12 Most Beautiful Riads in Fes For Every Budget

Heading to Morocco and looking for the most beautiful Roads in Fes? You are in the right place! Here you will find a list of the finest Riads for every budget.

Fes is a city with a rich history and unique culture. Its ancient streets and buildings reflect the heritage of this North African gem. The city’s significance lies in its role as one of Morocco’s oldest imperial cities.

Its Medina, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a labyrinth of narrow alleys and bustling markets. The architecture offers a timeless charm, featuring the craftsmanship of bygone eras.

Morocco is also famous for its beautiful Riads and Fes is not an exception. These traditional Moroccan homes turned guesthouses provide a glimpse into the city’s rich cultural heritage.

Fes’ riads are characterized by their inward-facing architecture, often centered around a courtyard adorned with intricate tilework and a refreshing fountain. Staying at a Riad will elevate your time in Fes and it is one of the coolest experiences in Morocco.

This travel guide features only the most beautiful Riads in Fes. I have carefully gathered crème de la crème of available options, so you will find top picks for every budget. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

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Incredible luxury Riads in Fes

The exotic charm of Riads is timeless and it’s easy to fall in love with the beautiful details of these unique houses. If you are looking to make your Morocco vacation truly unforgettable, Fes is home to some luxury Riads in Morocco.

Palais Faraj Suites & Spa 

12 Most Beautiful Riads in Fes For Every Budget
Photo credit: Palais Faraj Suites & Spa via Booking.com

⭐️ Rating on booking: 8+
💰 Price range: $$$
📅 Check rates and availability

Palais Faraj Suites & Spa is a great place to have an unforgettable Morocco vacation. The hotel stands out as one of the most Instagrammable riads in Fes because of its splendid architecture and panoramic views.

This 5-star hotel sits proudly on a hill just outside of the Medina in a former Arab-Moorish palace, and it is sumptuously decorated in a 19th-century Moroccan style.

When it comes to rooms, nothing is casual. From the classic suites to the royal rooms. The ambiance reflects the most luxurious Moroccan architecture and design and the attention to detail is second to none. Some of the accommodations come with epic views of Fes Medina.

If you think this is already enough consider Palais Faraj Suites & Spa one of the finest riads in Fes, wait until you hear about the facilities.

A stunning outdoor pool is available to freshen up under the hot Moroccan sun. To add a romantic touch to your vacation, the hotel boasts a spa, hammam, massage treatments, and a beauty salon.

Breakfast is available daily at Palais Faraj Suites & Spa. It is served on the wonderful panoramic terrace, where you can try local specialties and have everything you need under your nose.

Sounds like an absolute dream, don’t you think? If you agree, make sure you secure your room as soon as possible because it is a mind-blowing luxury Riad in Fes and it gets booked out quickly.

What is the best room at the Palais Faraj Suites & Spa?

  • Royal Suite

What did guests love about this riad in Fes?

“Great location just outside the Medina. Nice restaurant on the top floor and a really good breakfast on the terrace! The room (suite) was very nice, super comfy bed and nicely decorated. The pool is a great place to relax, although the water now was too cold.”

Riad Fes – Relais & Châteaux

most beautiful riads in Fes, Morocco
Photo credit: Riad Fes – Relais & Châteaux via Booking.com

⭐️ Rating on booking: 9+
💰 Price range: $$$
📅 Check rates and availability

Riad Fes – Relais & Châteaux got popularity not only for its beauty but also for being one of the most Insta-worthy Riads in Fes. So what makes it so special? 

First of all, its prime location in the heart and soul of Old Medina perched on a small hill gives access to a panoramic terrace with views of the Atlas Mountains and the old Fez. The Riad was a property of a notable personality of the city and home to one of the most refined families of Fes.

The Riad was recently renovated respecting the tradition and the architecture of the 14th century but still keeping an eye on modern comfort and design

This collision is perfectly visible in the rooms. The beauty of Moroccan details and elements blend wonderfully with the modern vision of design and hospitality. Rooms are fully equipped for an amazing stay and some even come with a panoramic private terrace.

