18 Authentic Experiences in Athens to Discover The Best of Greek Capital

Looking for some unforgettable and authentic experiences in Athens? I am here to help you and together we will plan the most amazing Athens itinerary for your holiday.

Athens is the capital of Greece and it used to be the heart of Ancient Greece – a powerful civilization and empire. The city is still famous for its historical sights, however, there is so much more to see in Athens.

Nowadays, the history of Greece blends together with modern spots, trendy bars, and lively areas. And the food… well, that is another chapter that you cannot skip.

We will discover the Greek capital through some of the best local experiences in Athens. Iconic and touristic bucket list items together with hidden gems and quirky corners of the city. Let me show you how I fell in love with Athens and maybe you will feel the same after your time there.

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Breathe the history in the Acropolis

Breathe the history in the Acropolis in athens

Our list of unique experiences in Athens starts with the Acropolis. The Acropolis is the symbol of Athens and all the Greek culture. While the hill was probably inhabited since the fourth millennium BC, during Pericles’s time, in the 5th century, the construction of the main sights started.

Visiting Acropolis is one of the best things to do in Athens and it cannot be missed. But considering the popularity of this place, you should be prepared and I am here to share the best tips for visiting Acropolis.

There are 2 entrances to the Acropolis: the main entrance on the west side and the side entrance. The side entrance is mostly for those visitors who use skip the line ticket, so that is the one that moves very fast and the one that you should be using as well. Look up on Google Maps: South Slope of the Acropolis of Athens.

The admission fee to visit the Acropolis is 22 euros and it includes all the sights, such as the Parthenon, the Theater of Dyonisios, the Temples of Athena Nike and Athena Polias, and more. However, I highly recommend buying the Acropolis Skip-the-Line Entry Ticket to save some precious time. Also, the price difference is very small and totally worth it.

The Acropolis opens every day at 8 am and closes at 8 pm in summer and 7 pm in the wintertime. I suggest you come here early or be one of the last to enter to avoid crowds. The entire visit will take you approximately 2 hours. The last entrance is 30 minutes before closing time, but you won’t be able to visit Acropolis in 30 minutes.

Secret tip! Click here to find out when you can visit Acropolis for free. It may overlap with your time in Athens.

Try the secrets of Greek cuisine

Try the secrets of Greek cuisine in athens

Some of the best local experiences in Athens involve food. In fact, I can fairly say that food is one of the best reasons to visit Greece. Exploring Athens will take you through a gastronomic journey you will remember for the rest of your life.

The most authentic street food in Athens is probably gyros and souvlaki, but there is a world of flavors to discover. There are several bakery products and salty pies with cheese, vegetables, or meat available at every corner. Another thing that you shouldn’t miss is Loukoumades. These are the famous Greek deep-fried donuts and you can try them sweet and salty.

Nevertheless, slow food is also very popular in Greece. As you can imagine, fish and seafood are very popular in Greece together with other vegetarian and meat dishes. Some of the dishes that you can find in the best restaurants in Athens include:

  • Moussaka – a dish with a base of eggplants, meat, and cheese. Many restaurants offer a vegetarian version of the dish.
  • Greek salad – composed of the famous feta cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, oregano, and onion. A perfect fresh and light choice to face a day exploring Athens.
  • Dolmadakia – rolls of vine leaves with rice, mint, onion, and dill. You might know it as dolma in other countries.
  • Saganaki – fried cheese and you can eat it plain or with garnishing like shrimp.

When it comes to drinks, Ouzo, Tsipouro (Raki in Crete), and Metaxa are the most popular spirits in Greece. Coffee is one of the local experiences in Athens that you don’t want to miss.

Greek coffee is very similar to Turkish one, but it’s the cold coffee and frappe that stole my heart during my time in Greece. If you are looking for fun cheap things to do in Athens, just relax with a Freddo Espresso.

I like to try different food experiences while traveling and I can recommend this food tour in Athens.

Discover the Neoclassical beauty at the Academy of Athens

Discover the Neoclassical beauty at the Academy of Athens

The Academy of Athens was established in 1926 as an Academy of Sciences, Humanities, and Fine Arts. The exteriors are neoclassical style and shaped in marble and rich in details. Here you will see the statues of philosophers Plato and Socrates and Gods like Athina and Apollo. This façade is definitely one of the best photo spots in Athens you don’t want to miss it.

