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Recently visited Scotland or planning to visit Scotland soon? Maybe you are looking for some inspiration and the best Scotland quotes?

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Scotland is part of the United Kingdom and covers the northern part of Great Britain. It is famous for its dramatic landscapes, breathtaking wilderness, rich history, and fairytale castles.

Glasgow and Edinburgh are the biggest cities and attract tourists from all over the world. That is why I have prepared more than 100 best Scotland quotes for the most inspirational captions.

In this article, you will find different varieties of Scotland quotes. Some of the best quotes of all time, famous Scotland proverbs, unique Instagram captions, or something easy-going and fun. I have added iconic quotes about Edinburgh and Glasgow as well.

No matter if you are planning to travel to Scotland or you live in Scotland already, you will find some of the best Scotland quotes in this post, so keep on reading!

Best Scotland Quotes

Best Scotland Quotes
Best Scotland Quotes

“There is no sunlight in the poetry of exile. There is only mist, wind, rain, the cry of the curlew, and the slow clouds above damp moorland. That is the real Scotland; that is the Scotland whose memory rings the withers uncivilized from-home; and, in some way that is mysterious, that is Swieldingthat even a stranger learns to love.“ – H. V. Morton

“Poetry, the reading of it, the writing of it, the saying it out loud, the learning of it off by heart, matters deeply to ordinary Scottish people everywhere.” – Liz Lochead

“It is one of the most hauntingly beautiful places in the world, the history is fascinating, the men are handsome and the whisky is delicious.” – JK Rowling

“[Macbeth] is historically set in a place depicted by Shakespeare as brutal and violent, incredibly superstitious, and that’s something that I do believe is Scottish.” – James McAvoy

“Scotland is undoubtedly the star of Outlander. I’m so proud of the country and all it has to offer.” – Sam Heughan

“There’s no place on earth with more of the old superstitions and magic mixed into its daily life than the Scottish Highlands.” – Diana Gabaldon

“There’s nothing small about Scotland. We’re all about big, beautiful scenery and giant intellects that invented the likes of penicillin, the telephone, and TV. We enjoy gigantic portions of grub and throw ourselves wholeheartedly into our football and rugby clubs.” – Lorraine Kelly

“The best food in the world comes from Scotland, in part at least, because Scotland is the last wilderness area in Europe; therefore the land, freshwater rivers and lochs, and sea waters around the country are clean and pure.” – Lady Claire MacDonald

“Wherever I wander, wherever I rove; the hills of the highland forever I love.“ – Robert Burns

Unique Scotland captions for Instagram

Unique Scotland captions for Instagram
Unique Scotland captions for Instagram

“Where’s the whiskey?!“

“I have taken the high road. I have taken the low road. I have been to Scotland by morning.“

“My theory is that all Scottish food s based on a dare.“

“Kilt: It’s what happened to the last person who called it a skirt.“

“Don’t think Scottish sheep are the cutest? Ewe gotta be kidding me!“

“Yes, I love whiskey. Who’s caskin?“

“Kiltn’ it“

“I need to mull over my decision on which Scotch to pick.“

“The Scottish Highlands are not to be mist!“

“Real me wear skirts.“

More Scotland captions for Instagram

Unique Scotland captions for Instagram
Unique Scotland captions for Instagram

“The Scottish sun, shocked by having its usual cloudy underpinnings stripped away, shone feverishly, embarrassed by its nakedness.“ – Stuart Haddon

“It’s still part of me, Scotland. I’m still immersed in it even though I am not there.“ – Irvine Welsh

“My heart’s in the Highlands, my heart is not here; My heart’s in the Highlands a chasing the deer; A-chasing the wild-deer, and following the roe, My heart’s in the Highlands wherever I go.“ – Robert Burns

“Scotland is the best place in the whole world.“ – Gail Porter

“Put some whiskey in my coffee because it’s Scotland somewhere!“ – Unknown

“I’m rediscovering Scotland; I’m falling in love with it again.“ – Sam Heughan

“Give me Scotland or I die.“ – John Knox

“No one in Scotland can escape from the past. It is everywhere, haunting like a ghost.“ – Geddes MacGregor

