100+ Best Seoul Quotes and Seoul Instagram Captions

Recently visited Seoul or planning to visit Seoul soon? Maybe you are looking for some inspiration and the best Seoul quotes? Or maybe you have a lot of photos & videos for social media and need unique Seoul Instagram captions? I got you covered.

Seoul is the South Korean capital and a tourist-loved destination in Asia. It attracts millions of visitors each year and charms them with historical sights, modern skyscrapers, local food traditions, and unique culture.

That is why I have prepared more than 100 best Seoul quotes for the most inspirational captions. In this article, you will find different varieties of Seoul quotes. Iconic sayings, unique Seoul Instagram captions, or something easy-going and fun.

No matter if you are traveling to Seoul or you live in Seoul already, you will find some of the best Seoul quotes in this post, so keep on reading!

Best Seoul Quotes

Best Seoul Quotes
Best Seoul Quotes

“Seoul is a city of layers and Jesse peels them back with his penetrating gaze, taking in the glitzy Western bars, the alleys sloping upward into cramped housing developments, the doorways leading to dark hallways that lead to offices and noodle shops the casual observer would never even know existed.” – Paula Stokes

“Had the streetlamps and neon signs always been this spectacularly bright? Why was Seoul so beautiful all of a sudden? Everything that was once nothing seemed special and amazing somehow.” – Sang Young Park

“Beyond the snowy trees, the endless high-rises of Seoul have faded to a blurry gray shadow, but their presence hasn’t dwindled. Even in the poor visibility, there’s no denying that the city feels like the walls of a fortress, a fortress that is both protecting us and trapping us.” – Paula Stokes

“Standing in this spot, I couldn’t help but imagine the future of Seoul myself. But the Seoul I imagine is not a flashy city bristling with skyscrapers. What I dream of is a peaceful and profound historically rich city that has been restored, at least within the city walls, to the way it was before.” – Janghee Lee

“Not many countries establish a prize for peace. The Seoul Peace Prize has its roots in the 1988 Summer Olympics when this country opened its doors to people and athletes from more than 160 countries. Korea did so in part because it believes in the power of sports for peace and development.” – Ban Ki-moon

“I want to make Seoul more attractive. I want to make it a good investment.” – Chung Mong-joon

“Korean woman who had escaped from the North to the South. She was talking about love. ‘If you grow up in the West,’ she said, ‘you may think romance occurs naturally, but it does not. You learn how to be romantic from books and movies, or from observation. But there was no model to learn from in my parents’ time. They didn’t even have the language to talk about their feelings. You just had to guess how your beloved felt from the look in his eyes, or the tone of her voice as she spoke to you.” – Julian Barnes, Elizabeth Finch

“Seoul is attracting the world’s attention these days.” – Munsoo Kwon

Unique Seoul Instagram Captions

Unique Seoul Instagram Captions
Unique Seoul Instagram Captions

“Between the city lights and my dreams, you’ll find me in Seoul.”

“In the rhythm of Seoul, every heartbeat is a new adventure.”

“Seoul, where the magic happens 24/7. Never a dull moment!”

“Whispers of the Han River, echoes of laughter – that’s the symphony of Seoul.”

“Dancing through the streets of Seoul – because this city has all the right moves.”

“Between the skyscrapers and ancient palaces, Seoul is my canvas of memories.”

“Lost in the labyrinth of Seoul’s streets – each turn holds a surprise.”

“Sipping on Seoul’s energy – it’s the elixir of wanderlust.”

“Seoul, where every day is a chapter in my own K-drama.”

“Seoul, the city that speaks to my soul in every language.”

Simple Seoul Instagram Captions

Simple Seoul Instagram Captions
Simple Seoul Instagram Captions

“Seoul is always a good idea.”

“Somewhere between living and dreaming, there’s Seoul.”

“Seoul is a 24-hour city. It never stops.”

“Keep calm and go to Seoul.”

“Hello, Seoul. You’re looking gorgeous today.”

“I fell in love, his name is Seoul.”

“Seoul, it puts a spell on you.”

