Complete Tallinn Itinerary: How to Spend 2 days in Tallinn

Complete Itinerary: How to Spend 2 days in Tallinn

Wondering how to spend 2 days in Tallinn? You are in the right place because I have prepared a detailed Tallinn itinerary for 2 days with a lot of useful travel tips.

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is a charming and historic city known for its well-preserved medieval Old Town, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant modern scene. 

During your trip to Tallinn, you can expect to get lost in the old streets of Tallinn, visit the best panoramic views, try some of the best local foods, and even see the modern side of the Estonian capital.

In this article, you will find a complete Tallinn Itinerary for 2 days with other things that you should know before visiting Tallinn.

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What to do in Tallinn for 2 days?

  • Take a self-guided tour of the Old Town;
  • Explore the best viewpoints in Tallinn;
  • Don’t miss iconic attractions like Viru Gate and Town Hall Square;
  • Find Town Hall Pharmacy and more hidden gems in Tallinn;
  • Climb up to Hellemann Tower;
  • Eat your way through the most amazing restaurants in Tallinn;
  • Visit St Olaf’s church and Alexander Nevsky Cathedral;
  • Get lost at the Kadriorg;
  • Go to the famous food market in Tallinn;
  • Discover different sides of Tallinn at the Rotermani, Telliskivi, and Fotografiska.

Useful information for 2 Days in Tallinn

Is Tallinn worth visiting?

Is Tallinn worth visiting?

Tallinn is one of the most beautiful cities in the Baltic States. It is the capital of Estonia and a perfect place to get in touch with the Baltic culture.

The enchanting old town is worth itself a trip to Tallinn. The flourishing modern architecture around the old town creates a perfect blend for both history and architecture lovers.

For nature lovers, picturesque landscapes overlooking the sea and the green spaces are another reason to plan 48 hours in Tallinn.

And finally, it is one of the most compact and affordable capitals in Europe, which is perfect for a weekend getaway in Europe. Tallinn is a tourist-friendly city, but considering limited time, you still need a comprehensive itinerary for 2 days in Tallinn. That is where I step in.

How many days in Tallinn?

How many days in Tallinn?

2 days in Tallinn is the perfect amount of time to enjoy all the essentials of Tallinn, taste unique food, and try unforgettable experiences.

In this itinerary, we will cover how to spend 2 days in Tallinn and how to maximize your time in this charming city. I will add some optional stops, so this itinerary suits different travelers and interests.

When is the best time to visit Tallinn?

When is the best time to visit Tallinn?

Summer: Summer is a wonderful time to visit Tallinn. The temperatures are warm and pleasant, visitors can enjoy numerous outdoor festivals, open-air concerts, and cultural events that fill the streets. 

However, do keep in mind that summer is the peak tourist season, so be prepared for larger crowds and higher prices.

Shoulder Season: During the shoulder seasons, you can explore Tallinn without the big crowds of the summer and still enjoy some outdoors. Considering the great number of green spaces, autumn, and spring are great times to enjoy some foliage or flower blooming.

Winter: Winter in Tallinn offers a unique experience. This is your season if you’re a Christmas enthusiast. Tallinn’s Christmas markets are rated as some of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe.  The holiday festivities and cozy cafes provide a warm contrast to the snowy streets.

How to get to Tallinn from the airport?

How to get to Tallinn from the airport?

The airport of Tallinn is relatively close to the center of the city. For this reason, I recommend you take a Bolt or taxi, which will cost you approximately 10 euros.

If you are traveling alone or want to save money, you can use the public transport. Bus line number 2 connects the airport to the city center in approximately 30 minutes.

Tram line number 4 also connects the airport to the city center. The tram stop is a bit farther from the terminal, so you’ll need to take a short walk.

How to move around Tallinn?

How to move around Tallinn?

When visiting Tallinn for 2 days, choosing the right method to move around is essential to save time and money. I will add more tips within the itinerary so you know what is walkable and where you will need transport, but here are the best ways to move around Tallinn together with pros and cons.