“A glass of whiskey in Scotland in the thirties cost less than a cup of tea.“ – Catherine Helen Spence

“The mud is cold when you’re in the north of Scotland!“ – Tahar Rahim

Funny quotes about Scotland

Funny quotes about Scotland
Funny quotes about Scotland

“There are two seasons in Scotland: June and winter.” – Billy Connolly

“Looking forward to Scottish summers, the rain gets warmer.“ – Unknown

“We Slovenians are even better misers than you Scottish. Do you know how Scotland began? One of us Slovenians was spending too much money, so we put him on a boat and he landed in Scotland.“ – Slavoj Žižek

“Scotland’s a pretty place. I mean, as long as it ain’t raining.“ – Boo Weekley

“Two negatives make a positive but only in Scotland do two positives make a negative.“ – Frankie Boyle

“I just read an 800-page history of the Scottish Enlightenment and, honestly, I may as well just start it again now, because I cannot remember a single thing. I can barely remember where Scotland is.“ – Hugh Laurie

“In Scotland, as beautiful as it is, it was always raining. Even when it was caressing, it was about to rain or had just rained. It’s a very angry sky.“ – Colin Hay

“My God, so much I like to drink Scotch that sometimes I think my name is Igor Stra-whiskey.“ – Igor Stravinsky

“The Glasgow invention of squared-toed shoes was to enable the Glasgow man to get closer to the bar.“ – Jack House

“Scotland is a picturesque country where the people are friendly yet completely incomprehensible. Also, the national delicacy is a sheep’s stomach filled with its liver, lungs, and heart.“ – Adam Schlesinger

Short quotes about Scotland

Short quotes about Scotland
Short quotes about Scotland

“We look to Scotland for all our ideas of civilization.” – Voltaire

“Give me but one hour of Scotland, let me see it ere I die.” – William Edmondstoune Aytoun

“There is magic in Scotland. It’s a country with a lot of pride and bravery.“ – Gayle Rankin

“I am constantly disappointing people up in Scotland by not being Scottish!“ – Jonny Lee Miller

“God help England if she had no Scots to think for her.“ – George Bernard Shaw

“Welcome to Glasgow – the city where we punch people who are on fire.“ – Frankie Boyle

“There’s a real emphasis on being witty in Scotland, even in crime novels.“ – Denise Mina

“There’s just no place like Scotland when the sun is out. I just love coming home.“ – Ashley Jensen

“He gave it the benefit of the doubt; he was Scotch.“ – Algernon Blackwood

“One of Scotland’s most important cultural exports – stories.“ – Sara Sheridan

Inspirational quotes about Scotland

Inspirational quotes about Scotland
Inspirational quotes about Scotland

“Of all the small nations of this earth, perhaps only the ancient Greeks surpass the Scots in their contribution to mankind.” – Winston Churchill

“Scotland has an in-built sound system that never stops thumping. Music runs deep and I like to think of all the great songs and voices that have come out of the country, and all the music that is yet to come.” – KT Tunstall

“Being on tour so often, in fact, enhances my appreciation and pride in being from Scotland. In such a competitive world, I believe it is my Scottish roots that have enabled me to keep a sincere and realistic approach to everything I do.” – Nicola Benedetti

“Staring into a Scottish landscape, I have often asked myself why – in spite of all appearances – bracken, rocks, man, and sea are at some level one.“ – Neal Ascherson

“Any self-respecting Scot knows that a good tartan is a solution to everything: it tells you where you are, where you belong, who your friends and family are. Forget the Vikings: those guys just can”t hold a candle to a delicious battle-weary warrior whose fighting skills and wicked sex appeal have spawned a thousand Scottish heartthrobs.“ – Trisha Telep

“Scotland occupies such a special place in my own and my family’s affections” – Queen Elizabeth

