20 Best Photo Spots in Budapest + Tips For Your Budapest Photos

20 Best Photo Spots in Budapest + Tips For Your Budapest Photos

Wondering where are the best photo spots in Budapest? You are in the right place! I will help you discover the most beautiful places in Budapest and make sure you get some wonderful postcards from your trip.

Budapest is one of the most photogenic cities in Hungary with its unique architecture, lively corners, and breathtaking viewpoints. This is why you want to bring your camera and take some epic photos during your trip.

My guide to the best photo spots in Budapest is going to ensure that you don’t miss a single photo opportunity! I will share additional photography tips, the best time to see these places without crowds, and help you with picking out the right lens. Let’s get started!

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The overview of the most Instagrammable places in Budapest

  • Fisherman’s Bastion
  • Matthias Church
  • Hungarian Parliament Building
  • New York Cafe
  • Buda Castle
  • Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library
  • Hungarian State Opera (Magyar Állami Operaház)
  • Dohány Street Synagogue
  • Párisi Udvar Hotel Budapest
  • St. Stephen’s Basilica
  • Central Market Hall
  • Citadel
  • Heroes Square
  • Vajdahunyad Castle
  • Széchenyi Thermal Bath
  • Széchenyi Chain Bridge
  • Gellert Hill
  • Liberty Bridge
  • Felsővízivárosi Szent Anna templom
  • Tóth Árpád sétány

20 best photo spots in Budapest and photography tips

Fisherman’s Bastion

Sunrise at Fisherman's Bastion - most Instagrammable places in Budapest
most Instagrammable places in Budapest

Fisherman’s Bastion is one of the most Instagrammable places in Budapest for various reasons. This Neo-Romanesque monument is one of a kind and it offers the best views of the Budapest Parliament.

Considering its popularity, you have to visit Fisherman’s Bastion at sunrise preferably on a weekday, because it gets packed pretty early. But the good news is that you can combine it with other Budapest photo spots and tick off other places on this list.

From a historical perspective, the Bastion has played a crucial role as a defensive wall, owing to its strategic position just a few steps away from the Buda Castle and its commanding perch atop a prominent hill.

As you venture within the bastion’s complex, you’ll find yourself lost in the intricate details of its architecture. The terraces and walls exhibit a remarkable blend of artistry and functionality, showcasing the craftsmanship of a bygone era.

Don’t miss the opportunity to capture the iconic stairs – a spot that has become a symbol of Fisherman’s Bastion. And you might want to bring your zoom lens for the famous balcony where you get to see the best view of the Parliament.

Other than that, just play with your camera and get creative. There are plenty of photo spots and views that are waiting to be framed.

There is no entrance fee and it is open any time of the day. However, if you want to visit the upper terraces during summer, you will need to pay 1000 HUF. It is free until 9 am and I count on you to make that sunrise mission!

Matthias Church

Matthias Church - most beautiful places in Budapest
Matthias Church - most beautiful places in Budapest

And just on the back of Fisherman’s Bastion, you will find Matthias Church. It is another popular Instagram spot in Budapest and a part of a World Heritage Site.

The church was constructed in the 13th century but it has changed a lot since then. As part of the 1873 – 1896 restoration by Frigyes Schulek, the Matthias Church received a colorful tiled roof and that’s what makes it so special if you ask me.

This is the second largest church of medieval Buda and it served the citizens of Buda Castle 1015. Hungarian kings used the church as a coronation church for centuries and a mosque for over 150 years in the Ottoman.

You can appreciate the exterior of the church from the Bastion – you get a beautiful view from the upper terraces and that is the photo spot that I suggest you don’t miss. When it comes to the lens, anything around 24mm will do the job.

But if you want to see it from inside, the entrance fee is 1800 HUF. The Matthias Church is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm and on Sundays from 1 pm to 5 pm.

Hungarian Parliament Building

Hungarian Parliament Building - prettiest places in Budapest

The Hungarian Parliament Building is the main attraction of Budapest and the famous Budapest Instagram spot. It was a place that I dreamt to see for your years and it still was absolutely jaw-dropping.

But how do you capture Hungarian Parliament Building and where are the best photo spots? There are multiple options, so I will try to cover the most popular ones.

