100+ Best Portugal Quotes and Portugal Instagram Captions

Recently visited Portugal or planning to visit Portugal soon? Maybe you are looking for some inspiration and the best Portugal quotes?

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Portugal is one of the best European destinations and it holds a lot of gems for visitors. It has everything from historical sights, cool beaches, delicious food, architectural treasures, and fun experiences to discovering the soul of Portugal.

That is why I have prepared more than 100 best Portugal quotes for the most inspirational captions.

In this article, you will find different varieties of Portugal quotes. Some of the best quotes of all time, famous Portuguese proverbs, unique Instagram captions, or something easy-going and fun.

Whether you are planning to travel to Portugal or live in Portugal already, you will find some of the best Portugal quotes in this post, so keep on reading!

Best Portugal quotes

100+ Best Portugal Quotes and Portugal Instagram Captions + Beautiful Sharable Photos
100+ Best Portugal Quotes and Portugal Instagram Captions + Beautiful Sharable Photos

“Wet or fine, the air of Portugal has a natural happiness in it, and the people of the country should be as happy and prosperous as any people in the world.” – HG Wells

“But Portugal has a peaceful feel about it. I sit on the terrace overlooking the vineyard there and I feel cut off from the world. You need that sort of thing.” – Cliff Richard

“If there is one portion of Europe which was made by the sea more than another, Portugal is that slice, that portion, that belt. Portugal was made by the Atlantic.” – Hilaire Belloc

“Portugal is a high hill with a white watch tower on its flying signal flags. It is apparently inhabited by one man who lives in a long row of yellow houses with red roofs, and populated by sheep who do grand acts of balancing on the side of the hill.” – Richard H. Davis 

“The Portuguese people are, essentially, cosmopolitan. A true Portuguese was never Portuguese: he was always everything” – Fernando Pessoa

“Portuguese is cheerful and sweet, like a language of birds.” – Paulo Rónai

“After all, Porto, to truly honor the name it bears, is, first of all, this wide lap opening onto the river, but which can only be seen from the river, or else, through narrow mouths closed by low walls, the traveler can lean over out into the open air and have the illusion that all of Porto is Ribeira.“ – Jose Saramago

“My homeland is my language. I don’t care that Portugal is invaded, as long as they don’t mess with me.“ – Fernando Pessoa

“Happiness, in Portugal, is considered a kind of madness. Why? Because the Portuguese, when they see a happy person, think that he is making fun of them. More precisely: with their misery. It doesn’t cross their minds that one can be happy without being at someone’s expense.” – Miguel Esteves Cardoso

“Portuguese narcissism, for me, is an innocent narcissism; nobody thinks they are going to die in the mirror. But sometimes it happens.”  – Eduardo Lourenço

Unique Portugal captions for Instagram

Unique Portugal captions for Instagram
Unique Portugal captions for Instagram

Portugal is picture perfect!

I don’t mean to Braga, but this is an amazing trip.

Lisbon Voyage!

Portuguese wine doesn’t have to costa lot to be high quality.

There’s no such thing as a place better than Portugal.

I left my heart in Portugal.

Portugal is tram-endous.

I love travelling to Faro-way places.

Take the long flight to Lagos. It’s so worth it.

Can we talk about how beautiful Lisbon is?

Quotes about Lisbon

Quotes about Lisbon
Quotes about Lisbon

“By day Lisbon has a naive theatrical quality that enchants and captivates, but by night it is a fairy-tale city, descending over lighted terraces to the sea, like a woman in festive garments going down to meet her dark lover.” – Erich Maria Remarque

“The Lisbon hub is important to Portugal, the country. That’s not going to go away. It needs to be there. The country depends on tourism.” – David Neeleman

“Lisbon, to me, is the Lisbon of Pessoa.” – Kamand Kojouri

„The train slows down, it’s Cais do Sodré. I arrived in Lisbon, but not to a conclusion.” – Fernando Pessoa