This is probably the easiest way to get the best out of your 2 day Tallinn itinerary. Tallinn’s compact city center is perfect for exploring on foot. Most of the key attractions, shops, restaurants, and cafes are within walking distance of each other. 

Public transport

Despite offering excellent public transport, a perfect 2 days in Tallinn itinerary for first-timers can avoid public transport. A single ticket costs 2 euros and a taxi or Bolt could be a cheaper option if you are traveling with someone.


For attractions a bit further away, like Kadriorg, Pirita, or Telliskivi, you can consider taking a taxi, especially if you’re traveling with a companion. The price difference compared to public transport is often minimal. Bolt is the most popular way to get a taxi in Estonia.


If you enjoy cycling, you’ll find bike rentals to explore Tallinn. It’s a fun and eco-friendly way to see the city and explore areas beyond the Old Town. However, keep in mind that Tallinn’s old town is not bike-friendly and can get crowded. Not the best option during winter and shoulder season.

Do you need to get a Tallinn Card?

The Tallinn Card gives you free access to over 50 museums and attractions and free travel with public transport. Moreover, you will have access to discounts for sightseeing tours, activities, shops, and restaurants.

In this itinerary, you will find some attractions that can be used with the Tallinn Card. Some of these attractions include the Hellemann Tower, St. Olav’s Church and the viewing platform, the Church of the Holy Spirit in Tallinn, Kadriorg Art Museum, and Fotografiska Tallinn.

There are discounts also on locations included in this 2-day Tallinn itinerary like Chocolaterie Pierre, Fotografiska Café, and Olde Hansa.

For free attractions, such as the Town Hall Pharmacy and Olde Hansa Shop, a little gift is included.

So is the Tallinn Card worth it?

The price of the card for 2 days in Tallinn is 52.00 euros. And if you are planning to use this itinerary, the Tallinn card is totally worth it. However, if you are going to Tallinn for a longer time and want to have a relaxing holiday, the Tallinn Card is not for you.

Where to stay in Tallinn for 2 days?

It is important to find the right accommodation for your trip, so I have prepared a list of the best hotels in Tallinn for every budget. Depending on your travel style, I am sure you will find something suitable, so take a look and decide where to stay in Tallinn.

Luxury: Radisson Collection Hotel, Tallinn

Photo credit: Radisson Collection Hotel, Tallinn via

If your travel to Tallinn is focused on a luxurious experience, the Radisson Collection Hotel is the right hotel for you.

This modern and stylish hotel offers all the comforts to its guests, including a rooftop terrace on the 24th floor. Some rooms boast stunning city views, while some others even include a sauna.

Unique: Schlössle Hotel – The Leading Hotels of the World 

Photo credit: Schlössle Hotel – The Leading Hotels of the World via

If you want to make your 2 days in Tallinn unforgettable, Schlössle Hotel is the place to be. Renovated in 2016, this stylish 5-star hotel is housed in 13th-century buildings in the heart of Tallinn’s Old Town. 

The wonderful atmosphere, the antique furniture, and the sauna are just some of the reasons that make Schlössle Hotel a unique place to stay for your Tallinn vacation.

Mid-Range: Citybox Tallinn City Center

Photo credit: Citybox Tallinn City Center via

Citybox Tallinn City Center is a very modern hotel that is the perfect location to visit Tallinn without giving up any comfort and without squandering your finances.

Located between the port and the Old Town, it’s perfect if you have three or two days in Tallinn.

Affordable: St.Olav Hotel

Photo credit: St.Olav Hotel via

St.Olav Hotel is the perfect place to explore Tallinn if you are on a budget. The hotel is housed in an ancient palace, it offers many rooms and can keep a competitive price.

The rooms are basic but nicely decorated and the location inside the Old Town is perfect for spending a long weekend in Tallinn.

2 days in Tallinn itinerary

Overview of day 1 of your 2 days in Tallinn

  • Morning: breakfast (optional), Viru Gate, self-guided tour in the Old Town, Town Hall Square, Town Hall Pharmacy.
  • Lunch: Pub Kompressor.
  • Afternoon: Hellemann Tower, St Olaf’s church or Cafe Maiasmokk (optional), Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Kohtuotsa viewing platform, Patkuli viewing platform.
  • Dinner: Draakon or Rukkilill Cafe.