For guests looking for an extra cuddle, the Spa Riad Fès by Cinq Mondes & marocMaroc invites you to enjoy a unique experience in luxurious and comfortable surroundings.

If you are a curious traveler, you can find a selection of experiences from a guided tour of Fes and the surroundings to the cooking class.

When it’s time to try local specialties, Gayza restaurant welcomes guests in a chic and cozy style, creating a lovely feel during the daytime while offering an intimate and warm atmosphere at night. 

The hotel also boasts a Rooftop Terrace bar where a tapas menu of fresh and original produce is offered to accompany the wines and signature cocktails of the Riad.

A buffet breakfast is served daily and there is a great selection of fresh local products.

What is the best room at the Riad Fes – Relais & Châteaux?

  • Royal suite

What did guests love about this riad in Fes?

“Beautifully restored and tastefully decorated riad in the medina. The staff is amazing, very friendly, professional, and giving personal attention. The swimming pool area is beautiful. If you go to Fes in the summer, the swimming pool is a must. The rooms are spacious and decorated with the best local materials, and the tiles are amazing. Breakfast has a great selection of local fresh products. We visited other riads in Fes for dinner or lunch but none approached the perfection of this place. I wouldn’t stay anywhere else in Fes and I already long to go back.”

Riad El Amine Fes

best riad in Fes medina
Photo credit: Riad El Amine Fes via Booking.com

⭐️ Rating on booking: 8+
💰 Price range: $$$
📅 Check rates and availability

If you are looking for a Riad that will make you feel like in One Thousand and One Nights tale, Riad El Amine Fes is another unmissable location in Fes, Medina.

What makes El Amine one of the best and most picturesque riads in Fes is the outstanding interior and the main patio with a beautiful indoor swimming pool.

The pool is not the only facility that makes shine this Riad. The architecture and ambiance showcase a lavish style in every single detail around the Riad. 

When it’s time to step into your room, the experience gets even more incredible. Stained glasses, gentle lights, and Moroccan tiles welcome you in an intimate and romantic environment.

Foodies simply can’t miss what the Riad has to offer. The Restaurant La Table De Fès prepares old traditional Fes specialties with a modern twist in a sophisticated and elegant environment.

If you are in the mood for a drink, Medina Cocktail Bar is one of the first cocktail bars in the city of Fès. It serves signature cocktails inspired by the flavors of the Medina and pays homage to the great Craftsmen of the city of Fès. 

For a formal and fun time, Sama  Rooftop Tapas & Cocktails serves cocktails, refined wines, detox refreshments, and light plates in a friendly atmosphere. The terrace also offers unique photo opportunities to capture the essence of Fes.

What is the best room at the Riad El Amine Fes?

  • Presidential Suite

What did guests love about this riad in Fes?

“Riad El Amine was a charming place to stay in Fes. It has a beautiful traditional Moroccan architectural touch that is more beautiful in person. It is right at the edge of the city so easy to reach by car. The staff was caring and friendly, especially thanks to Yaseen for the lovely best Moroccan dinner we had and for being there serving breakfast at the earliest hours of the day.”

The best mid-range Riads in Fes

If you are looking for a fantastic Riad stay in Fes, you don’t necessarily have to spend all your finances. The good news is that some of the most beautiful riads in Fes come with a great value for the money. So here are mid-range Riads in Fes.

Riad Semlalia

Best riads to stay in Fes, Morocco
Photo credit: Riad Semlalia via Booking.com

⭐️ Rating on booking: 9+
💰 Price range: $$
📅 Check rates and availability

If you are looking to treat yourself and be reasonable with expenses, this is one of the most beautiful riads in Fes, Morocco you can find. This is slightly more expensive than other mid-range riads in Fes, but certainly cheaper than other 5-star accommodations in the city.

So what makes Riad Semlalia so special? I could start by telling you about the privileged location in the Old Medina, or the beautiful terrace with inner courtyard views, or even mention the fantastic rooftop pool. But there’s more!