“Lisbon, it’s just you and me
I confess to you
Oh, the city of enchanted night
Remember me at will
Today I will stay.” – Tara Perdida

“Lisbon is clarity through the air. Lisbon is the stained color of the walls. Lisbon is new moss rising over dry moss. Lisbon is the design of cracks, like lightning, running down the surface of the walls. Lisbon is judicious imperfection. Lisbon is the reflected sky.” – Jose Luis Peixoto

“Anyone who has never left Lisbon travels endlessly in the car to Benfica, and if you go to Sintra one day, you feel like you’ve traveled to Mars.” – Fernando Pessoa

“They arrived in Lisbon at dusk, at the time when the softness of the sky infuses souls with a sweet poignancy.” – Jose Samargo

Sweet reflection of the Tagus
path of dimmed light
of dating
With water
and paving stones
people and mists
smells and sorrows
Tears of a time that runs out
when we walked away
and we forgot
of loves
and seagulls.” – Edgardo Xavier

“From Paris bring me the light of poetry, from Lisbon music.“ – Rose Berg

Funny quotes about Portugal

Funny quotes about Portugal
Funny quotes about Portugal

“Braga prays, Porto works, Coimbra studies and Lisbon has fun.” – Portuguese saying

“Lisbon envies Porto, its wealth, its commerce, its beautiful new streets, the comfort of its houses, the solidity of its fortunes, the seriousness of its well-being. Porto envies Lisbon the Court, the King, the Chambers, S. Carlos and Martinho. They hate each other!” – Eça de Queiroz

“I grew up in Portugal, and people there party ’til 7 or 8 in the morning.” – Sara Sampaio

“Did you know they don’t have any ducks in Portugal? Only Portu-geese.“ – Unknown

“PORTUGUESE – n.pl. A species of geese indigenous to Portugal. They are mostly without feathers and imperfectly edible, even when stuffed with garlic.” – Ambrose Bierce

“I bought some land in Portugal, on the highest hill in Guimaraes, because I pictured that I wanted to build my house there. I said, ‘What a perfect place this would be,’ but I forgot to ask the council if I could build a house there. When I did, they said, ‘No!’ – Nuno Espirito Santo

“Portugal has a national team called Cristiano Ronaldo and a group of players who run after him.” – Carlos Queiroz

“People of my generation in Portugal fell into the magic potion of political ideas. What was very funny about this revolution was that it did not bring wealth to the Portuguese. But it brought language and ideas. You’d go to the fish market, and all the women who were selling fish would call each other fascist, communist.” – Maria De Medeiros

“Mum doesn’t like it when I mention that Dad’s a better cook than her. He was born in Spain and spent eight years in Portugal and is exceptional at lots of cuisines.” – Paloma Faith

“There is a decisive difference between the Portuguese and the Spanish. It’s just that the Portuguese are wiser than they seem. The Spaniards, on the other hand… seem wiser than they are.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

Short quotes about Portugal

Short quotes about Portugal
Short quotes about Portugal

“It was a terrible mistake to have been born in Portugal.” – Marta Leite de Castro

“Oh, salty sea, how much of your salt are tears from Portugal?” – Fernando Pessoa

“My affection hath an unknown bottom, like the Bay of Portugal.” – William Shakespeare

“I’m fully English, but Portugal is my home.“ – Eric Dier

“I do not write in Portuguese. I write myself.” – Fernando Pessoa

“I just became a Knight in Portugal, the Presidente gave me a special ball.” – Steve Zissou 

“It is important to show our European partners that Portugal is a governable country.” – Anibal Cavaco Silva

“Portugal is much like Brazil – the weather, the people, the food, and the language is also a bonus.” – Hulk

“I have all the heart eyes for Algarve.” – Unknown

“I like to dream about Portugal, and it’s less easy when you are there.” – Maria de Medeiros

Inspirational quotes about Portugal

Inspirational quotes about Portugal
Inspirational quotes about Portugal

“The first poem in The Beauty holds a woman in Portugal in a wheelchair singing, with great power, a fado. I have never seen this or heard of it, the image simply arrived. But surely such a thing has happened. And it matters to me that it has, or could.” – Jane Hirshfield