Breakfast at the RUKIS Kohvik ja Pagarikoda (optional)

2 days in Tallinn

If your accommodation doesn’t provide breakfast, RUKIS Kohvik ja Pagarikoda is the place to go to start your Tallinn itinerary for 2 days.

It is decorated in a lavish ancient style, with wonderful chandeliers and it offers delicious sweet, and savory specialties to satisfy every customer.

Even if you don’t need to stop for breakfast, your 2 perfect days in Tallinn should still include a stop at the cafe. You don’t want to miss their famous blueberry and poppy seed cake.

Viru Gate

Tallinn itinerary
Tallinn in 2 days

Your 48 hours in Tallinn start by crossing the iconic towers of Viru. This is one of the most iconic symbols of Tallinn and takes you directly inside the picturesque old town.

The historic structure of Viru Gate was built in the 14th century and served as one of the main entrances to Tallinn’s medieval Old Town, which has been registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The imposing gate, flanked by massive towers, was a vital part of the city’s fortifications.

Also, don’t forget to visit Musumägi as it offers a fantastic view of Viru Gate from an unseen perspective and it is also affectionately known as the Kissing Hill among locals.

Self-guided tour in the Old Town

2 day Tallinn itinerary
2 day Tallinn itinerary

Once you pass Viru Gate, you will find yourself inside the medieval Old Town. 2 perfect days in Tallinn include an extensive visit to this gem.

Your first stop is the iconic St. Catherine’s Passage. It is steeped in history, tracing its origins back to the 15th century. Lined with historical stone walls and archways, this passage served as a trade route during Tallinn’s medieval era.

Continuing your journey, at the end of Catherine’s Alley, you’ll discover the Masters’ Courtyard. This charming recreation of a medieval alleyway is brimming with character. Here, you can explore inns, craft workshops, clothing stores, and one particular gem, the famous Pierre Chocolaterie.

Before getting to Tallinn’s main square, walk to Vanaturu Keel right behind the Town Hall Square. Old Tallinn is filled with picturesque corners and this is just one of those locations.

If you want to discover the medieval charm of Tallinn, this is the place to be as you are surrounded by old traditional houses. In fact, here you will find two of the famous restaurants – Old Hansa & Peppersack.

The unique exterior of these restaurants with beautiful cobblestone streets will make you travel through the time while visiting Tallinn.

Town Hall Square and Town Hall Pharmacy

Tallinn itinerary for first timers
Tallinn itinerary for first timers

Town Hall Square, known as “Raekoja plats” in Estonian, has been at the heart of Tallinn’s history for over 700 years. It is home to the Gothic Town Hall, a stunning example of Baltic Gothic architecture, which dates back to the 13th century.

The square is surrounded by an array of colorful, well-preserved buildings that showcase various architectural styles, from Gothic to Baroque. The square’s cobblestone surface gives it a rustic and timeless appeal. 

Aperfect 2 days in Tallinn itinerary for first-timers should also include a visit to the Town Hall Pharmacy.

It holds the distinction of being the oldest pharmacy in Europe, having continuously operated from the same location. The pharmacy’s mention in town records dates back to 1422, making it a place steeped in history.

While at the pharmacy, be sure to sample the claret drink they produce. It’s not only a delicious and unique beverage but also an excellent gift to bring back home, allowing you to savor the flavors and memories of your Tallinn vacation.


2 days Tallinn itinerary

Kompressor is known for its extensive menu of pancakes, ranging from sweet to savory options. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic pancake with honey or a savory delight filled with cheese and ham, Kompressor has something to satisfy every palate.

This place is a real institution in the city and it isn’t just a hit with tourists; it’s also a beloved spot among locals. This speaks volumes about the quality of the food and the authenticity of the experience.

Growing up in the Baltics, I can guarantee that this is the taste of every grandmother’s cuisine. In fact, minced meat filling takes me back to my childhood. Salmon options are a must-try as well.