“There are few more impressive sights in the world than a Scotsman on the make.“ – James M. Barrie

“Scotland is one of my favorite places to perform: it’s really something special. Scottish audiences are just so enthusiastic; their approach to dance music just feels similar to my own somehow.“ – Moby

“Here, if nowhere else in the land, the sense of satiety is unknown; and it is to this mental tonic, even more than to the bracing air of the heights, that we owe the unwearied spirit which nerves us to walk more leagues upon the mountains than we could walk miles upon the plain. For in the lowlands, we walk with the body only; in the highlands, we walk with the mind.“ – Henry Stephens Salt

“I’m proud of the culture I come from – we’re a small country and a close-knit community.“ – Sara Sheridan

Quotes about life in Scotland

Quotes about life in Scotland
Quotes about life in Scotland

“Without the shepherd’s dog, the whole of the open mountainous land in Scotland would not be worth a sixpence.“ – James Hogg

“Scotland is about layering. The weather changes every 10 minutes.“ – Sam Heughan

“Don’t mess with Scottish people. They are temperamental. Half temper, half mental.“ – Unknown

“There are three reasons why I live in Scotland. First, I like silence, and you have to be a millionaire to buy silence in Italy. Second, I like cold weather. Third, in Italy, I have too many relatives and know too many people, so I never get quiet time.“ – Gian Carlo Menotti

“Another lesson to file away about Scotland: insulting other people in a childish manner was the national pastime.“ – Molly Ringle

“I grew up in Scotland, and everyone wore Barbour. It’s very practical; it’s very outdoorsy. It’s what the gamekeepers and the fishermen and the farmers would wear.“ – Sam Heughan

“We really found ourselves in Scotland.” – Paul McCartney

“It is true that I once refused to eat haggis in Scotland and this did not sit well with the local population.” – Rick Riordan

“In Scotland, when people congregate, they tend to argue and discuss and reason; in Orkney, they tell stories.” – Uknown

“Did not strong connections draw me elsewhere, I believe Scotland would be the country I would choose to end my days in.“ – Benjamin Franklin

Travel quotes about Scotland

Travel quotes about Scotland
Travel quotes about Scotland

“There are few places in my life that I’ve found more ruggedly beautiful than the Highlands of Scotland. The place is magical – it’s so far north, so remote, that sometimes it feels like you’ve left this world and gone to another.” – Julia London

“Autumn in the Highlands would be brief—a glorious riot of color blazing red across the moors and gleaming every shade of gold in the forests of sheltered glens. Those achingly beautiful images would be painted again and again across the hills and in the shivering waters of the mountain tarns until the harsh winds of winter sent the last quaking leaf to its death on the frozen ground.“ – Elizabeth Stuart

“I went to this beautiful place where the ground moved underneath me and the air was a part of me, and where time stopped. It was amazing and wonderful. But God sent me back, back to my body, back to you. – Lindsey Water.“ – Cyndi Tefft

“Location is everything, I’d rather camp in the Lake District or Scotland than sit in a five-star hotel in Frankfurt.“ – Rory Bremner

“I come more to Scotland than I ever used to, so I feel more connected to it, more part of the zeitgeist. You know when you realize you have a choice and I’m choosing my homeland. It’s funny: when you get older these things to creep up to you.“ – Alan Cumming

“Scotland is a picturesque country where the people are friendly yet completely incomprehensible. Also, the national delicacy is a sheep’s stomach filled with its liver, lungs, and heart.“ – Adam Schlesinger

“I’ve always loved Scotland, and I’m not a huge fan of big cities, to be honest. I like them to dip into for a bit, but I’m not sure I would want to live in one again.“ – Iain Banks

“Even in rugged Scotland, nature is scarcely wilder than a mountain sheep, certainly a good way short of the ferity of the moose and caribou.“ – John Burroughs

