Steal My One Day Menton Itinerary: How to Spend 24 Hours in Menton?

Planning a quick trip to Menton? You are in the right place because you will love this one-day Menton itinerary.

Menton is a charming town located on the French Riviera. It has pastel color houses, postcard views, and charming Mediterranean vibes. Sounds like your cup of tea? I am sure this town can easily steal your heart.

No matter if you are spending a night in Menton or taking a day trip from Nice, you will love this customizable one-day itinerary for Menton. We will cover must-visit attractions in Menton together with other useful tips and restaurant recommendations.

Are you ready to discover Menton? This comprehensive Menton itinerary will help you make the most of your time, so let’s dive in!

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Overview of the one-day itinerary for Menton

  • Morning: Menton Old Town, Basilique Saint-Michel Archange de Menton, The Chapel of Pénitents Blancs, Vieux Chateau and The Long Road, Marché des Halles
  • Lunch: La Mandragore
  • Afternoon: Plage des Sablettes or Terasse du Jardin Maria Serena, and Fontana Rosa and Val Rahmeh-Menton Botanical Garden
  • Sunset: Menton Viewpoint
  • Dinner: Restaurant Mirazur or Le Petit Port

One day Menton itinerary

Menton Old Town

Steal My One Day Menton Itinerary: How to Spend 24 Hours in Menton?
Steal My One Day Menton Itinerary: How to Spend 24 Hours in Menton?

The best way to start your one day in Menton is by strolling the narrow colorful streets of the old town. Menton is famous for its Baroque heritage which can be found in the religious buildings around the town.

From medieval houses with colorful facades to elegant baroque churches, each structure tells a story of the town’s past. The pastel tones of the buildings complement the Mediterranean sunlight, creating a picturesque scene at every turn.

Exploring the Old Town is like stepping back in time. Visitors can wander through its labyrinthine streets, stumbling upon hidden squares and quaint cafes. You don’t need a detailed itinerary because getting lost is the best part about visiting Menton Old Town.

My recommendation is to start from the Chapelle de la Miséricorde ou des Pénitents noirs take the picturesque Rue Brea and reach Basilique Saint-Michel Archange de Menton.

Basilique Saint-Michel Archange de Menton

One day Menton itinerary

Your one-day Menton itinerary takes you to discover one of its most iconic landmarks, Basilique Saint-Michel Archange de Menton. This architectural gem, dating back to 1639, boasts a majestic bell tower standing 53 meters tall, proudly overlooking the charming old town.

Once you step into the doors of the basilica you will immerse yourself in a world of Baroque beauty. The church was originally built in 1619 by Prince Honoré II and Nicolas Spinola, and after the earthquake of February 1887, it was renewed in a Baroque style.

The church can be reached from the Rue Brea or by climbing the beautiful stairs that are an iconic symbol of the city.

The church can be visited for free every day, except Sundays from 3 pm to 5 pm.

The Chapel of Pénitents Blancs

One day Menton itinerary
One day Menton itinerary

Just next to the Saint-Michel Archangel Basilicastands The Chapel of Pénitents Blancs. It is another religious treasure and symbol of the town of Menton. This chapel is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and it showcases one of the most beautiful facades in the South of France.

The chapel was built in 1680, right outside the walls of the medieval city. It was donated by Prince Louis I Grimaldi and the family of Monléon and completely renovated in 1987. The chapel had been declared a Historical Monument.

Vieux Chateau and The Long Road 

Steal My One Day Menton Itinerary: How to Spend 24 Hours in Menton?
One day Menton itinerary

Climb for less than 200 meters to reach the Vieux Chateau Cemetery to enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramic views of Menton. Here you will be able to admire a view going from Italy to Cape Martin.

The former castle of Menton, which is now national property, hosts one of the most important necropolis in the French Riviera. Here some important personalities are resting such as John Richard Green, William Webb Ellis, and Alfred Woltmann.

After paying your respects and enjoying some beautiful views of Menton, head to the Rue Longue through the Rue Du Vieux Chateau, without missing the Point de vue du Port.

The Rue Longue is the backbone of the Old Town of Menton and one of the most characteristic streets in the town. Once you walk this 270-metre alley you will reconnect to Rue Brea.

Marché des Halles

one day in Menton
one day in Menton

After a deep exploration of the old town, your Menton itinerary takes you to discover the lively Marché des Halles.

The beautiful, colorful facade is just an introduction to what awaits you and invites you to step inside and explore the market, it’s a real must-visit in Menton if you are a foodie and want to connect with local culture.

