One Day in Cannes Itinerary For First Time Visitors

Wondering how to spend one day in Cannes? You are in the right place because I have prepared a detailed Cannes itinerary for one day with a lot of useful travel tips.

Cannes, located on the French Riviera, is known worldwide for its annual Cannes Film Festival, one of the most prestigious events in the film industry. 

The city’s charm extends beyond cinema, boasting beautiful beaches, upscale boutiques, and a vibrant cultural scene. Its picturesque coastline and Mediterranean climate attract tourists, making it a glamorous destination year-round.

In this article, you will find a complete Cannes Itinerary for one day with other things that you should know before visiting Cannes. We will cover the glitz and glamour of Cannes together with historical sights and even some beach activities.

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Itinerary for one day in Cannes

Overview of one-day Cannes itinerary

  • Morning: La Colline du Suquet, Rue Meynadier and Marché Forville, Carré d’Or
  • Lunch: La Brouette de Grand Mère or Aux Bons Enfants
  • Afternoon: Lerins Islands & Cap d’Antibes or Ste Marguerite or relaxing on the beach
  • Evening: La Croisette and Vieux Port
  • Dinner: Le Bistrot Gourmand or La Villa Archange

La Colline du Suquet

One Day in Cannes Itinerary For First Time Visitors
One Day in Cannes Itinerary For First Time Visitors

Just like any other French town, Cannes Old Town (La Colline du Suquet) is the most charming and characteristic area in the town. Start your one day in Cannes by strolling the colorful alleys of this iconic French city. 

Follow the smell of freshly baked croissants and find your way through ancient chapels and picturesque restaurants for a walk that will make you feel like a fairytale. 

Cannes old town develops on a small hill, so it is common to find gorgeous views and massive stairs that will connect you to the lower part of the city and the port.

On top of its promontory, the Suquet district overlooks Cannes, where the town’s origins lie as a humble fishing village. Exploring Suquet reveals Cannes’ essence, with its medieval history, vibrant cultural scene, and breathtaking city views. 

Here you will also find Notre-Dame d’Espérance, the iconic Castle de la Castre, and the Musée des explorations du monde.

Rue Meynadier and Marché Forville

Itinerary for one day in Cannes
Itinerary for one day in Cannes

Rue Meynadier is a must for every Cannes itinerary and one of the most characteristic streets in the city. This pedestrian street dates back to the 18th century and today is home to several shops, boutiques, and restaurants.

In Rue Meynadie you can have breakfast or a gourmet break trying the best products that Cannes has to offer whether you have a sweet tooth or you prefer salty food. Great place for foodies spending one day in Cannes.

Just a gasp away from Rue Meynadier, there is the Marché Forville, another unmissable sight to give your 24 hours in Cannes a spike of color and taste. The market is perfect if you want to buy some local spices or cheese.

Please keep in mind that the market opens from 7 am until 1 pm and it is closed on Mondays.

Carré d’Or

Itinerary for one day in Cannes
Itinerary for one day in Cannes

After shopping for food, it’s time to shop for the love of fashion, and there is no better place than the Carré d’Or! Cannes is one of the most stylish cities in France where important personalities from all over the world come to spend their holiday and go shopping.

The Carré d’Or translates as the Golden Square and it is a little area of the city filled with prestigious boutiques, bars, and restaurants. Most of the streets are pedestrian or have limited access to vehicles to enjoy a pleasant stroll.

You can explore the vibrant streets of Batéguier and Florian, which have been recently renovated, and streets like Commandant André, des Frères Pradignac, Victor Cousin, and Gérard Monod. 

These streets also received upgrades, with a shimmering red roadway, limestone sidewalks, and stainless steel planters and it will be a joy to walk even if you are just planning to window shop.

Lunch: La Brouette de Grand Mère or Aux Bons Enfants

After a morning of shopping and exploration, it is time to enjoy a delicious French lunch. As usual, I prepared 2 fantastic alternatives according to your tastes and preferences. One day in Cannes will take you to discover the flavors of Provence, Italy, and France in general.

For an informal and genuine meal, head to La Brouette de Grand Mère. This restaurant is a real institution in the city and has a history that dates back to 1977.

Here you can try traditional Provençal set menus and daily specials for a fair price at a classic French brasserie with sidewalk tables. The prices usually vary between 20 and 30 euros per person.

For a more sophisticated experience, you can make your one-day Cannes itinerary gourmet by heading to Aux Bons Enfants. This is one of the best places in Cannes and one of the few in the city recommended by the Michelin Guide.