“Seoul is always a good idea!“

“If you follow your heart just right, it will get you to Seoul.“

“Seoul is my happy place.“

Trendy Seoul Instagram Captions

Trendy Seoul Instagram Captions
Trendy Seoul Instagram Captions

“Lost in the charm of Seoul’s city lights. 🌃 #SeoulfulNights”

“Seoul stole my heart, one kimchi bite at a time. ❤️🥢 #SeoulLove”

“From palaces to street art, Seoul’s beauty is an endless masterpiece. 🏰🎨 #SeoulCanvas”

“Soaking up the K-beauty in every corner of Seoul. 💄🇰🇷 #SeoulGlow”

“Seoul searching for the perfect blend of tradition and modernity. 🏯🏢 #SeoulBalance”

“Bibimbap, K-pop, and skyscrapers – just a typical day in Seoul. 🍲🎤🏙️ #SeoulLife”

“Seoul’s beauty is in the details – and the dumplings! 🥟✨ #SeoulDetails”

“K-drama moments in real life – only in Seoul. 🎬💑 #SeoulRomance”

“Han River sunsets and soulful reflections. 🌅💭 #SeoulSunsets”

“Seoul, where every street tells a story and every corner hides a surprise. 📖🎁 #SeoulStories”

Funny Seoul Puns for Instagram Captions

Funny Seoul Puns for Instagram Captions
Funny Seoul Puns for Instagram Captions

Seoulmates forever! Tag your kimchi buddy.

Just got here and already Seoul in love with this city!

Seoul long, farewell! But first, let’s take a selfie.

Woke up feeling Seoul-ful of laughter.

Seoul much to see, so little thyme! 

Seoul-timate travel goal: laugh until kimchi comes out of my nose.

Seoul-ed out and ready for a cozy night in with K-dramas.

Seoul much laughter, so little time – the city’s pun-tastic!

Why did the kimchi break up with the salad? It just wasn’t Seoul-mate material.

Seoul-arious adventures await! Let’s roll with the pun-chlines.

More Seoul Puns for Instagram Captions

More Seoul Puns for Instagram Captions
More Seoul Puns for Instagram Captions

Seoul-mates exploring the city one laugh at a time!

K-BBQ in Seoul: Where every bite is a grill-iant idea!

Seoul-icious street food got me rolling into a food coma!

Seoul-timate adventure: Kimchi and a side of laughter! 

Having a ‘Seoul’ good time – it’s bibim-bop and laughter all the way!

Seoulmates: We go together like kimchi and rice!

Seoul much fun, it should be a crime!

Went to Seoul and got a ‘kimchi’-on of memories! 

Seoul mates who laugh together, stay together.

Seoul-venirs and a suitcase full of ‘kimchi’- jokes!

Seoul Travel Quotes

Seoul Travel Quotes
Seoul Travel Quotes

“She’d never forgotten their last night in Seoul, or above it, in fact, surveying the city lights from atop Namsan Mountain.” – Giacomo Lee

“On our final night in Seoul, Nami and Emo Boo took us to Samwon Garden, a fancy barbecue spot in Apgujeong, a neighborhood my mom once described as the Beverly Hills of Seoul. Nami slipped the waitress twenty thousand won, and our table quickly filled with the most exquisite banchan. Sweet pumpkin salad, gelatinous mung-bean jelly topped with sesame seeds and scallions, steamed egg custard, delicate bowls of nabak kimchi, wilted cabbage and radish in salty, rose-colored water. We finished the meal with naengmyeon, cold noodles you could order bibim, mixed with gochujang, or mul, served in a cold beef broth.” – Michelle Zauner

“I’ve always been fascinated by the energy of Seoul – it’s a city that never ceases to amaze me.” – Psy

“Seoul is more than a city; it’s a living, breathing story that unfolds with every step you take.” – Daniel Henney

“My vision is to make Seoul the center of East Asia in terms of economy, culture, and tourism.” – Chung Mong-joon

“We visited Gwangjang Market in one of Seoul’s oldest neighborhoods, squeezing past crowds of people threading through its covered alleys, a natural maze spontaneously joined and splintered over a century of accretion. We passed busy ajummas in aprons and rubber kitchen gloves tossing knife-cut noodles in colossal, bubbling pots for kalguksu, grabbing fistfuls of colorful namul from overbrimming bowls for bibimbap, standing over gurgling pools of hot oil, armed with metal spatulas in either hand, flipping the crispy sides of stone-milled soybean pancakes. Metal containers full of jeotgal, salt-fermented seafood banchan, affectionally known as rice thieves, because their intense, salty flavor cries out for starchy, neutral balance; raw, pregnant crabs, floating belly up in soy sauce to show off the unctuous roe protruding out from beneath their shells; millions of minuscule peach-colored krill used for making kimchi or finishing hot soup with rice; and my family’s favorite, crimson sacks of pollack roe smothered in gochugaru, myeongnanjeot.” – Michelle Zauner

“Seoul is always worth a visit.” – Richard Carlson

“It was really dangerous for me to go to Seoul alone, but if I could see you just one more time. I didn’t care what happened to me.” – Woo-Jin