“Because of my Portuguese heritage, I have an interest in all of the instrumentation that comes from Portugal and Brazil as well.” – Nelly Furtado

“My business partner gave me a drone, a small helicopter you pilot with an iPhone, and also it has a camera so you can see what it sees on the iPhone. Great fun. I fly it outside in Portugal. It’s wonderful to oversee gardens.” – Christian Louboutin

“In Portugal, my sculpture ‘She Changes’ refers to the town’s fishing history, to the era of seafaring trade and discovery. The contemporary site is industrial, surrounded by red and white striped smokestacks, which is mirrored in the pattern of the sculpture.” – Janet Echelman

“It’s very different, because in Portugal we don’t play during the Christmas holidays. But I think it’s very good for the fans and everyone around, because families can enjoy the games together during the holidays. For my family, it’s also good because they like to see me perform and they like to see my play.” – Rui Patricio

“I like being Portuguese more and more and I am more and more proud of my country. It is unbearable for me to hear people say “we are a small and peripheral country”. For me Portugal is central and very big.“ – Antunes Antonio Lobo

“I was invited to stay in Spain, France, Hollywood… I never accepted, I wouldn’t be able to leave my country (Portugal).” – Amalia Rodrigues

“My wife and son cried when we left Portugal, but I had to move.“ – Nemanja Matic

“Thus set up, pen in hand, for the sake of greater truth, I would turn Portugal into a fiction. That’s what fiction is about, isn’t it, the selective transforming of reality? The twisting of it to bring out its essence? What need did I have to go to Portugal?” – Yann Martel

Famous Portuguese proverbs

Famous Portuguese proverbs
Famous Portuguese proverbs

Those who do not risk, do not benefit.

Soft water, hard stone, keeps beating until it gets through.

Haste is the enemy of perfection.

Grain by grain, the hen fills her belly.

Tell me who you’re with and I’ll tell you who you are.

For someone wise, half a word suffices.

Each monkey to its own branch.

One bird in the hand is more worthy than two flying birds.

Charity begins at home.

An ounce of patience is worth a pound of brains.

Travel quotes about Portugal

Travel quotes about Portugal
Travel quotes about Portugal

“Any Portuguese town looks like bride’s finery – something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” – Mary Mccarthy

“Everything in Sintra is divine. There is no corner that is not a poem.” – Eça de Queiroz

“I had this aunt who had a career and traveled. She’d say things like, “When you go to college, I think we should go scuba diving in the summer. Scuba diving in Portugal is fabulous.” And I’d be like, “Portugal! Holy cats!” – Geena Davis

“It’s a gorgeous country with all sorts of history. A lot of Europeans vacation in Portugal, but it hasn’t really caught on with North Americans.” – Melisse Gelula

“A trip to Porto is always a lesson in Portugueseness, it is so rich and yet you rarely go there. It is indispensable – of course! – a minimum of repeated contact with that home of the nation so that we can see in it some of the latent meanings that enrich our awareness of practices.“ – Vitorino Nemésio

“Take the long flight to Lagos. It’s so worth it.” – Unknown 

“I’ve got two places I like to be. Portugal is one”. – Cliff Richard

“Ultimately, I went to Portugal and stayed in this old monastery for weeks and ate fish and potatoes.” – Jared Leto

“Porto is not just a city: it is a family. When someone is ill, everyone feels it with the same intensity; when they want something, everyone wants it at the same time. The people of Porto are as jealous of the integrity of their city as the Portuguese are of the integrity of the nation.” – João Chagas

Quotes about Portuguese people

Quotes about Portuguese people
Quotes about Portuguese people

“The Portuguese have always loved concrete. They understand the abstract but seek to immediately translate it into concrete.“ – Agostinho Silva

“Thank God, I feel that I have a great love for the Portuguese because I’ve been singing in Portugal for 53 years and I’ve never let anyone down. I am what I am.“ – Amalia Rodrigues