One of the most appealing aspects of Kompressor is its affordability. You can savor generous portions of pancakes without breaking the bank, which is perfect for budget-friendly travelers.

As you can imagine, this place gets busy very quickly and you can’t miss it during your 2 days in Tallinn. So I advise you to head there before the peak hours (around midday) to secure a table without a long waiting time.

Hellemann Tower

Tallinn itinerary for 2 days

Following a delightful lunch at Kompressor, your two-day Tallinn itinerary takes you to the Hellemann Tower, a fantastic choice if you’re interested in history and yearn for panoramic views of the city. It’s one of the best things to do in Tallinn in 2 days, so don’t miss it.

The Hellemann Tower, dating back to the 14th century, is living proof of Tallinn’s medieval past. Originally part of the city’s defensive fortifications, this tower once played a vital role in safeguarding the city against external threats.

Nowadays, you can go up to the Hellemann Tower and pass through the Town Wall Walkway. Inside the tower, you will find a small exhibition, however, the highlight is the best views of Tallinn that you will see from the top.

The entrance fee is 4 euros and you will need to pay it in cash. It is open from 11 am to 5 pm and the access to the tower is closed on Tuesdays.

Cafe Maiasmokk (optional)

perfect 2 days in Tallinn itinerary for first-timers
perfect 2 days in Tallinn itinerary for first-timers

From the tower, make sure you walk through the Holy Spirit Church, which is one of the oldest churches in Tallinn, and head to the Maiasmokk cafe. This cafe is a must during your 2 days Tallinn sightseeing itinerary.

Established in 1864, Cafe Maiasmokk is the oldest café in Tallinn and still going strong. Its unique design and interiors remained practically unchanged for over a century.

Here, you can savor the historical ambiance while enjoying fresh pastries and delectable handmade candies, all made on-site from natural ingredients. 

An added bonus is the marzipan room within the café, where you can learn about marzipan and the café’s history through an audio guide. You can also explore an exhibition of marzipan figures and observe the marzipan painting process.

Even if you are not feeling hungry, make sure you visit this cafe and don’t miss the upper floor.

St Olaf’s church

perfect 2 days in Tallinn itinerary for first-timers

Your 48-hour Tallinn itinerary continues to the St Olaf’s church. Make sure you add a quick stop at the the House of the Blackheads on your way as it is one of the most famous doors in Tallinn.

When the St Olaf’s church was completed, in the early 16th century, it was one of the tallest buildings in the world. For this reason, you can take advantage of its fantastic viewing platform and climb up the 232 steps leading up to the observation platform.

The church itself is a fine example of medieval Gothic architecture. Its interior is adorned with intricate details and impressive vaulted ceilings, making it a serene and historically significant place to explore.

A single ticket is 5 euro and you can visit from Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

48-hour Tallinn itinerary

The next stop of your Tallinn itinerary for 2 days is Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is renowned for its stunning Russian Revival architecture.

Climb the iconic and ancient Pikk Street to get to the higher side of Tallinn’s old town and reach the Cathedral. Make sure you enjoy the views of St Olaf’s church on your back as you reach the top.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral was built in the late 19th century, during a time when Estonia was part of the Russian Empire, and it reflects the influence of Russian Orthodox architectural traditions.

The cathedral is characterized by its impressive and distinctive design, featuring multiple onion-shaped domes with gilded crosses. The domes, along with the dark red brick exterior, make it one of the most iconic buildings in Tallinn’s old town and skyline.

Kohtuotsa viewing platform

what to do in Tallinn for 2 days

After visiting the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, take a short walk to reach Kohtuotsa Viewing Platform. It is one of the best places to add to your 2 days Tallinn itinerary offering a fantastic view of the city. 

Hunting for the best viewpoints in the Estonian capital is an essential activity in every 2-day Tallinn tour itinerary. The vistas over the medieval town are simply breathtaking, which makes it one of the top places in Tallinn to visit at the golden hour.

Don’t forget to bring your camera to snap your perfect Tallinn Postcard!