If this wasn’t enough to impress you, the interiors are equally stunning. The Neoclassical style dominates the design of the palace and you can find rooms with marvelous columns and paintings. A special mention is for the beautiful library Ioannis Sykoutris.

The Academy is one of the most beautiful places in Athens and on top of that is free to visit. I consider this one of the most interesting things to do in Athens besides the Acropolis and other cool experiences.

Rooftop bar hopping 

Rooftop bar hopping  in Athens, Greece

There are many beautiful rooftop bars in the Greek capital, so finding the best rooftop bar with an Acropolis view is one of the best things to do in Athens.

A For Athens is probably the most famous and most loved. You have a fantastic view of the Acropolis and Monastiraki Square. While sunset is the best time to enjoy this view, it can get very crowded and the tables with an Acropolis view are limited.

You will certainly need to make a reservation. However, a lot of visitors don’t know that you can visit this rooftop bar before opening time and try their continental breakfast for 15 euros. Breakfast is served from 7.30 am until 11 am. This way you can easily get the table with the best view.

Attic Urban Rooftop was probably my favorite rooftop bar in Athens. You have a wonderful view of the Acropolis and a wooden swing with flowers to take some epic photos. You don’t see much of Monastiraki Square, but it is one of the best viewpoints in Athens. Also, you can visit from 9.30 am until midday for some Freddo Espresso and avoid the crowds. 

MS Rooftop is one of the least popular and it’s easy to visit for breakfast, however, the view from the breakfast terrace is not as nice as the one from the restaurant that opens for lunch. This will certainly cost you more than an average restaurant in Athens.

Trekking with Donkeys

Trekking with Donkeys in Greece

If you have been around Greece, you will know what important role donkeys have in Greek culture. And now you have the chance to visit a donkey sanctuary, take them for a walk and just spend some time in the countryside of Athens together with animals. This is one of the best authentic experiences in Athens and a great way to support a local sanctuary.

On your arrival, you will meet your hosts who share a lot of interesting facts about donkeys, their backgrounds, and how they ended up in this sanctuary. Then you will have the chance to meet the donkeys, get to know them, brush them, and simply bond.

Once you choose your donkey, trekking can start. You are not going to be riding donkeys during this experience. Just enjoying a walk together in the beautiful scenery. You will stop for a short picnic and then bring them back to the sanctuary.

After a few hours of trekking, you will be rewarded with homemade Greek dishes and some drinks. And you will probably make some friends as you leave the sanctuary.

This is not only one of the most unique experiences in Athens but also a way to support this charitable organization that recovers and takes care of donkeys who had a problematic past. Click here to see all the details and book your experience.

Explore Aegina island, Poros and Hydra

Explore Aegina island, Poros and Hydra

When you think about Greek islands, I am sure you are thinking about Santorini and Mykonos. However, there are other places to visit in Greece. And this is one of the best day trips from Athens, so very easy to visit as well.

So if you are visiting Athens you might wonder, which is the best island to visit from Athens? Aegina, Hydra, and Poros can be one of the best day trips from Athens and they can be visited in one day. Each island has its peculiarity.

Aegina island is famous for the beautiful Aphea Temple and several religious buildings like Church Isodia Theotokou. Poros is the perfect place to relax on the beach and swim in Greece’s deep blue waters.

Hydra was probably my favorite as it’s a mix of traditions, nature, and crystal clear waters. Cars here are not allowed so you will see donkeys and horses everywhere. Despite being the farthest of the three islands is definitely the most authentic and it has to be added to your Athens bucket list.

It’s very easy to visit these islands on your own, embarking from the Pireus area or with guided tours. These are the best island for a day trip from Athens but if you feel more adventurous you can check also Salamis Island.

If you want to join a tour to visit Aegina, Poros, and Hydra, click here. If you prefer to visit these places on your own, you will find all the information here.

Find the most picturesque corners in Plaka and Anafiotika

Find the most picturesque corners in Plaka and Anafiotika.

Athens is a big city and sometimes can be a bit overwhelming, so some of the best places to visit in Athens are the quiet areas of Plaka and Anafiotika.