“Portugal was born in the shadow of the Catholic Church and religion, from the beginning it was the formative element of the soul of the nation and the dominant trait of character of the Portuguese people. ” – Antonio de Oliveira Salazar

“The whole of Portugal has made a huge effort to be ready. The passion and enthusiasm of the Portuguese people show for football have also been brought to these preparations and I am convinced that they will make an enthralling and exciting tournament. The preparations in Portugal are going extremely well and we can look forward to a wonderful festival of football.” – Senes Erzik

“In New York, I am barely recognized, or people don’t really care. When I go to Portugal, I go outside to a public place and am recognized constantly.” – Sara Sampaio

“My father is Portuguese, and in Portugal, it is traditional to take your mother’s maiden name as a middle name. My mum is called Tough.” – Lucy Bronze

“The Portuguese still live with an excess of the past. Especially with this kind of historical fixation, which can be erotic or otherwise, we have our fixation on our golden period. We are eternally in the 16th century, we are eternally sailing to India. Because that’s what we did as a most extraordinary people, that’s where we left our mark in the history of the world.” – Eduardo Lourenço

“I suppose I have become a sort of living monument in Portugal. But I come from a family with roots all over the world, so the idea of patriotism is not very strong in me. My country is the country of Chekhov, Beethoven, Velasquez – writers I like, painters and artists I admire.” – Antonio Lobo Antunes

“The history of Portugal is, in fact, unique. The Portuguese went everywhere but never left, they took the little house with them. They did the same thing in Europe. Except for an elite, who worried about what was happening there outside – and he imitated or rejected -, to all the others it was Europe that came to them: it came down that way with the railways.” – Eduardo Lourenço

„The Portuguese are the unknown people. We are lost in this vast country. Nobody knows we are here. To be Portuguese in America is to be a stone dropped in the middle of the ocean. It sinks beneath the waves and vanishes without a trace.“ – Charles Reis Felix

Quotes about Portuguese culture and history

Quotes about Portuguese culture and history
Quotes about Portuguese culture and history

“I love white Portugal wine better than claret, champagne, or burgundy. I have a sad vulgar appetite. – Jonathan Swift

“Portugal is still one of those places, where you can have a really great dinner out, which might cost $18 to $23 in Manhattan, only costs about $9 to $11 in Portugal.” – Melisse Gelula

“Portugal has amazing seafood with all the eyeballs staring back at you.” – Annie Wersching

“Conquering the land of the three parts of the world from foreign nations was an enterprise that the kings of Portugal managed very easily and very happily, but distributing three palms of land in Portugal to the vassals, to their satisfaction, was impossible.“ – Father Antonio Vieira

“As we say in Portugal, they brought the bus and they left the bus in front of the goal.” – Jose Mourinho

“Madeira is a wine like no other. It is fine wine in extremis. Heat and air, both the sworn enemies of most wines and winemakers, conspire to turn Madeira into one of the most enthralling of the world’s wines as well as the most resilient.“ – Richard Mayson

“In a way, I think fado was the CNN of that time for the working classes because it was the fadista who used to bring all the news and he was the one who used to open the people’s eyes to what was happening in the country.” – Mariza

“The only thing that matters is to feel the fado. The fado is not meant to be sung; it simply happens. You feel it, you don’t understand it and you don’t explain it.” – Amália Rodrigues

“In Portugal, seeing a black cat is a bad sign; it’s bad luck. But they tell me if it crosses from left to right, it’s good luck. But I don’t like black cats!” – Nuno Espirito Santo

“In the Middle Ages, Spain and Portugal were so powerful that they signed a set of treaties literally dividing up the globe between them.” – Max Fisher

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100+ Best Portugal Quotes and Portugal Instagram Captions + Beautiful Sharable Photos

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100+ Best Portugal Quotes and Portugal Instagram Captions + Beautiful Sharable Photos
100+ Best Portugal Quotes and Portugal Instagram Captions + Beautiful Sharable Photos

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