As you already know, Bastion offers some of the best views of Budapest and that includes the Parliament as well. If you ask me, that is absolutely the best photo spot in Budapest and you hit two birds with one stone.

Another great spot is right in front of Parliament and on the other side of the Danube River. Head to Batthyány tér H, and you will not miss this spot. You can either take photos from the pedestrian next to the tram or the promenade right on the river.

If you are looking for photo opportunities and fun experiences, the Danube River cruise is a must-do. You can either choose from a regular cruise or this fantastic dinner cruise with live music. Both options offer unforgettable sunset views over Parliament.

And then, the Parliament looks absolutely stunning from the inside, so it certainly deserves a visit. Once you are there, you can take some cute shots around Parliament. There is a famous Budapest photo spot right next to the Kossuth Lajos tér M.

–> get your Parliament entry ticket here!

New York Cafe

Breakfast in the New York Cafe - famous Budapest Instagram spots

New York Cafe will be the highlight of the prettiest places in Budapest. They claim to be the most beautiful cafe in the world and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

Rooms are filled with art, live music is there to guide you around and food is served to satisfy your every taste bud. You become part of royalty here and who wouldn’t like that kind of experience, right?

New York Cafe has lived through centuries and different eras. From welcoming intellectuals and artists to selling sporting goods to survive. Nowadays, it has become one of the Instagram spots in Budapest, for a good reason.

The cafe opens at 8 am and I strongly advise you to be there at the opening time for a more intimate experience. Start your day with breakfast in the best cafe in Budapest? Why not? This way you get to see it almost empty and avoid waiting in the line.

Also, I have seen some negative reviews about their dining experience, but in case you must go for dinner, make sure you book a table in advance.

Considering the prices in Budapest, this is certainly on the high end, but if you ask me, it is totally worth it. Check their website to see the menu and make your reservation.

Buda Castle

Buda Castle - Budapest photos
Buda Castle - Budapest photos

Another epic Budapest photography spot is Buda Castle. Previously known as the home of many Hungarian royalties, nowadays it hosts two museums: the Hungarian National Gallery and the Budapest Historical Museum.

The beauty of the Castle Hill gardens is unparalleled, providing a peaceful escape from the bustling city below. The wonderfully maintained gardens offer a lovely environment where you can take leisurely strolls and admire the lush landscape.

As the castle is situated atop the hill, you’ll also be treated to breathtaking panoramic views of Budapest that are bound to leave you amazed. You will find more photo opportunities behind the Buda Castle, where you can capture the massive dome. I loved the gate, but that will require a zoom lens.

Another advantage of Buda Castle and Castle Hill is that there’s no entrance fee required. This makes it an accessible and budget-friendly attraction in Budapest.

Once you are done, you can take a funicular to get down. Buda Castle Funicular departs every 5 to 10 minutes, carrying passengers from 7.30 am to 10 pm. One way ticket cost 1000 HUF and a round ticket is 1700 HUF.

Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library

Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library - hidden photo spots in Budapest
Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library - hidden photo spots in Budapest

Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library is one of the secret photography spots in Budapest. It is a library for local students, but if you don’t have a student’s card, you can still purchase a ticket for a small fee and visit the library.

You might be wondering what is so special about this library? The library is inside 19th-century neo-baroque Wenckheim Palace and the rooms look like part of a museum or royal palace. Far from other libraries that I have seen before.

As soon as you go up, you will be welcomed with ballrooms with exquisite details and artwork. But the best part is the room filled with old bookshelves and a spiral staircase. It was full as I was there at the opening time, so I didn’t get to take a photo there, but I hope you have more success.

Let me warn you that this place gets extremely busy, so you should visit Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library before closing time when everyone is about to leave. Also, considering that it is filled with students, please keep it silent and don’t disturb others.

Other than that, you absolutely need to visit this hidden photography spot in Budapest.

Hungarian State Opera (Magyar Állami Operaház)

Hungarian State Opera (Magyar Állami Operaház) - Instagram spots in Budapest
Hungarian State Opera (Magyar Állami Operaház) - Instagram spots in Budapest

Another jaw-dropping place is Hungarian State Opera. After a recent renovation, it has opened its doors to the public and welcomes visitors from all over the world. And this is your chance to take some stunning Budapest photos.