These are two of the oldest neighborhoods of the Greek capital, where you can find some of the most beautiful places in Athens like the Holy Church of the Holy Unmercenaries of Kolokynthis.

In Plaka, you can try some of the best restaurants in Athens like Taverna Saita, and popular bars like Brettos.

Some of the most picturesque corners of the city are located in Plaka and Anafiotika. These two areas are strictly connected and they lie just under Acropolis hill so this is a great area for finding some of the best viewpoints in Athens. In general, if you are a photography lover, this is a must when visiting Athens.

You will find a lot of cute corners, beautiful flowers, and plants on the side of the streets. These are very dreamy areas to visit! But don’t forget that the locals live here, so they ask you to keep the noise down, especially in Anafiotika.

Learn about Greek culture and civilization at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens

Learn about Greek culture and civilization at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens

Ancient Greece is an incredible world to discover and the best place to do it is at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. This is the largest archaeological museum in Greece and it displays and protects antiquities from all over the country.

There are pieces well known by art lovers from all over the world like the Gold death mask, known as the ‘mask of Agamemnon’ from the Mycenae civilization. But the most impressive part is probably the sculpture collection.

Here are countless statues and sculptures from the Hellenic and Roman times like the Marble statue of Poseidon, the Marble group of Aphrodite, Pan, and Eros, and the Marble statue of a sleeping Maenad. The vases and minor arts collection is also worth to be mentioned.

When planning your visit to the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, make sure you plan 2-3 hours. If you are a history lover, you can easily spend there all day. Click here to see the entrance fee and opening hours.

See the sunrise in Pnyx and the sunset in Lycabettus

See the sunrise in Pnyx and the sunset in Lycabettus

What is the first thing that you think about when someone says Athens? It’s probably the iconic view of the Acropolis, right? So where is the best view of the Acropolis? I think it has to be a tie between Pnyx and Lycabettus. They are both free of charge and they are among the most beautiful places in Athens.

Pnyx was the place where the Athenians gathered to take popular assemblies, so this place played a key role in the creation of Democracy. Since there is no fee to explore Pnyx hill, it’s one of the best free things to do in Athens.

It is a relatively easy climb and I suggest you follow directions to Philopappos Monument. Right before it, you will find rocks with a spectacular view. Best time to visit? Certainly sunrise.

Lycabettus is the tallest peak in Athens 227 meters above sea level and it can be easily recognized by its iconic shape. The best spot is Lycabettus Hill Viewing Area and you can visit it during the sunset as there will be enough space for everyone.

You can either climb up to Lycabettus, take the cable car, or ask the taxi driver to bring you to Prasini Tenta Cafe. The cable car will cost you 10 euros per round trip and you can see the timetable here.

Explore the coast of Athens from the vintage car 

Explore the coast of Athens on a vintage car

One of the most unique experiences in Athens I had was riding an old WV Beetle on the Athenians Riviera. This area of Athens is often left behind and it is not easy to visit it by yourself, so taking a guided tour can be a perfect solution.

Your host Vasilis is someone who grew up on the Riviera and he has a lot of interesting stories to share. During 3 hours of the drive, you get to discover some of the best hidden gems in Athens, visit some of the best beaches in Athens, and find some great viewpoints that tourists usually miss.

You also get to learn about the history of Athens and other interesting facts about Greece. This is not one of those boring guided tours. Vasilis makes it fun and interactive, so I can’t recommend it enough.

Click here to see his website, check the prices, and book your tour with Vasilis. I can guarantee that this will be one of your highlights from your Athens trip. It is a perfect way to connect with locals and maybe even make some friends.

Shop local goods at the Central Market or eat at the most authentic restaurant in Athens

Shop local goods at the Central Market or eat at the most authentic restaurant in Athens

Whether you are staying in Athens for a day or for a longer time, shopping at the central market is one of the local experiences in Athens you shouldn’t miss. As you can imagine, the market is located in the center of Athens, just a few steps away from Monastiraki Square. 

Here you can find fresh goods, like vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish together with spices and cool antiques. You can combine it with souvenir shopping as you will find many interesting shops nearby. Despite being very central, you will find mostly locals here. Keep in mind that the best time to visit the market is in the morning and that it is closed on Sunday.