This is one of the best places in Menton to admire and smell the colors and perfumes of the French Riviera. This lively market is an experience for all your senses.

Here you can find any type of goodies, from fruit and vegetables to also fish and meat. Cheese and cold cuts can’t be missed and also some delicacies like truffle products.

The Market opens its doors every day until 1 pm, with around forty producers offering their wares. Keep in mind that on Mondays there will be fewer traders.

Lunch: La Mandragore

one day in Menton

After a morning exploring Menton and visiting the market I bet you will be hungry! The right place to have a fantastic lunch is just a few steps away from the market and it’s called La Mandragore.

This picturesque restaurant specializes in local fish and seafood, prepared in the local style, but you can also try French specialties like snails. The wine and the sweets are also worth mentioning.

For reference, La Mandragore is the name of a plant that grows in the Mediterranean area and gives the name of the restaurant.

Plage des Sablettes

one day in Menton

Depending on your preferences, your one-day Menton itinerary can take you to explore more of the cultural heritage or just relax on one of the gracious beaches in the town.

In case you decide to spend a relaxing day on the beach, the Place Des Sablettes is the best beach in Menton. With its privileged location in front of the Old Town and gentle waves, this beach is a real gem in the whole French Riviera. 

It is also perfect if you are visiting Menton with kids because it is one of the shallowest beaches in the French Riviera. On top of that, the beach offers a pretty view of the Italian Mountain and the colorful houses of Menton’s Old Town. 

Here you will find a recently renewed promenade where you can enjoy a fresh drink or an aperitif. The beach is guarded and monitored during the summer reason.

Terasse du Jardin Maria Serena

If sitting on the beach is not for you, your Menton Itinerary will take you to discover some hidden gems instead.

Terrasse du Jardin Maria Serena lies just a few meters from the Italian border and it is considered one of the most beautiful villas in the French Riviera. The villa was built in 1886 on the plans of Charles Garnier, architect of the Paris Opera.

The garden offers panoramic views of the Riviera and due to the great number of exotic plants got the nickname “Little Africa”. 

Click here to purchase your ticket and check the opening times.

Fontana Rosa and Val Rahmeh-Menton Botanical Garden

one day in Menton

Less than 2 km away from the Maria Serena Villa stands Rahmeh-Menton Botanical Garden, another important attraction in Menton. But before getting there, don’t miss the picturesque gardens of Fontana Rosa.

Click here to purchase your ticket and check the opening times.

Menton Viewpoint

one day in Menton itinerary

To finish your one-day itinerary in Menton, there’s no better thing to do than catching the sunset on the Menton Viewpoint.

The Menton Viewpoint is located right in front of the Sablette beach and it’s one of the most iconic and romantic places in the French Riviera. Locals and tourists enjoy a pizza or some other snacks while looking at the sky coloring with the sunset colors. 

If you are a photographer this is also the best time of the day to take an iconic photo of the Menton’s Old Town. Depending on the sunset time, you can visit Menton Viewpoint before or after dinner.

Dinner: Restaurant Mirazur or  Le Petit Port

one day in Menton itinerary

If you are into fine dining and want to finish your Menton itinerary in a special way, you can’t miss the iconic Restaurant Mirazur. It is one of the most iconic restaurants on the French Riviera and it has been awarded 3 Michelin stars, plus a Michelin Green Star.

The dreamy location of the restaurant offers a panoramic view of the French Riviera, and night at Mirazur is an experience that will tantalize all your senses. 

The menu constantly changes, however, currently, you can enjoy a 9-course menu for 450 euros per person. If you are into fine dining, this is a must-try experience in Menton.

If you are looking for a simple dinner to finish your 24 hours in Menton, Le Petit Port is the right place for you. This Mediterranean restaurant specializes in fish, but meat is also worth trying! The atmosphere is chic but still doesn’t show off and the service is top-notch.

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In conclusion…

Steal My One Day Menton Itinerary: How to Spend 24 Hours in Menton?

This is the end of one day Menton itinerary and I am sure that by now you are fully prepared for your trip and will make the most of 24 hours in Menton.

I would love to hear your thoughts, so if you have any feedback or additional tips, leave a comment below. Also, check out my Instagram for regular travel videos and travel inspiration. Or explore other destinations on this travel blog.

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Steal My One Day Menton Itinerary: How to Spend 24 Hours in Menton?
Steal My One Day Menton Itinerary: How to Spend 24 Hours in Menton?

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