This has been a family business since 1935 and prepares heart-warming and satisfying dishes using only the best Provençal ingredients coming directly from the Forville Market. A meal at the Bons Enfants will cost around 40-50 euros per person.

Option number 1: enjoy a private boat trip to Lerins Islands & Cap d’Antibes

Itinerary for one day in Cannes

Cannes is known for its glamorous lifestyle and luxurious vibes. If you want to get a piece of it and enjoy an afternoon surrounded by the beauty of the French Riviera, I recommend you check out this tour

This fancy and private boat tour will give you the chance to have an unforgettable experience and see beautiful locations like the Lerins Islands and the Cap d’Antibes.

I recommend this tour, especially to couples who want to have one romantic day in Cannes or to a group of friends who want to enjoy the comfort of a private boat.

Option number 2: take a ferry to the Sainte Marguerite

Itinerary for one day in Cannes

If you prioritize adventures and beautiful scenarios, I recommend visiting the picturesque island of Sainte Marguerite. These lush islands are perfect for a relaxing time in nature and visiting some cultural sights such as the Fort Royal. 

The cultural options on the islands include the underwater eco-museum and beautiful beaches like Plage des Pierres Hautes which are perfect for dipping in the turquoise waters of the French Riviera.

I recommend spending your afternoon on the island of Sainte Marguerite if you want to stay active during your 24 hours in Cannes. It is a perfect destination for those who enjoy trekking and beautiful landscapes.

Option number 3: discover the most beautiful beaches in Cannes

Itinerary for one day in Cannes

If you want to slow down and enjoy the vibes of Cannes, this option is for you because there is no better place to relax than a nice beach in Cannes.

La Plage de la Croisette is probably the liveliest and most famous beach in Cannes and a perfect place to feel all the vibes of the French Riviera. 

Despite being a public beach there are a lot of bars and it is just on the side of the famous promenade of Croisette. There are also some fancy beach clubs, such as La Plage Du Festival, right in front of the iconic Carlton Hotel.

Plage du Midi is another popular beach to have a relaxing day in Cannes. This popular city beach has a laid-back and more relaxed atmosphere. 

Also here you can find chair and umbrella rentals, with picturesque mountain views close to amenities including several restaurants. The beach also has more parking options if you visit Cannes by car.

La Croisette and Vieux Port

Itinerary for one day in Cannes

When the sun sets, there is no better place to be than the iconic Croisette. The Croisette embodies the pure spirit of Cannes itself, this chic beachfront promenade offers a peaceful walk surrounded by palm trees, luxury hotels and cars, and fabulous beach bars.

Catching the sunset in the Croisette is undoubtedly one of the best things to do during your 24 hours in Cannes and a great way to take a glimpse of life in this fantastic French town.

Walking the boulevard of Croisette will take you to the Old Port and the Cannes Walk Of Fame where some of the most famous actors in the world left their sign during one of the editions of the famous film festivals. 

In the Esplanade Pantiero you will have a picturesque view of the Suquet and all the yachts parked in the area of the old port. There is a little amusement park with a panoramic wheel to enjoy a different view of the town.

Dinner: Le Bistrot Gourmand or La Villa Archange

To finish your Cannes 1-day itinerary, you should have an unforgettable dinner in one of the chic restaurants of the town.

For an informal yet stylish dinner, head to Le Bistrot Gourmand, a restaurant opened in 2007 that offers a semi-gastronomic experience using only the best local products directly and daily purchased from the local market. 

Their specialty is the famous bouillabaisse, but if you want to try it you need to call the restaurant and reserve the dish. The restaurant specializes in fish but also serves vegan dishes. It offers both carte and set menu degustation options.

If you are into fine dining, La Villa Archange will offer you an experience that you will never forget. This is the first restaurant in Cannes that has been awarded with 2 Michelin stars. 

The place doesn’t really need an introduction as it is one of the fanciest and most beautiful restaurants in France. Some of the guests of La Villa Archange were Uma Thurman, Robert De Niro, and Audrey Tautou.

The degustation menu for the dinner starts from 250 euros without beverages and 395 euros with wine pairing, but there is also a menu “a la Carte”.

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In conclusion…

One Day in Cannes Itinerary For First Time Visitors

This is the end of your one-day Cannes itinerary and I am sure that you are super excited about your trip to Cannes.

I would love to hear your thoughts, so if you have any feedback or additional tips, leave a comment below. Also, check out my Instagram for regular travel videos and travel inspiration. Or explore other destinations on this travel blog.

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One Day in Cannes Itinerary For First Time Visitors
One Day in Cannes Itinerary For First Time Visitors

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