Whether you choose to see the performance or join a guided tour, you will find plenty of photo opportunities inside the Hungarian State Opera. From the staircase and the performance hall to elements of Baroque and stunning artworks.

A 60-minute tour will cost you 7000 HUF and you can buy tickets at the opera house before your visit. Tours start every day at 1.30 pm, 3 pm, and 4.30 pm in English so plan accordingly. Make sure you arrive early to buy your ticket because the spots fill up quickly.

The tour is very informative and you can access closed places like Bertalan Székely Hall or the marble king staircase. Make sure you stay at the end of the group, so you can take photos when everyone moves on to the next spot.

A wide-angle lens is an absolute must. This way you can capture the entire ambiance and massive halls at the opera house.

If you are passionate about opera and you want to see a performance, click here to see upcoming events and buy your ticket.

Dohány Street Synagogue

Dohány Street Synagogue - famous landmarks in Budapest

Dohány Street Synagogue is the largest synagogue in Europe and the second biggest in the world. Its massive size and attention to detail make it one of the top-rated sights in Budapest.

The synagogue is certainly the most impressive part, but the complex consists of the Heroes’ Temple, the cemetery, the Memorial, and the Jewish Museum which are worth visiting.

At the entrance, you pick up a guided tour in many different languages. It’s very interesting to learn about the Jewish community in Hungary and discover the beauty of the synagogue itself. The tour takes around 40 minutes and the whole visit will be 1 hour or more.

Just like other indoor photo spots in Budapest, it will require a wide-angle lens to capture all the beauty. Also, it is better to visit Synagogue before closing time, so you can avoid crowds.

I suggest you buy your ticket here but you can also get your ticket at the entrance. Keep in mind that the ticket office closes one hour before closing time, so plan accordingly.

Párisi Udvar Hotel Budapest

Párisi Udvar Hotel Budapest - popular Instagram spots in Budapest

Párisi Udvar Hotel is a luxury hotel in Budapest, Hungary. The hotel is known for its stunning architecture and historical significance. It is situated within the Párisi Udvar building, which was originally constructed in the 19th century as a shopping arcade.

The Párisi Udvar building itself is a remarkable example of Art Nouveau architecture, characterized by its intricate decorative elements, grand facades, and elegant interior spaces.

The building’s name, “Párisi Udvar,” translates to “Parisian Court” in English, and it reflects the cosmopolitan and elegant atmosphere that the architects aimed to achieve.

Even though it is a hotel, Párisi Udvar is open to visitors. You can go inside, appreciate the beauty and take some photos as long as you don’t disturb other guests. I still recommend you ask permission at the reception desk, but from my experience, everyone was very friendly and welcoming.

Also, I suggest you stop at their cafe for some delicious cakes or their afternoon tea. It is quite pricey compared to other places in Budapest, but worth it.

And don’t forget to admire the building from the outside as well. Glimpses of Neo-Gothic, Art Nouveau, and Moorish aesthetics can be spotted throughout the covered space. Without a doubt, it is one of the most beautiful places in Budapest.

Széchenyi Thermal Bath

Széchenyi Thermal Bath - best places to take photos in Budapest

Budapest offers several thermal baths to choose from, and the Széchenyi Thermal Bath stands out as the most renowned. And you will want to bring your camera with you because the place is absolutely stunning. 

Széchenyi Thermal Bath is not only good for your health but it is built-in modern Renaissance style which makes it one of the most beautiful places in Budapest. A large complex with 21 pools offers many beauty treatments, massages, and even a little restaurant.

Operating throughout the year, you can still enjoy outdoor pools even in the winter months. During the summer it basically turns into an outdoor club. So if you are looking for a relaxing experience, you will need to come early as it gets very busy after midday.

Gellért Thermal Bath is a great alternative. It is still pretty crowded, but it feels more intimate compared to Széchenyi Thermal Bath.

St. Stephen’s Basilica

St. Stephen's Basilica - best Budapest Instagram spots
St. Stephen's Basilica - best Budapest Instagram spots

The iconic St. Stephen’s Basilica is another Instagrammable place in Budapest. This Roman Catholic basilica is named in honor of the first Hungarian King, King Stephen I.