If you are looking for more unique experiences in Athens, just around the corner you will find the tavern Diporto. If you are still wondering where to eat in Athens, start with Diporto. Here time literally stopped in 1887 when this tavern started to serve meals. But that is exactly why you shouldn’t miss this experience in Athens. 

A meal for 2 with house wine will cost you approximately 20 euros, however, it can be confusing as there is not a real menu. The waiters bring you dishes and you pay for the ones you eat. Before coming to Athens, I was very excited to try this restaurant and now I can say that it is more than just a restaurant.

See the iconic show of guard change at the Parliament

See the iconic show of guard change at the Parliament

The guard’s change happens every hour daily in front of the Parliament in Syntagma Square, nevertheless, you should visit it on a Sunday at 11 am because that is the time when you can see the official ceremony in the official costumes.

The Guards, also known as Evzones or Tsoliades are a special unit of the Hellenic Army and they guard the Monument of the Unknown Soldier. During this hour, the soldiers have to stand perfectly still.

This includes not making any face or eye move until it is time to switch with another guard. During the change, the soldiers work in pairs, in that way they can coordinate their moves perfectly.

The soldiers are carefully selected according to their height, physical condition, psychological state, and sense of morality. The official version of the uniform that the Evzones wear only on Sundays and National holidays, so if you happen to be here on these occasions don’t miss this unique experience in Athens.

Visit the most Instagrammable cafes in Athens

Visit the most Instagrammable cafes in Athens

While Athens is best known for its ancient culture, the city will surprise you with the great number of modern cafes around the capital. There are many Instagrammable cafes in Athens, so here is a little list for you.

Little Kook is probably the most photographed and famous cafe in Athens. This themed cafe is more than just a coffee shop. It will take you directly into a fairytale world. As soon as you approach the place you will see decorations all over the street creating an outstanding atmosphere all around. Little Kook is equally spectacular inside with its lovely decorations. This is hands down one of the best cafes in Athens. Opening times are from 9 am to 12 am.

Tazza Caffè is another lovely cafe to visit in Athens. Outside is beautiful and inviting and the quirky interiors make it a perfect place not only to enjoy a coffee or a cake in style but also to take some cute photos. Opening times are from 12 pm to 12.30 am.

Ellyz is the pink fairytale heaven covered in flowers and cute decorations. And as pretty as it looks from the outside, they serve some delicious cakes. It is certainly not a cheap place in Athens, but I believe a lot of you would love this romantic cafe. And this one was my personal favorite as well. Opening times are from 9 am to 1 am.

Visit the Ancient Agora of Athens

Visit the Ancient Agora of Athens

The Agora was the heart of Ancient Athens, today it’s an archaeological site located near the Acropolis and it is one of the most relevant and important places in Athens for its history. This area went under a great number of changes during the last 5000 years.

Unlike the Acropolis, the Agora is far way less popular but, on the other hand, it will give you the chance to see two magnificent sites. The Temple of Hephaestus is probably one of the best-preserved classical temples in Athens and the Stoa of Attalos is a building from the Hellenistic period brought back to its original state. Also worth mentioning is the Holy Church of the Holy Apostles of Solakis which dates back to the 10th Century.

I really recommend you visit the Ancient Agora. Apart from the history behind this place, it is one of the best photo spots in Athens and it is filled with beauty.

This is one of the best things to do in Athens besides the Acropolis and as a bonus, you can visit the site without the big crowd around you all the time. The admission fee is 10 euros. Click here to see opening times and other available tickets.

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon in The Zappeion Gardens

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon in The Zappeion Gardens

The Zappeion is one of the most iconic buildings in Athens. It is located in the central area and it is surrounded by beautiful gardens, which is a perfect green space in the busy center of the Greek Capital. It is a perfect way to refresh and recharge your batteries during your busy Athens itinerary.

You can visit Zappeion hall, however, it is open from Monday to Friday, so plan your time accordingly. Inside you will see one of the best photo spots in Athens as this beautiful circular hall is composed of neoclassical columns and some impressive details.

Right behind the Zappeion gardens, you will find Adrian’s arch and the Temple of Olympian Zeus (under renovation in 2022!), which is worth visiting as well. You can easily combine these things and spend a relaxing afternoon in this area. And Plaka is just around the corner, so that can be your next stop.

