best Milan Quotes and Milan Instagram Captions

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