St. Stephen’s Basilica was originally designed in a neo-classical style, but due to a collapse in 1858, it had to be completely demolished and rebuilt from the ground up. During the reconstruction, the architectural plan shifted towards a neo-Renaissance style

The most notable feature of the basilica’s facade is its two impressive bell towers and the southern tower houses the largest bell in Hungary. In fact, you can go up to the terrace and take some photos with the bell towers and panoramic views of Budapest.

The most famous photo spot is right in front of the Basilica. You can either take it in the square with a wide-angle lens or explore further and play with your zoom lens. Either way, you will need to wake up early to avoid the crowds. And it gets packed pretty early in the day.

If you’re planning to visit the basilica, take note of its opening hours. From Monday to Friday, it’s open from 9 am to 5 pm. On Saturdays, it remains open from 9 am to 1 pm, and on Sundays, it welcomes visitors from 1 pm to 5 pm.

For 2000 HUF you can visit the church, for 3200 HUF you can go up to the terrace and see Budapest from the top, or for 4500 HUF you can get access to both.

Széchenyi Chain Bridge

top-rated sights in Budapest

The Széchenyi Chain Bridge is a symbol of Budapest, connecting the Buda and Pest sides of the city across the majestic Danube River. Constructed in 1849, this historic bridge holds not only a vital transportation role but also a significant place in the city’s identity.

The Bridge is an excellent example of 19th-century engineering and architectural innovation. It features a unique iron chain suspension system, and two impressive stone lion statues guard each end of the bridge.

I suggest you cross the bridge and take in the views that surround you. This way, you will find fantastic views and cute picture spots. I highly recommend you wake up early for this photo spot in Budapest to avoid the crowds and traffic.

If you want to capture a different perspective, you should head to one of the many viewpoints and play with your zoom lens. My personal favorite is the view from the Buda Castle – right next to the funicular. And it gets even better once the sun goes down and the lights are illuminated.

Gellert Hill

best Budapest photography spots

Gellért Hill is one of the best vantage points to admire the panoramic beauty of Budapest including the majestic Danube River, the iconic bridges, and all the other notable attractions. It is located on the Buda side of Budapest, on the western bank of the Danube River. 

At the top of Gellért Hill stands the Citadella, which means that you can combine these famous photo spots of Budapest. Even though it requires quite a hike, you will be rewarded with stunning panoramic views of Budapest.

And just like the Citadella, it requires a zoom lens. This way you can truly create some unique photos of Budapest landmarks and views.

Bonus tip! At the base of Gellért Hill, you can find the Gellért Hill Cave, which houses a small chapel. It is one of the lesser-known Budapest Instagram spots, so you might want to check it out.


epic Budapest photography spots

If you are looking for unforgettable panoramic views over Budapest, you will have to climb up to Citadella. You will be able to see most of the main attractions in Budapest from here including the famous bridges.

The Citadella’s architecture is quite imposing, with its thick stone walls, bastions, and military features. It was designed to withstand attacks and has been well-preserved over the years.

One of the most prominent features of the Citadella is the Liberty Statue (Szabadság-szobor) which stands at the highest point of the hill. The statue itself is a female figure holding a palm leaf, symbolizing peace.

The primary reason many visitors come to the Citadella is for the stunning views it offers. You can see the entire city of Budapest from this vantage point, including famous landmarks like the Hungarian Parliament Building, Buda Castle, and the Chain Bridge.

It’s particularly beautiful at sunset. And I highly recommend you bring your zoom lens, so you can capture some of the iconic attractions from a different perspective. It is truly one of the best photo spots in Budapest.

As of now, Citadel is under renovation until the end of 2023, but it is still accessible to the public.

Heroes Square

Budapest photography

Heroes Square is one of the most beautiful places in Budapest and a must-see during your trip.

Originally erected in 1929 as a heartfelt tribute to the fallen defenders of Hungary’s borders, Heroes’ Square stood as a symbol of the nation’s spirit.

However, the square’s message clashed with the political agenda of the Communist regime, leading to its removal in 1951. Nevertheless, the unwavering spirit of the Hungarian people prevailed, and in 1956, a new Heroes’ Square emerged on the same hallowed ground.