Watch a movie in an open-air cinema

Enjoy a movie in an open-air cinema in Athens

Open-air cinema is one of the authentic experiences in Athens and is very much loved by the locals, and lately by the tourists. There are several places where you can do this so let’s discover together what are the best open-air cinemas in Athens.

Aegli was my first choice as they forecasted a movie I wanted to see and I can say that this was one of my favorite experiences in Athens. This Cinema is located in a first-class location inside the gardens of Zappeion and there is a bar that serves excellent snacks. The quality of sound and video is impeccable. An adult ticket will cost you 8 euros.

Cine Paris is one of the most famous open-air cinemas in Athens and probably the most loved by tourists for the dramatic view over the Acropolis. It was opened for the first time in 1920 in the Plaka district by a Greek hairdresser. Unfortunately, it was under construction in the summer of 2022. Check their website for updates.

Cine Thisio started its activity in 1935 and like Cine Paris you have an outstanding view over the Acropolis. From Monday to Wednesday the tickets have a reduced price. Check their website for more details.

I suggest you check all these cinemas and just choose one based on the movie that they are showing. All these places are very similar in terms of prices and atmosphere. The season starts in the spring and lasts until late fall, but could be canceled due to bad weather.

Enjoy the lively square of Monastiraki

Enjoy the lively square of Monastiraki

Monastiraki is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the Greek capital and yet is the live heart of Modern Athens. It is located under the shadow of the Acropolis and it has been inhabited for 6000 years. This area is an explosion of art, where the old melts with the new in a charming and authentic way, making this area one of the most beautiful places in Athens.

Monastiraki is probably the best place to start exploring Athens. Here you can find musicians, painters, street artists, local vendors, and iconic classic sightseeings like Hadrian’s Library, and the Ancient and Roman Agora.

The religious architecture is relevant as here are two of the most famous places in Athens: the Tzistarakis Mosque – which is now the museum of Modern Greek Culture – and the Holy Metropolitan Church of the Annunciation to the Virgin Mary.

As I consider food a form of art, the Monastiraki area flourishes with some of the best restaurants in the city. One of my favorites is Savas. It was the first kebab shop to open here and it is still family-owned by a family of Armenian heritage. In Monastiraki, you also will find the best rooftop bars in Athens that I previously recommended.

Relax at the beach

18 Authentic Experiences in Athens to Discover The Best of Greek Capital

Despite being a big busy capital, Athens still offers some lovely beaches where you can relax and escape the crowd. Many of these beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag status for their cleanliness and quality. So what are the best beaches in Athens?

Astir Beach is one of the most stylish and exclusive beaches on the Athenian Riviera. It is located on a little quiet peninsula and you might even wonder if you are a few kilometers away from the city or on some Greek Island. This comes with a price, Astir Beach is very popular and the space is very limited. 

Kalamaki Beach is one of the most popular and equipped beaches in Athens. Despite being popular you can still enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and you will find free access and a club with reasonable prices. There are several bars and restaurants, but most importantly water is crystal clear.

Limanakia is a completely different concept compared to the other two beaches. This place is loved for its natural beauty. Although you can reach the place only by car, the place gets crowded during the weekend and is one of the most loved beaches by the youth.

You won’t find sun beds or umbrellas, people come here to swim in the beautiful crystal clear water. Lefteri’s Canteen is the only cafe here and it’s a cool place to relax after a swim.

The Athenian Riviera has some of the nicest places to visit near Athens like Cape Sounio with the view of the Poseidon Temple. It is hands down one of the best places to see the sunset!

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In conclusion…

18 Authentic Experiences in Athens to Discover The Best of Greek Capital

This concludes the list of the best local experiences in Athens and now it is time to finally get out and make the most of your time in Athens. I am sure that you found some exciting experiences that you have already added to your Athens itinerary.

I would love to hear your thoughts, so if you have any feedback or additional tips, leave a comment below. Also, check out my Instagram for regular travel videos and travel inspiration. Or explore other destinations on this travel blog.

Pin it for later and make sure you save the best local experiences in Athens!

18 Authentic Experiences in Athens to Discover The Best of Greek Capital
18 Authentic Experiences in Athens to Discover The Best of Greek Capital


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