100+ Best Bali Quotes and Bali Instagram Captions

100+ Best Bali Quotes and Bali Instagram Captions + Beautiful Shareable Photos

Recently visited Bali or planning to visit Bali soon? Maybe you are looking for some inspiration and the best Bali quotes? Or maybe you have a lot of photos & videos for social media and need unique Bali Instagram captions? I got you covered.

Bali is one of the most amazing destinations and it has something for everyone. Regardless if you are looking for a nature destination, relaxing retreat, unique culture, or luxury experience, you will love Bali.

That is why I have prepared more than 100 best Bali quotes for the most inspirational captions.

In this article, you will find different varieties of Bali quotes. Some of the best quotes of all time, famous Indonesian proverbs, unique Instagram captions, or something easy-going and fun.

No matter if you are planning to travel to Bali or you live in Bali already, you will find some of the best Bali quotes in this post, so keep on reading!

Best Bali Quotes

Best Bali Quotes
Best Bali Quotes

“Bali is the sort of place where you can walk down the street and find something picturesque.” Henry Golding

“I had dreamed of visiting Bali for many years and because I had an extended family of Balinese friends in Los Angeles, I felt connected. The island is so peaceful and the smiles are constant.” – Carolyn Murphy

“In Bali life is a rhythmic, patterned unreality of pleasant, significant movement, centered in one’s own body to which all emotions long ago withdrew.” – Margaret Mead

“In Bali, the day, like all good days, passed far too quickly.” – S.A. Tawks

“Bali is one of my favorite places in the world. In one of my past lives, I believe I was living on the island of Bali.” – Chip Conley

“Life, religion, and art all converge in Bali. They have no word in their language for ‘artist’ or ‘art.’ Everyone is an artist.” – Anais Nin

“I went to Bali, and I was in a small village, and somebody who was with me showed a woman a little figurine of Bart (Simpson) and asked: ‘Do you know who this is?’ And she said: ‘Mickey Mouse’.” – Matt Groening

In Bali, whether a dancer is six or twenty-six, she is equally honored and respected. She is an artist who performs not for the audience but for the gods. The level of respect that Caroline was given as an artist allowed her to dance beautifully.” – Jack Kornfield

“There is a saying in Bali: “We have no art. We do everything as beautifully as possible.” This reflects my philosophy of practice. I try to remember daily what a gift it is to have the privilege of living in this wondrous world.” – Sam Keen

Unique Bali captions for Instagram

Unique Bali captions for Instagram
Unique Bali captions for Instagram

Dear Bali, you make my heart smile. 

Follow your heart, even if it takes you all the way to Bali.

I left my heart in Bali.

Bali is my next stop.

“I’d have to say Bali’s my favorite place that I’ve visited.” – Christopher Meloni

“Found my tropical paradise here in Bali.” – Pia Wurtzbach

“Bali is more than a place. It’s a mood, it’s magical. It’s a tropical state of mind.” – Unknown

“Don’t talk about heaven if you’ve never been to Bali.” – Toba Beta

“I’ll be in Bali. Beautiful Bali. That’s where I want to be.” – The Wondermints

Bali Instagram captions and puns

Bali Instagram captions and puns
Bali Instagram captions and puns

The beauty of this island is un-Bali-able.

Bali will cure whatever is Aling-Aling you.

We shore are happy to be in Bali.

It’s happy hour at the monkey bar.

Going bananas for Bali.

I can’t wait to Gitgit to Bali!

Shell yeah, we’re Bali bound!

I’ll Java cup of what he’s having.

Bali, we have to leave, but don’t worry! We’ll bebek.

Udang, Balinese food is tasty!

More Bali Instagram captions and puns

Bali Instagram captions and puns
Bali Instagram captions and puns

I can’t Sing-sing the praises of Bali enough.

Having such a rice time in Bali.

How Kuta is this place.

Just monkeying around Bali.

We’re coconuts about Bali!

Can you take what you want, Denpasar to me?

Bali, you leaf me breathless.

Batur up.

Bali is better than a fanta-sea.

Forget Ubud it!