There is a wide choice of rooms starting from a double room with a private bathroom to a king suite. In each room, the attention to detail is unique. The Moroccan traditional design and craft collide wonderfully with a modern touch for guests’ comfort.

When it’s time to dine, Riad Semlalia stands out once again as one of the best riads in Fes Medina boasting a restaurant that will make you savor the authentic Moroccan flavors with a modern twist.

On top of everything, the Riad also offers carefully curated excursions for a unique opportunity to explore iconic Moroccan landmarks or uncover hidden gems in the country.

What is the best room at the Riad Semlalia?

  • King Suite

What did guests love about this riad in Fes?

“Beautifully designed accommodation and a very helpful staff. The restaurant is very good. The views are amazing. I’ve been traveling all around Morocco and this has been my favorite place to stay (and cheapest).”

Riad Le Sucrier de Fès

most picturesque riads in Fes
Photo credit: Riad Le Sucrier de Fès via Booking.com

⭐️ Rating on booking: 9+
💰 Price range: $$
📅 Check rates and availability

This 100-year-old riad was recently renovated and stands out as one best riads in Fes Medina for the value of money. It makes Riad Le Sucrier de Fès an ideal location for any type of traveler from couples to families.

The Riad is built in the typical Andalous style, which means that it is constructed around a central courtyard open to the sky, with a lush garden in the four corners.

Once you step in, you will discover one of the most colorful riads in Fes, with blue and white mosaic floors and columns, a plunge pool with water jets, and birds singing in the orange and lemon trees.

The decorations all around the Riads are sumptuous and lavish, with luxurious fabrics and pieces created by local craftsmen such as carved doors and ceramics

The spacious rooms are named after the perfumes of the souks of the Medina. You will find the Jasmin, Cinnamon, Cumin, and more. The rooms feature Moroccan design, with all the modern amenities you need for a comfortable stay.

Riad Le Sucrier de Fès also offers a delicious tailored breakfast using the best and freshest products that Morocco has to offer. On top of that, the guests can enjoy it in the main courtyard by the pool. That is truly the best way to start your day.

What is the best room at the Riad Le Sucrier de Fès?

  • Nutmeg Suite

What did guests love about this riad in Fes?

“Great location and amazing Riad! Our host went above and beyond to make us feel welcome and taken care of. She organized a guided tour through the Medina, which was amazing! The riad is beautiful, quiet, and in a great location. We loved the breakfast, it was a great way to start the day!”

Riad Damia Suite &Spa

most picturesque riads in Fes
Photo credit: Riad Damia Suite &Spa via Booking.com

⭐️ Rating on booking: 8+
💰 Price range: $$
📅 Check rates and availability

Accessible and luxurious are two adjectives that describe Riad Damia Suite &Spa perfectly. It is a real gem set between the walls of the Old Medina. Despite its position, it is still accessible by car.

Want to know what makes Riad Damia Suite &Spa one of the most beautiful riads in Fes? Welcoming hospitality is one of the main reasons for sure. 

The central patio is another treasure of Riad Damia Suite &Spa. It showcases all the beauty of the Moroccan aesthetic and it’s a perfect place to unwind with a cup of Moroccan tea. 

The Riad satisfies every need of any type of traveler, with five suites and two bedrooms. From the ones looking for a more simple accommodation like the Double Room to the ones looking for something sumptuous and unique like the Traditional Suite.

Riad Damia Suite &Spa also goes the extra mile to embrace the Moroccan culture and organize authentic experiences. If you fancy a delightful treat, they will address you to a Traditional Hammam, while if you want a memory imprinted on your skin, you can discover the art of Henna.

The most curious can sign up for a Moroccan cooking session to prepare an authentic tajine, while the shopaholic looking for the best deals in the city will receive all the tips and guidance they need. Other tours and excursions are also available.

Food is another serious matter at the Riad. Rich breakfast is served daily and a restaurant on site welcomes guests with traditional homemade meals.

What is the best room at the Riad Damia Suite &Spa?

  • Traditional Suite

What did guests love about this riad in Fes?