At the heart of Heroes’ Square stands the magnificent Millenary Monument, a 36-meter-high pillar that commands attention and reverence. Crowned by a radiant Archangel Gabriel, this iconic figure holds the Hungarian crown and a cross, representing the nation’s historical and spiritual heritage. 

Today, Heroes’ Square is a symbol of unity and remembrance, attracting visitors from around the world. Its historical significance, combined with its picturesque setting, has made it a must-visit for both locals and tourists alike.

The square’s beauty and symbolism have transformed it into a famous photo spot in Budapest, allowing visitors to capture the essence of Hungary’s cultural pride against a stunning backdrop.

Vajdahunyad Castle

top places in Budapest to take pictures at sunset

Vajdahunyad Castle was built in 1896 and it’s a masterpiece that takes you on a journey through Hungary’s architectural evolution across various centuries and styles. And, it is one of the most underrated places in Budapest for photos.

Vajdahunyad Castle’s design, crafted by the visionary Ignác Alpár, pays homage to landmark buildings from different corners of the Kingdom of Hungary.  One particularly striking feature is its replication of the iconic Hunyad Castle in Transylvania, Romania.

In front of the castle, you will find a pond of water that creates a stunning backdrop for your Budapest photos. During the winter it turns into an ice rink, so it looks a bit different, but it is still worth photographing.

Liberty Bridge

Insta-worthy places in Budapest

The Liberty Bridge is located in the heart of Budapest, connecting the Buda and Pest sides of the city. Without a doubt, it is one of the best places to take photos in Budapest.

The bridge is a striking example of Art Nouveau architecture. It features ornate ironwork, decorative motifs, and greenish-white paintwork. The bridge’s design, with its elegant arches and decorative elements, adds to its aesthetic appeal.

It is adorned with four large, distinctive bronze statues at each of its abutments, symbolizing progress and work. These statues are significant artistic features of the bridge.

Also, you will see the typical Hungarian trams crossing the bridge, which creates a cool photo opportunity. You get a fantastic view from Szent István Király szobra or from Kelenhegyi Street.

Central Market Hall

where to take photos in Budapest

Central Market Hall is one of the famous landmarks in Budapest.  It is a large indoor market located in the city center, at Fővám Square on the Pest side of the Danube River.

The building is a beautiful example of Neogothic and Art Nouveau architecture. Its colorful roof with Zsolnay tiles and the impressive wrought ironwork make it a striking structure.

Central Market Hall offers many local products like Palinka, Salami, and Paprika together with typical souvenirs like magnets, postcards, and other handmade goodies. On the second floor, there is a food court and it offers a fantastic view over the market hall.

If you are looking for the best photo spots in Budapest, head to the second floor and capture the market from the top. But don’t forget to explore the local shops and get some souvenirs too.

Keep in mind that the market is closed on Sundays and it gets very busy and filled with group tours starting from 10 am up until the late afternoon. I suggest you visit after 2 pm, so you don’t have to get lost in the crowds.

Felsővízivárosi Szent Anna templom

hidden photo spots in Budapest

Felsővízivárosi Szent Anna templom is not included in every Budapest travel guide, so it is one of the most underrated places in Budapest for photos. Since this church is located in Batthyány tér H,it can be easily combined with the best view of Budapest Parliament.

The church’s architecture reflects a blend of different styles due to the various renovations it has undergone. It features elements of Romanesque, Gothic, and Baroque styles.

Inside the church, you can find ornate altars, religious artwork, and historical artifacts that provide insight into the church’s significance over time.

I highly recommend you make a quick stop and visit this hidden photo spot in Budapest.

Tóth Árpád sétány

lesser-known Budapest Instagram spots
lesser-known Budapest Instagram spots

Tóth Árpád sétány is a pedestrian street nearby Fisherman’s Bastion. Wondering what makes it so special? First of all, it offers unique panoramic views and a glimpse of Buda Castle.

The pathway is lined with trees and greenery, providing shade and a refreshing atmosphere during warm weather. But it turns into an absolute fairytale during spring as the blossoms cherish the street.

If you are visiting Budapest during spring, you cannot miss this spot. I couldn’t even believe my eyes when I saw the entire street with blossoms.