Inspirational quotes about Bali

Inspirational quotes about Bali
Inspirational quotes about Bali

“My favorite place in Indonesia is Bali. I was there with my family in Nusa Dua, and my kids loved it. I’m a workaholic, so for me, Bali is a place where you can have a vacation, but you can have your own moment as well. You feel like you blend with nature – and I love the beach.” – Joe Taslim

“I am not a religious person myself, but I did look for nature. I had spent my first sabbatical in New York City. Looked for something different for the second one. Europe and the U.S. didn’t really feel enticing because I knew them too well. So Asia it was. The most beautiful landscapes I had seen in Asia were Sri Lanka and Bali.” – Stefan Sagmeister

“Tahiti has been spoiled for many years, but Bali is one of the few cultures with origins in one of the great ancient cultures which are still alive.” – Arthur Erickson

“And like tea dissolving in hot water, the sun dissolved in the sky creating a velvet horizon, announcing for the stars’ night dance with the moon, the awaited joy for the wounded souls. — From Bali – The Rebirth.” – Abeer Allan

“I’ve lived in Jakarta and have seen a lot more by living here, and I understand that there’s so much more to Indonesia than just Bali and Jakarta.” – Tony Fernandes

“Actually, I’d really love to do something in Bali, up in the mountains. A little restaurant with that scenery would be beautiful.” – Jean-Georges Vongerichten

“Religious ceremonies are of paramount importance in Bali (an island, don’t forget, with seven unpredictable volcanoes on it-you would pray, too).” – Elizabeth Gilbert 

“Stay away from Europe, stay away from Japan, Australia. If you go to the Western world, you’re gonna pay more money. You can spend five months in Bali for what you’d spend in one month in Europe.” – Rita Gelman

“Take what happened to me in Bali. I planned on going to Ubud, then met a man on an airplane who told me it was too touristy. He gave me an address on the other side of the island, which turned out to be a palace where I lived for four years.” – Rita Gelman

“There are big surfing communities in every country with an ocean coast that I know in Central and South America. Same with Mexico, Bali, and nearly every island nation that gets waves in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. But that’s a relatively recent development in most places.” – William Finnegan

Travel quotes about Bali

Travel quotes about Bali
Travel quotes about Bali

“Think Indonesia and tourism; the first thing that comes to mind is probably Bali. Think golf holiday and most people would dream of Scotland or Ireland. But Indonesia harbors one of the best-kept secrets in the world of travel: it is a golfer’s paradise.” – Raymond Bonner

“As a teenager, I went to Bali a lot, but it’s a long, long way from England. This is why we made it like a mini Bali when we bought Necker Island.” – Richard Branson

“Bali is one of those places you can just keep going back to, and everything is there: the infrastructure, the culture, the art, the beautiful villas. My wife Liv and I go there quite often because we know that when we do arrive, it’s like an instant holiday.” – Henry Golding

“I feel at home most places I go, but my very top of the list are Bali, Italy, and London. Those are like second homes to me.” – Donna Karan

“I have a bit of a traveling addiction, and, ah, yeah. I went to, ah, Bali this summer.” – Fisher Stevens

“Bali and the Aman resorts are all very luxurious, great places to go.” – Diane von Furstenberg

“My home has a split personality. Some of the rooms are very French antique. Think Aubusson rugs, turquoise ceramic jugs, sandbag pillows, and broken birdcages. The other half is very Aztec. Neon ikat fabric pillows, vintage books piled up to the ceiling, and shutters from Bali.” – Poppy Delevingne

“My first real foreign holiday was my honeymoon 20 years ago, and we went to Bali. It was particularly special for that reason, I enjoyed it very much – I had packed music scores and a practice drum pad, suspecting that I would be completely bored, but actually, they remained in my case.” – Evelyn Glennie

“I’m not going back to the hive. I am flying to Bali and opening up a yoga/dance studio with an organic café.” – Beryl Dov

“I do hear about these actors who go on vacations to Bali for three months, and their agents are banging their heads against a wall trying to find their clients – but that’s not me. I’m working hard every day. Enjoy your vacation.” – Erin Cummings

Quotes about Balinese culture

Quotes about Balinese culture
Quotes about Balinese culture

“It is a traveler’s fallacy that one should shop for clothing while abroad. Those white linen tunics, so elegant in Greece, emerge from the suitcase as mere hippie rags; the beautiful striped shirts of Rome are confined to the closet; and the delicate hand batiks of Bali are first cruise wear, then curtains, then signs of impending madness.” – Andrew Sean Greer

“Bhuta ia, dewa ia. (Bali expression meaning Man is a demon, man is a god.)” – Elizabeth Gilbert

“Another study notes about Bali: “Babies are encouraged to acquire quickly the capacity to sleep under any circumstances, including situations of high stimulation, musical performances, and other noisy observances which reflect their more complete integration into adult social activities.” – Sebastian Junger

“It is a traveler’s fallacy that one should shop for clothing while abroad. Those white linen tunics, so elegant in Greece, emerge from the suitcase as mere hippie rags; the beautiful striped shirts of Rome are confined to the closet; and the delicate hand batiks of Bali are first cruise wear, then curtains, then signs of impending madness. And then there is Paris.” – Andrew Sean Greer