“I was only in Scotland for four months or something, but I look back at that, and it was a big learning curve for me in that short spell. I went there with an open mind to show everyone in Scotland what I was about. Looking back, I am very glad about the decision I made.“ – James Maddison

“Scotland is so gorgeous that every time I’m there, I start to dream of living there. I want to buy one of those whitewashed cottages with thatch roofs and gaze out at the sea and read my books. I want to be away from the Internet and the news and lawnmowers at 7 A.M. on Sunday mornings.“ – Julia London

Quotes about Edinburgh

Quotes about Edinburgh
Quotes about Edinburgh

“The writing talent of Edinburgh is textured – we have poets, novelists, non-fiction writers, dramatists and more.“ – Sara Sheridan

“The Scots think of it as their capital; they’re too possessive, Edinburgh belongs to the world.” – Richard Demarco

“Half a capital and half a country town, the whole city lead a double existence; it has long trances of the one and flashes of the other; like the king of the Black Isles, it is half alive and half a monumental marble.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

“I love Scotland. Edinburgh is a beautiful city and has a wonderful tradition of supporting the arts.“ – Peter Hambleton

“It seemed as if the rock and castle assumed a new aspect every time I looked at them; and Arthur’s Seat was perfect witchcraft. I don’t wonder that anyone residing in Edinburgh should write poetically.” – Washington Irving 

“Edinburgh is a hotbed of genius.” – Tobias Smollett

“But Edinburgh is a mad god’s dream.” – Hugh MacDiarmid

“I always feel that when I come to Edinburgh, in many ways I am coming home.” – Alan Rickman

“Beautiful city of Edinburgh, most wonderful to be seen; with your ancient palace of Holyrood and Queen’s Park Green; and your big, magnificent, elegant New College; where people from all nations can be taught knowledge.” – William McGonagall

“Edinburgh isn’t so much a city, more a way of life… I doubt I’ll ever tire of exploring Edinburgh, on foot or in print.” – Unknown

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Quotes about Glasgow

Quotes about Glasgow
Quotes about Glasgow

“Glasgow is less polite than Edinburgh but that’s a good thing – they keep it very real.“ – Nik Kershaw

“Rain was a natural state of Glasgow. It kept the grass green and the people pale and bronchial.” – Douglas Stuart

“Imaginatively Glasgow exists as a music hall song and a few bad novels.“ – Alasdair Gray

“I do miss Glasgow but Malibu is home now. I love it here and when I do go back to Scotland it takes me a bit of time to acclimatize. I am a spoilt so-and-so. I live in the mountains of Malibu in the most gorgeous house and I phone my mum every day and tell her that I have got bad news – that it is only 70 degrees here.“ – Tommy Flanagan

“The great thing about Glasgow is that if there’s a nuclear attack it’ll look exactly the same afterward.“ – Billy Connolly

“I’m very fond of Glasgow, particularly the West End. The whole stretch of the west coast of Scotland from Loch Lomond up through Mallaig to the Kyle of Lochalsh is so beautiful.“ – John Niven

“Some people, when they have a holiday, just want to go to salt coats, twenty-five miles along the coast from Glasgow. Some people don’t even want that. They are happy to stay at home or watch the birds and the ducks float by in the park. And some want to go to the moon. It’s all about people’s ambitions.“ – Alex Ferguson

“I’d live in Glasgow if I could. I can’t praise it enough; it’s the nicest place I have ever worked and I’ve worked in a lot of nice places.“ – Roxanne McKee

“Growing up in Scotland and living in Glasgow, you see the heritage that religion has had and how something that, in theory, is about kindness and community and caring for each other is used to persecute people.“ – Lauren Mayberry

“I don’t want to leave, but it’s time for Glasgow.“ – Unknown 

Famous Scottish Proverbs

Famous Scottish Proverbs
Famous Scottish Proverbs

“Time and tide wait for no man.”

“Don’t marry for money, you can borrow it cheaper.“

“Money is flat and was meant to be piled up.”

“Fools look to tomorrow; Wise men use tonight.“

“A fool may earn money, but it takes a wise man to keep it.”