I highly recommend visiting Tóth Árpád sétány on a weekday, because locals love this spot and it gets filled up quickly. Add it as a next stop after visiting Fisherman’s Bastion and Matthias Church and head to Buda Castle after – this will be a great Budapest itinerary for your sunrise mission.

Budapesti Árpád-házi Szent Erzsébet Plébániatemplom

most underrated places in Budapest for photos

The Budapesti Árpád-házi Szent Erzsébet Plébániatemplom, a name that rolls off the tongue with an air of mystery, stands as one of the city’s most charming churches. Surprisingly, this beauty remains one of the lesser-known Budapest Instagram spots.

Prepare to be stunned by its allure. The church’s magnificent architecture, a harmonious blend of design and history, beckons to those fortunate enough to stumble upon it. The impressiveness of its massive facade tells tales of centuries gone by, a silent witness to the passage of time.

Step inside, and you’ll find yourself transported to a realm of wonder. The interiors, adorned with intricate details and vibrant stained glass windows, paint stories of faith and artistry. The kaleidoscope of colors cast by the stained glass windows adds a touch of magic to the atmosphere.

A visit to the Budapesti Árpád-házi Szent Erzsébet Plébániatemplom is an unconventional yet utterly incredible experience. And it will add a great touch to your Budapest photos.

Recommended gear for photography spots in Budapest

Useful information for visiting Budapest

Is Budapest worth visiting?

Is Budapest worth visiting?

The legendary Hungarian capital lies on the banks of the Blue Danube and is one of the hottest destinations in Europe. A trip to Budapest will make you discover a city with fascinating architecture, dramatic history, and panoramic views that will make your jaw drop.

The city boasts a mix of architectural styles, from Gothic and Renaissance to Art Nouveau and Neoclassical. The Buda Castle, Hungarian Parliament Building, Fisherman’s Bastion, and St. Stephen’s Basilica are just a few of the many architectural gems you can explore.

Budapest is famous for its thermal baths, which have been enjoyed for centuries. The Széchenyi Thermal Bath, Gellért Thermal Bath, and Rudas Thermal Bath are among the most popular and offer a unique relaxation experience.

The Danube River flows through the heart of Budapest, providing picturesque views and opportunities for boat cruises, romantic walks along the riverbanks, and stunning photo opportunities.

Budapest has a vibrant cultural scene with numerous museums, galleries, theaters, and music venues.  The city is known for its “ruin bars,” which are unique and eclectic bars and pubs set up in abandoned buildings or courtyards.

And finally, it is one of the most affordable destinations in Europe, which is perfect for a quick getaway. Budapest is a tourist-friendly city, but considering limited time, you still need a comprehensive itinerary for 3 days in Budapest. That is where I step in, so you don have to stress about planning.

How many days in Budapest?

How many days in Budapest?

3 days in Budapest is the perfect amount of time to enjoy all the essentials of Budapest, taste delicious goulash soup, and try unforgettable experiences. 

When you see the size of the city you might wonder: are 3 days in Budapest enough? The answer is yes! Especially if you have a comprehensive Budapest itinerary. But you might want to add an extra day for a day trip to one of the most beautiful places in Hungary.

When is the best time to visit Budapest?

When is the best time to visit Budapest?

Spring is a popular time to visit Budapest, as the weather becomes milder and the city is adorned with colorful blossoms. The crowds are still relatively moderate, making it a great time to explore the city’s attractions without the peak tourist rush.

Summer brings warm temperatures and a lively atmosphere to Budapest. This is the peak tourist season, so expect larger crowds at popular sites and longer lines. However, the city’s vibrant outdoor events, festivals, and open-air cafes thrive during this time.

Fall is a delightful time to experience Budapest’s charm. The weather remains pleasant, and the city is painted with the golden hues of changing leaves. Crowds tend to thin out compared to summer, making it a more peaceful time for sightseeing.

Budapest transforms into a winter wonderland during the colder months. The city’s Christmas markets, thermal baths, and cozy indoor attractions make winter a unique and enchanting time to visit. While the weather can be chilly, the festive ambiance and fewer tourists offer a more intimate experience.

I visited Budapest in spring and the blossoms were absolutely spectacular. But during one month of my stay, it was pretty cold and I even experienced snow at the beginning of April.

How to arrive in Budapest?

How to arrive in Budapest?