“The Balinese “shows” were completely integrated into people’s daily lives, or so it seemed to me. There was no attempt to formally separate the ritual and the show from the audience. Everything seemed to flow into everything else. The food, the music, and the dance were all just another part of daily activity.” – David Byrne

“My daily commute, the supermarket check out line, neighborhood walks, pedestrian tasks of any job would inspire me as much as the stir of white linen canopies in Venice’s Piazza San Marco; the velvety dunes of the eastern Sahara; Bali’s kaleidoscope of color; my Vietnamese sisters.” – Gina Greenlee

“The Balinese dance was artistic with great expression. The dancers seemed to be telling a story through their fingers, hands and body gestures, including head and eye movements. It was amazing. Every gesture was elegant.” – Linda Weaver Clarke

“I’d shown interest, and showing interest in Bali means that the salesman is most likely going to walk away with your money.” – S.A. Tawks

“Unless we live in rural India or Bali, there are no roadside shrines to remind us to look beyond the surface of the land, to see the energies at play within the soil or the soulful presences that live in plants and weather patterns. So we move through the world with tunnel vision, using our technological skills to control the weather, to engineer crops and their DNA, and to force productivity from desert soil. For most people, it’s only when earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis disrupt our human infrastructures that we recognize the awesome natural powers that create our world.” – Sally Kempton

“When I go to Bali when I come to India and travel and see different cultures. I make sure I’m involved in the world out there, creatively, culturally.” – Donna Karan

Best Bali quotes from Eat, Pray, Love

Best Bali quotes from Eat, Pray, Love
Best Bali quotes from Eat, Pray, Love

“When you are walking down the road in Bali and your pass a stranger, the very first question he or she will ask you is, “Where are you going?” The second question is, “Where are you coming from?” To a Westerner, this can seem like a rather invasive inquiry from a perfect stranger, but they’re just trying to get an orientation on you, trying to insert you into the grid for the purposes of security and comfort.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

“If you are a single woman traveling through Bali and somebody asks you, “Are you married?” the best possible answer is: “Not yet.” This is a polite way of saying, “No,” while indicating your optimistic intentions to get that taken care of just as soon as you can.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

“Basically, we say that Bali is what happens when the lavish rituals of traditional Hinduism are superimposed over a vast rice-growing agricultural society that operates, by necessity, with elaborate communal cooperation.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

“In Bali, the collective is absolutely more important than the individual, or nobody eats.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

“It has been estimated that a typical Balinese woman spends one-third of her waking hours either preparing for a ceremony, participating in a ceremony, or cleaning up after a ceremony. Life here is a constant cycle of offerings and rituals.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

“Beauty is good in Bali, for men and women. Beauty is revered. Beauty is safety. Children are taught to approach all hardship and discomfort with ‘a shining face,’ a giant smile.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

“The whole idea of Bali is a matrix, a massive and invisible grid of spirits, guides, paths and customs. Every Balinese knows exactly where he or she belongs, oriented within this great, intangible map.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

“Balinese are the global masters of balance, the people for whom the maintenance of perfect equilibrium is an art, a science and a religion. For me, on a personal search for balance, I had hoped to learn much from the Balinese about holding steady in this chaotic world. But the more I read and see about this culture, the more I realize how far off the grid of balance I’ve fallen, at least from the Balinese perspective.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

“My habit of wandering through this world oblivious to my physical orientation, in addition to my decision to have stepped outside the containing network of marriage and family, makes me — for Balinese purposes — something like a ghost. I enjoy living this way, but it’s a nightmare of a life by the standards of any self-respecting Balinese.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

“The Balinese don’t wait and see ‘how things go.’ That would be terrifying. They organize how things go, in order to keep things from falling apart.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

Famous Indonesian and Bali Proverbs

Famous Indonesian and Bali Proverbs
Famous Indonesian and Bali Proverbs

The empty can sound the loudest.

The dog barks but the caravan goes on.

No matter how high a squirrel jumps, it will eventually fall.

If there is smoke, there must be fire.

Every ivory has its cracks.

You give them the liver, but they still ask for the heart

Don’t think there are no crocodiles because the water runs calm. 

Think first about your idea, for later regrets are useless.

Better one bird on hand than ten birds on a tree.

Your mouth is your tiger.

With one stroke at the paddle, two and three islands have passed.

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100+ Best Bali Quotes and Bali Instagram Captions + Beautiful Shareable Photos
100+ Best Bali Quotes and Bali Instagram Captions + Beautiful Shareable Photos

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