“If you come to Fez, I highly recommend staying in a suite at this hotel.  You will find great rooms and friendly staff for the price. This is not a hotel, but rather a historical site. You will feel as if you are staying in a place where nobles or kings stayed in the past.  I think this is an excellent accommodation that no objection would be raised even if it were a museum, with all the props, beds, and furniture in this place intact.”

Most beautiful Riads in Fes for budget travelers

If you think that your budget is too tight to find a fine Riad stay in Fes, you are wrong! The city of Fes offers plenty of accommodations and some of the prettiest riads in Fes can be very affordable! So here are some of the best Riads in Fes for the value of money.

Riad Arabella

most Instagrammable riads in Fes
12 Most Beautiful Riads in Fes For Every Budget

⭐️ Rating on booking: 9+
💰 Price range: $
📅 Check rates and availability

If you think that the most beautiful Fes riads always come with a high price, wait until you hear about Riad Arabella. This little gem stands in the Old Medina and it’s a great solution if you are traveling on a budget but still care about aesthetics.

The Riad is recently renovated and embraces all the beauty and details of Moroccan architecture and design. 

The spacious rooms, featuring high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows adorned with stained glass, showcase the intricate details of Moroccan craftsmanship, including elegant furniture and lamps. Air conditioning ensures your comfort.

Guests are warmly welcomed in the central patio, providing a relaxing space to enjoy Moroccan tea or relish a freshly prepared meal if you get hungry and don’t want to leave the hotel.

Every morning, guests will start their day with breakfast which is freshly prepared and served in the picturesque setting of the Riad’s beautiful patio.

For adventurous travelers, there is the chance to book tours around Morocco or the city of Fes to discover the secrets of the country in a fun way. For an extra fee, your host can organize transfers from and to the airport. 

What is the best room at the Riad Arabella?

  • Deluxe Double Room With Bath

What did guests love about this riad in Fes?

“It’s located in a quiet area at the lower end of the medina. There are restaurants and stores just a few minutes walk from the Riad.  The riad is lovely, cozy, and clean. Breakfast was really good. Tawfik is the man!! He was accommodating. Thank you also to Arab for his exceptional service.”

Riad Jamaï

most Instagrammable riads in Fes
Photo credit: Riad Jamaï via Booking.com

⭐️ Rating on booking: 8+
💰 Price range: $
📅 Check rates and availability

Located in the heart of Fes Medina, Riad Jamaï stands out as one of the best choices for the value of money. This fantastic Riad which was built 700 years ago, showcases gorgeous architecture and the beauty of the ambiance.

Once you step into the Riad you will understand immediately why this is one of the most beautiful Riads in Fes. The beautiful central patio with a small swimming pool is a real eye candy for aesthetics. The details of the columns, floor, and carved doors are truly impressive.

The Riad has a good selection of rooms, from the more affordable ones with a more simple ambiance to the exquisite suites with a more refined touch. Large family accommodations are available offering a more comfortable environment.

If you feel like spoiling yourself with a little treat, the Riad also boasts a Hammam which provides massage to the guests who want to try a traditional experience.

The breakfast at the Riad also deserves a mention. It is abundant and freshly prepared every day using local products. There is also the possibility to enjoy a dinner in the comfort of your Riad on request.

What is the best room at the Riad Jamaï?

  • Junior Suite Safran

What did guests love about this riad in Fes?

“Absolutely beautiful riad with a gorgeous pool to cool off in and a stunning rooftop with great views and sounds of the medina.  The staff were super friendly and helpful. We were in the non-touristy part of the medina which we liked as it was great to see the day medina life of the locals, felt very safe. But was just a short walk to the touristy parts. Beautiful breakfast included.”

Casa Aya Medina

Insta worthy riads in Fes
Photo credit: Casa Aya Medina via Booking.com

⭐️ Rating on booking: 9+
💰 Price range: $
📅 Check rates and availability

Affordability can still be beautiful, and Casa Aya Medina is the perfect place to witness this. With its location in the heart and soul of Fes Medina, this Riad reflects perfectly the spirit of the city: a gem that awaits to be discovered.