Patkuli viewing platform

what to see in Tallinn for 2 days

If you are wondering where to see the best sunset in Tallinn, head to the Patkuli viewing platform. This viewpoint is a must-visit in any Tallinn itinerary for first-timers.

Located high above the Estonian capital, the Patkuli Viewing Platform sits as one of the most iconic and beloved places in Tallinn. As you stand on this unique vantage point, you have the best views in Tallinn right under your feet.

Both of these viewpoints are located next to each other and offer similar views over Tallinn. However, I have to say that the Patkuli viewing platform is the winner, when it comes to perfect postcard views. Make sure you visit both places and pick your own favorite.

Draakon or Rukkilill Cafe

Tallinn itinerary for 2 days
Tallinn itinerary for 2 days

For the first dinner of your Tallinn itinerary for 2 days I am going to share with you two very different but equally delicious options. 

The first (and more “touristy”) is III Draakon, located in the town hall building. Despite being very popular among tourists, this is a fantastic place to have a unique Baltic dinner at a reasonable price.

This medieval tavern offers a number of yummy snacks and drinks you will want to try and have a memorable dinner in the candlelight.

The prices vary between 10 to 40 euro per person depending on your hunger.

Rukkilill Cafe is a modern place that blends Estonian traditional flavors with a modern twist.

For a real Estonian experience, I recommend you try the black pudding. As an alternative, there is a great selection of dumplings and other specialties that will make your mouth water.

The prices per person will vary between 20 and 40 euros per person.

Overview of day 2 of your 2 days in Tallinn

  • Morning: Rotermani (optional), Kadriorg.
  • Lunch: Balti Jaam.
  • Afternoon: Telliskivi, Fotografiska.
  • Dinner: Old Hansa or Cru.

Rotermann (optional)

complete Tallinn itinerary for 2 days
complete Tallinn itinerary for 2 days

Start your second day of your Tallinn itinerary exploring Rotermann, a modern and hipster side of the city. If you are into shopping, hipster cafes, and modern architecture this is an absolute must. And it offers a very different perspective of the medieval Tallinn.

It lies between Tallinn Old Town, the Port of Tallinn, and Viru Square. Rotermann Quarter is known to put people first and the motto says that life should be enjoyed. Whether is work life or free time, from social life to time with yourself. Rotermann offers something for everyone.

If your accommodation doesn’t provide breakfast or you want to try a delicious northern pastry, start your day at RØST Bakery.

This is a Scandinavian-influenced little sourdough bakery and quality coffee shop in the heart of Rotermann. The wide selection of pastries, the high-quality ingredients, and the unique design of the bakery make it a must-visit cafe in Tallinn.

If you are feeling tired and want to sleep in, I recommend you skip Rotermann and head directly to Kadriorg Palace.

Kadriorg Palace

best things to do in Tallinn in 2 days

Visiting Kadriorg Palace is one of the best things to do in Tallinn in 2 days. Kadriorg Park is a popular tourist attraction and for all the right reasons.

Kadriorg Palace was constructed in the 18th century during the reign of Peter the Great of Russia. It was intended as a summer residence for the Russian Tsar and named after his wife, Catherine I.

The palace is a prime example of Baroque architecture and is renowned for its elegant and ornate design. It features splendid facades, grand halls, and beautifully landscaped gardens.

Today, the palace houses the Kadriorg Art Museum, which features a remarkable collection of European and Russian art from the 16th to the 20th century. The museum’s exhibits include paintings, sculptures, and decorative art.

The palace is surrounded by the stunning Kadriorg Park, a well-manicured and picturesque area that adds to the beauty of the site. The park is a popular spot for leisurely walks and picnics. And one of the most Instagrammable places in Tallinn.

The entrance fee is 9 euros and you can buy your ticket here. It is open from 10 am to 6 pm. The palace is closed on Monday, but you can still visit Kadriorg Park even if the palace is closed.