Quotes about Life in Seoul

Quotes about Life in Seoul
Quotes about Life in Seoul

“The job of Seoul mayor is as important as that of president.” – Chung Mong-joon

“Gangnam is a territory in Seoul, Korea. I describe it as noble at the daytime and going crazy at the night time. I compare ladies to the territory. So – noble at the daytime, going crazy at the night time – and the lyric says I am the right guy for the lady who is like that.” – Psy

“I was born in Seoul, South Korea; then I moved to New York City at the age of seventeen. In New York, I studied art and photography. I thought I would be a painter; then I saw Walker Evans when I was in college, and that had a great impact on me. Being in the darkroom making B&W prints was such a magical experience.” – Sung Jin Park

“I want to make Seoul the front line of the new South Korea. Seoul is sleeping, and I want to wake it up.” – Chung Mong-joon

“I want to see a doctor,” I said.
He beamed. “But you’ve already seen one. Lucky Chang has M.I).s and Ph.D.s from every school between Seoul and Pusan. You were treated by the most capable surgeon to ever come out of Korea.”
“I want to see a less capable doctor.” – Yongsoo Park

“During the six years I spent writing my novel ‘The Incarnations,’ I lived in seven cities in four countries. I moved in and out of 17 different houses and flats in Beijing, Seoul, Colorado, Boston, Leeds, Washington D.C., London and Shenzhen.” – Susan Barker

“The fact of the matter is that fewer people in Tokyo are able to do business in English than in many other big Asian cities, like Shanghai, Seoul or Bangkok.” – Rebecca MacKinnon

“New York Times columnist Paul Krugman told one of the authors in Seoul, South Korea, a de cade ago that he has always followed one piece of advice that his MIT professors had given him: “Never touch the money system.” Krugman was awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2008.” – Anonymous

Quotes about South Korea

Quotes about South Korea
Quotes about South Korea

“My favorite thing about South Korea is the people – they are so kind and helpful.” – Elana Meyers

“In South Korea, they believe that when you turn 60, you’ve become a baby again and the rest of your life should be totally about joy and happiness.” – Alice Walker

“Breathing in South Korea, even though the life here is not easy, makes me so happy. I feel that sitting in a coffee shop, having a cup of tea, and looking out of the window at the blue sky – this is happiness. Truly happiness.” – Lee Hyeon-seo

“My favorite place in South Korea is Jeju Island: it’s a tropical paradise with sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and the magnificent Geomunoreum lava tube system of underground caves.” – Lee Hyeon-seo

“Come and see what the world looks like from the Lotte World Tower, Seoul, South Korea.” – Anthony T. Hincks

“Martin was very pro-American in his attitude and statements. When I knew him, he was divorced, alone and a Korean who had never lived in Korea—neither in what became North or South Korea. A man without a country.” – Noel Marie Fletcher

“South Korea’s economy is still difficult. I will create a country where nobody worries about putting food on the table.” – Park Geun-hye

“In the early 2000s, people expected that anonymity on the Internet would be positive for the development of democracy in South Korea. In a Confucian culture like South Korea’s, hierarchy can block the free exchange of opinions in face-to-face situations. The web offered a way around that.” – Kim Young-ha

Famous South Korean Proverbs

Famous South Korean Proverbs
Famous South Korean Proverbs

“The cornered rat will bite the cat.”

“You’ll lose the one in your hand, trying to catch the one on the run.”

“At the end of hardship comes happiness.”

“It takes two hands to clap.”

“A widower knows a widow’s sorrow.”

”Even monkeys fall from trees.”

”If you lift together, it’s better – even if it’s a sheet of paper.”

“What looks good tastes good.”

“Birds hear the words spoken in the day, and mice hear the words spoken at night.”

“If it is distant from your eyes, it also becomes distant from your mind and heart.”

More Seoul Quotes 

More Seoul Quotes 
More Seoul Quotes 

“Seoul is a city that never sleeps, where tradition and modernity dance together in harmony.”

“In Seoul, every street tells a story, and every corner holds a piece of history.”

“Seoul is not just a place; it’s a feeling of vibrant energy and cultural richness.”

“The heartbeat of South Korea echoes in the bustling streets of Seoul.”

“Seoul, where the past meets the future, creating a tapestry of memories and dreams.”

“A city that embraces change yet cherishes its roots – that’s the essence of Seoul.”

“Seoul is a symphony of lights, colors, and the warmth of its people.”

“Exploring Seoul is like turning the pages of a captivating novel, each chapter revealing something new and intriguing.”

“Seoul, a city that captures your heart with its blend of tradition and modern marvels.”

“In Seoul, every step is a journey through time, a fusion of tradition and innovation.”

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100+ Best Seoul Quotes and Seoul Instagram Captions
100+ Best Seoul Quotes and Seoul Instagram Captions

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