Casa Aya Medina showcases a wonderful Moroccan style, rich in details of furniture and architecture and it is one of the best riads in Fes Medina if you have a tight budget too. The tiles, the carved doors, and the general decoration are simply delightful.

The rooms at Casa Aya Medina will make you wonder how such a nice place can keep such a competitive price. Despite being simple and not pretentious they still boast beautiful features like beautiful lamps with gentle lights that set a cozy and romantic atmosphere.

The hotel offers Continental and halal breakfast options with fresh pastries, fruit, and juice every morning. There is a coffee shop and lounge where guests can relax. Alternatively, there is also a terrace where to take a break or enjoy a cup of tea.

A restaurant is available for guests’ comfort. The fresh meals are skillfully prepared by the staff to offer an authentic Moroccan dinner.

The accommodation features airport transfers or a car rental service for those who want to explore the surroundings of the city.

What is the best room at the Casa Aya Medina?

  • Standard Double Room

What did guests love about this riad in Fes?

“The property is beautiful and clean, the breakfast is amazing and the location is perfect. The person responsible for the guests Abdelmonim is a great local guy and is always available. He is genuinely worried about you and interested. Speaks a lot of languages and also informs us about what to see and what to avoid and walks us to his favorite local places to eat. We can say we made a new friend and next time we come back we are staying in the place again.”

Best-rated Riads in Fes

Palais De Fès Suites & Spa

Beautiful Fes riads
Photo credit: Palais De Fès Suites & Spa via Booking.com
Insta worthy riads in Fes
Photo credit: Palais De Fès Suites & Spa via Booking.com

⭐️ Rating on booking: 9+
💰 Price range: $$$
📅 Check rates and availability

This Riad is not only a hotel but a real institution in the city of Fes where you can enjoy world-class treatment like no other. From the moment you step in, you will realize immediately why this is one of the most beautiful riads in Fes and one of the best-rated. 

Nothing is casual, from the check-in to the welcoming part the guest is treated like a real royalty. Royal treatment requires a royal location, and once again, Palais De Fès doesn’t disappoint. 

The hotel is housed in a perfectly kept 14th-century Palace and definitely can be considered one of the most picturesque Riads in Fes. The ambiance is delightfully luxurious showcasing only the finest designs of tradition and innovation.

The one-of-a-kind signature suites are quintessentially Moroccan and each room comes with personality and style. The attention to detail in every single accommodation will astonish you. Pieces of art and antiques blend seamlessly with the most modern amenities for a comfortable stay.

And for an extra cuddle, the recently opened hotel spa and the hammam is the perfect place to unwind after a busy day visiting Fes. Several treatments including Argan oil, and rose water are available to combine beauty and relaxation.

One of the biggest advantages of this Riad is the jaw-dropping view of the Medina that the hotel calls proudly “Our View”. The city is just under your nose and you will feel literally on top of the world. You simply can’t find a better view of the Medina.

When it’s time to embrace the Moroccan culinary tradition, Palais De Fès shows the lead once again. The hotel offers four distinctly unique outdoor and indoor areas. All the restaurants come with a delightful ambiance and a skillfully prepared menu that will leave you speechless. 

What is the best room at the Palais De Fès Suites & Spa?

  • Suite with Terrace

What did guests love about this riad in Fes?

“Returning to Palais de Fes Suites & Spa for the second time was like coming back to a home away from home. The familiar warmth of the staff greeted us with smiles that remembered our preferences and made this stay even more special. During this visit, we were delighted to discover new hidden corners of relaxation in the beautifully appointed suites, each suite telling a story of Moroccan heritage fused with modern elegance. For the food,  they outdid themselves, presenting us with a culinary journey that offered a true feast of Moroccan flavors, which seemed even more refined and exquisite this time around. Every detail of Palais de Fes echoes love for Moroccan tradition and a keen understanding of luxury, guaranteeing not just a stay, but an experience that remains etched in the heart. We are already looking forward to our next visit.”