Balti Jaam

2-day Tallinn tour itinerary

Take a tram back to get a real touch of baltic life and taste in the freshly renovated Balti Jaam Market. This is one of the best things to do in Tallinn in 2 days if you want to get deeper into the Tallinn way of life.

Balti Jaam Market is a unique market in Estonia, which includes nearly 300 traders on three floors.

On the underground floor, there is a supermarket, a sports club, and various services. On the ground floor, there is a large hall for fish and meat and a street for vegetables.

On the third floor, you will find a versatile street food area with nearly 20 dining options. No matter if you are in the mood for a local burger, some vegan food, or even some ethical specialty, the hall has got you covered. Pick one and enjoy your lunch in a traditional way.

For further exploration, the first floor is mainly devoted to Estonian design and crafts, clothing, household goods, and antiques. Make sure you take a walk around and enjoy to local atmosphere.


After lunch in the market, take some time to explore the Telliskivi district. Telliskivi Creative City is a dynamic and creative district in Tallinn, Estonia, known for its vibrant atmosphere, artistic community, and wide range of activities and events. 

Telliskivi, meaning “brick” in Estonian, was once an industrial hub, home to a railway factory and various manufacturing enterprises. However, as Estonia transitioned from Soviet rule to independence, Telliskivi’s industries dwindled, leaving behind an industrial relic.

The local creative community saw potential in the industrial architecture and the spacious interiors of the complex. Artists, designers, musicians, and other creative professionals started moving into the old factory buildings, converting them into studios, galleries, and offices.

It has transformed from an industrial relic into a thriving and vibrant hub that celebrates art, culture, entrepreneurship, and innovation. This history underscores its importance as a cultural and economic cornerstone in Tallinn and Estonia as a whole.

If you are wondering what to see in Tallinn for 2 days and you are passionate about contemporary art, this is the place to be. And this is another great place to see Tallinn from a new perspective.


48 hours in Tallinn

In the district of Telliskivi, you will find Fotografiska, one of the most interesting museums in Tallinn. I already talked about this museum in my Stockholm guide and for the same reason, I recommend you visit it when in Tallinn as well.

Fotografiska is not only an international photo museum where world-class photography. A number of world-class exhibitions can be viewed both physically and digitally. 

It also includes a Rooftop Garden Bar with a fantastic view of Tallinn’s old town, a cafe, and a restaurant that was awarded a Michelin Green Star.

More info about the time and tickets can be found here. And don’t forget that you can visit Fotografiska for free if you have a Tallinn Card.

Old Hansa or Cru

long weekend in Tallinn
long weekend in Tallinn

The last dinner of your trip should be a special treat to end your Tallinn itinerary for 2 days. The two options I am sharing are two institutions of the city, for different reasons.

Old Hansa is a medieval restaurant offering a unique atmosphere and a range of signature specialties which gave them the award of one of the best restaurants in Tallinn.

This is a place where history and gastronomy collide for an ultimate experience. From Wednesday to Sunday from 6 pm to 9 pm a band of musicians performs using the same instruments common in medieval times.

All this comes with a cost, a dinner at Olde Hansa won’t cost less than 50 euros per person. The master cook feast is 55 Euros per person including water.

If you’re looking for a more refined dining experience, Cru is an excellent choice. This Michelin Star-awarded restaurant is housed in a charming small hotel in the Old Town. Their menu features a selection of seasonal produce sourced locally and prepared with skill and care. 

The smoked Baltic herring and classic puddings are among the memorable offerings. If you’re into fine dining, this is likely the best restaurant in Tallinn to satisfy your culinary desires.

Further reading for 2 days in Tallinn

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In conclusion…

Complete Itinerary: How to Spend 2 days in Tallinn

If you were wondering what to do in Tallinn for 2 days, I am sure that now you are fully prepared for your trip and can’t wait to discover this unique Estonian city.

I would love to hear your thoughts, so if you have any feedback or additional tips, leave a comment below. Also, check out my Instagram for regular travel videos and travel inspiration. Or explore other destinations on this travel blog.

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Complete Itinerary: How to Spend 2 days in Tallinn
Complete Itinerary: How to Spend 2 days in Tallinn

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