First of all, Budapest has a huge airport with many great destinations. If you are based in Europe, you have a big chance to have a direct flight to Budapest with a low-cost airline. Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (BUD) is the main airport in Hungary and is located 16 km to the southeast of Budapest.

If you are traveling around Europe, keep in mind that there are trains that connect Budapest to Vienna and Bratislava. These trains arrive on a daily basis, even multiple times per day.

And then there is a bus. I always suggest Flixbus as it has affordable prices and it is very reliable. The name of the bus station is Nepliget.

Many people choose to visit Budapest together with Vienna and Bratislava since it is relatively close and well-connected. I suggest you do the same if you have enough time.

Also, from my experience border crossing was faster and easier with a bus. The train stopped at the border and there were few workers that had to check the entire train. It took 2 extra hours, but I’m unsure if every train is checked.

How to move around Budapest?

How to move around Budapest?

The best way to move around Budapest is to walk. A lot of main attractions are located close to each other and you can find some hidden corners as you walk.

If you need to cross the city, public transport is frequent, reliable and very affordable. Budapest has a great metro line, so this way you can avoid the traffic. A single ticket is 350 HUF and multiple travel cards are available, so make sure you check it to find the best deal.

Taxi is another great alternative. You will see yellow taxis all around Budapest or you can download Bolt and book a taxi via application. If you ask me, this is the best option so that you can avoid possible scams.

The basic fee is 1000 HUF, the per kilometer rate is 400 HUF, and the waiting time charge is 100 HUF per minute. Overall, it is very affordable.

Where to stay in Budapest?

Where to stay in Budapest for 3 days?
Párisi Udvar Hotel Budapest, part of Hyatt

It is important to find the right accommodation for your trip, so I have prepared a list of the best hotels in Budapest for every budget. Depending on your travel style, I am sure you will find something suitable, so take a look and decide where to stay in Budapest.

Luxury: Matild Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel

Photo credit: Matild Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel via Booking.com

Matild Palace is the place to be if you are seeking luxury and modern style for 3 days in Budapest.

This fantastically renovated hotel has become one of the most exclusive and extraordinary hotels in Budapest and for all the right reasons. 

Unique: Áurea Ana Palace by Eurostars Hotel Company

Photo credit: Áurea Ana Palace by Eurostars Hotel Company via Booking.com

If you are looking for something more than a simple luxurious experience, Áurea Ana Palace by Eurostars Hotel Company is the address to go to.

The combination of showcasing Austro-Hungarian can transport guests to a different era while still providing modern comforts and amenities.

Mid-Range: Danubius Hotel Astoria City Center

Photo credit: Danubius Hotel Astoria City Center via Booking.com

A classic design with a timeless charm is the best place to describe Danubius Hotel Astoria.

If you are looking for some authentic artistic vibes without squandering your finances during your 3 days in Budapest, this is the right place.

Affordable: Boutique Hotel Budapest

Photo credit: Boutique Hotel Budapest via Booking.com

This might not be the cheapest hotel in Budapest, but this is one of the top hotels with a ratio quality price.

If you are looking for an affordable hotel in Budapest without giving up quality this is the way to go. And it is still affordable compared to other European capitals.

Further reading for the best photo spots in Budapest

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Other useful tips for visiting Hungary

🏠 Need a place to stay? Browse Booking or Agoda
💃 How about fun experiences? GetYourGuide and Viator have it all
🚗 Considering renting a car in Greece? Use Rentalcars
✈️ Looking for the best flight deals? Check WayAway
🔒 Don’t forget about travel insurance from HeyMondo

In conclusion…

20 Best Photo Spots in Budapest + Tips For Your Budapest Photos

This is the end of the best photo spots in Budapest and I’m sure that after reading this article you are impatient to get to Budapest and create some unforgettable postcards. I believe that these photography tips will help you take epic photos and find the exact locations of the best photo spots in Budapest.

I would love to hear your thoughts, so if you have any feedback or additional tips, leave a comment below. Also, check out my Instagram for regular travel videos and travel inspiration. Or explore other destinations on this travel blog.

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20 Best Photo Spots in Budapest + Tips For Your Budapest Photos
20 Best Photo Spots in Budapest + Tips For Your Budapest Photos

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