Riad Rcif & Spa Originale 

best riads in Fes
Photo credit: Riad Rcif & Spa Originale via Booking.com

⭐️ Rating on booking: 9+
💰 Price range: $$$
📅 Check rates and availability

A spectacular beauty awaits guests at Riad Rcif & Spa Originale. It is one of the best-rated Riads in Fes Old Medina and a real institution in the city previously known as the Pasha Palace. The palace dates back to 1372 and was completely renovated by a noble family in 2012.

The Riad has everything to make your Fes vacation unforgettable. It features a spectacular traditional Moroccan décor, with details of tails that will make you wonder if you are actually in a museum or a hotel. There is even a small indoor plunge pool to set a picturesque environment.

The central patio has two traditional fountains and a seating area, making it the perfect place to relax with a glass of Moroccan tea.

When you step into one of the 8 rooms, each individually decorated, a unique lavish ambiance awaits you. The Andalusian-Moorish and Islamic architecture showcases all the traditional Moroccan elements. Cedar ceilings, hand-carved doors, columns and intricate mosaics, brass lamps, wonderful embroidery, and luxurious fabrics.

Guests who are looking for a romantic or relaxing experience can have access to Hammam where you enjoy a traditional ritual to add an extra touch of authenticity to your experience.

The Riad is proud of the fantastic panoramic terrace that offers a breathtaking view over the Medina. Guests can enjoy a good mint tea with cookies or have an outstanding and genuine dinner prepared by the attentive staff.

What is the best room at the Riad Rcif & Spa Originale?

  • Cherine Royal Suite

What did guests love about this riad in Fes?

“Everything. This is by far one of the best places we have stayed on our trip to Morocco. The hotel feels like a Palace, the room we stayed in was beyond beautiful and the Bed was incredibly comfy. The rooftop views were everything we needed to complement the medina experience, and the sunrise breakfast was marvelous. All the food was exceptional, and Nor, Aiman, and Hassan were really nice and caring. The best stay in Fes is 100% recommended.”

Riad Farah

most beautiful riads in Fes
Photo credit: Riad Farah via Booking.com

⭐️ Rating on booking: 9+
💰 Price range: $
📅 Check rates and availability

If you are dreaming of finding the finest Moroccan hospitality for an affordable price and just a 2-minute walk from the Medina, Riad Farah is one of the best Riads to stay in Fes, Morocco.

Riad Farah puts the guest at the center of everything and the staff is making a difference to make your stay not only wonderfully traditional but also unforgettable. With more than 1000 reviews and an average score of +9 on Booking, it is one of the best-rated Riads in Fes.

The design of the Riad is sumptuous in both the common spaces and the rooms. The carved doors, the ceramics, and the wood details are delightful and create an aesthetic location. The patio with a traditional fountain is another touch that adds class to the overall environment.

The rooms are named after some of the most important cities in Morocco and each of the rooms comes with its personality and character. Unique pieces of art and furniture stand out in every room you will choose.

Riad Farah treats its guests by offering delicious meals. The breakfast served on the beautiful panoramic terrace is undoubtedly a standout feature. Homemade and delicious meals are freshly prepared every day to ensure a great start to day visiting Fes.

What is the best room at the Riad Farah?

  • Marrakech Room

What did guests love about this riad in Fes?

“We LOVED Riad Farah. Out of the riads/ hotels we stayed, this was the best. The BEST thing about our stay was our host/hostess, Mohammed and Hind. They made our stay amazing. They were attentive and looked after us throughout the stay. They answered our questions and made us feel welcome. They brought us tea when we came back and also explained to us the city. We never had this great service anywhere we traveled. Breakfast was great and included, and the terrace had a great view as well. The location was great as well.  It was very close to the Blue Gate. The rooms were comfortable. We would definitely come back and recommend others to Riad Farah!”

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12 Most Beautiful Riads in Fes For Every Budget

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12 Most Beautiful Riads in Fes For Every Budget
12 Most Beautiful Riads in Fes For Every Budget

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