“He goes long barefoot that waits for dead men’s shoes.”

“Hours are Time’s shafts, and one comes winged with death.“

“Better keep the devil at the door than have to turn him out of the house.”

“All that’s said in the kitchen should not be told in the hall.”

“Better be ill spoken of by one before all than by all before one.“

Quotes about Scottish culture and history 

Quotes about Scottish culture and history
Quotes about Scottish culture and history

“Scotland should be nothing less than equal with all the other nations of the world.“ – Sean Connery

“But he’ll never be fully recognized because Scots literature these days is all about complaining and moaning and being injured in one’s soul.“ – Alexander McCall Smith

“Scottish people drink spasmodically and intensely, for the sake of a momentary but complete release, whereas the English like to bathe and paddle about bucolically in a mild puddle of beer.“ – Edwin Muir 

“Hey, single malt Scotch, you’re thirty years old. When are you going to settle down and get married to my stomach?“ – Stephen Colbert

“Poetry, the reading of it, the writing of it, the saying it out loud, the learning of it off by heart, matters deeply to ordinary Scottish people everywhere.“ – Liz Lochland

“They say Scotland is the home of golf. I’m inclined to agree. It’s been nothing but on-par for me!“ – Unknown 

“Everyone knows how creative the Scots are. They’re always sculpting, painting, singing songs, & writing plays. They invented television, the telephone, & deep-fried Mars bars.“ – David Baillie

“I have embraced Robert Burns and his beloved Scotland. I have heard the music of the authentic mother tongue. I have walked where he walked, lived where he lived, if only for a brief time, and seen where he died and where he was finally laid to rest. The ghost of Rabbie Burns will continue to walk beside me. And when I am gone, I will walk beside others who fight for the cause of truth.“ – Laurence Over-mire

“I feel a sort of reverence in going over these scenes in this most beautiful country, which I am proud to call my own, where I was such devoted loyalty to the family of my ancestors – for Stuart blood is in my veins.“ – Queen Victoria

“Scotland consistently produces world-class writers.“ – Sara Sheridan

Quotes from the Scots

Quotes from the Scots
Quotes from the Scots

“And though I would rather die elsewhere, yet in my heart of hearts, I long to be buried among good Scots clods. I will say it fairly, it grows on me with every year.“ – Robert Louis Stevenson

“This is my country, the land that begat me, These windy spaces are surely my own.“ – Alexander Gray

“There were lovely things in the world, lovely that didn’t endure, and the lovelier for that Nothing endures.“ – Lewis Grassic Gibbon

“When you hear someone from the very north of Scotland speaking, I think it’s nice, very musical and harmonious.“ – Sean Connery

“Scotland almost invented the modern world. I mean, all of these televisions, telephones, penicillin, we all – all of these things were invented in Scotland.“ – Nicola Sturgeon

“For me, writing stories set, well, wherever they’re the best set, is a form of cultural curiosity that is uniquely Scottish – we’re famous for traveling in search of adventure.“ – Sara Sheridan

“Where is the coward that would not dare to fight for land such as Scotland?“ – Walter Scott

“Scotland is my country, the nation that shaped me, that taught me my values. A nation whose achievements inspired and inspire me, a community whose failings drive me – drive my overwhelming desire to fight for social justice and equality.“ – Johann Lamont

“Wherever a Scotsman goes, here goes Burns. His grand whole, catholic soul squares with the good of all; therefore we find him in everything, everywhere.“ – John Muir

“We are undoubtedly a sentimental people, and it sometimes plays havoc with that other celebrated sense of ours, the practical.” – J.M. Barrie

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130+ Best Scotland Quotes and  Scotland Instagram Captions + Beautiful Sharable Photos

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130+ Best Scotland Quotes and  Scotland Instagram Captions + Beautiful Sharable Photos
130+ Best Scotland Quotes and  Scotland Instagram Captions + Beautiful Sharable Photos

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