80+ Best Andalusia Quotes and Andalusia Instagram Captions

Recently visited Andalusia or planning to visit Andalusia soon? Maybe you are looking for some inspiration and the best Andalusia quotes?

Or maybe you have a lot of photos & videos for social media and need unique Andalusia Instagram captions? I got you covered.

Andalusia is a large region in the south of Spain. It is a very diverse area and offers visitors many different things. Starting from national parks and beaches and ending with museums and architectural gems.

That is why I have prepared more than 80 best Andalusia quotes for the most inspirational captions.

In this article, you will find different varieties of Andalusia quotes. Inspirational quotes to convince you to visit Andalusia or quotes about life in Andalusia. Or some of the best quotes about famous Andalusian cities like Granada, Seville, Malaga, etc.

No matter if you are planning to travel to Andalusia or you live in Andalusia already, you will find some of the best Andalusia quotes in this post, so keep on reading!

Best Andalusia quotes

Best Andalusia quotes
Best Andalusia quotes

“I think this is the special character of the people from Seville. They have a really open spirit and receive everyone like family.“ – Ivan Rakitic

“Every city has its own charm, but Granada has its own and that of the rest.“ – Antonio Machado

“My eyes filled with tears; not tears of sorrow nor of happiness, but of the fulfillment of a quiet, hidden life in Granada.“ – Miguel de Unamuno

“Give him alms, woman, that there is nothing in life as the sadness of being blind in Granada.“ – Francisco de Icaza

“I do not know what to call this land upon which I stand. If what is beneath my feet is paradise, then what is the Alhambra? Heaven?“ – Lope de Vega

“All curious travelers keep Granada in their hearts, even without having visited it.“ – William Shakespeare

“Granada, last refuge from a tiring life. Eternal garden, shows remnants of paradise that still remain, in only very few privileged places on earth.“ – Chateaubriand

“The Alhambra in Granada is the most fertile source of inspiration of all those from which I have drunk.“ – Escher

“There are fully forty towers, which are lofty and well built, the largest of which has fifty steps leading to its main body and is higher than the tower of the principal tower of the church at Seville.“ – Hernan Cortes

“How lazily the sun goes down in Granada, it hides beneath the water, it conceals in the Alhambra!“ – Ernest Hemingway

Unique Andalusia captions for Instagram

Unique Andalusia captions for Instagram
Unique Andalusia captions for Instagram

Stop saying tomorrow, take a trip to Andalusia now.

It’s a pitcher perfect night for Sangria.

Feeling on tapas the world.

And we’ll all Jamon okay.

Hard at work searching for the best sangria in Spain. I’ll let you know when I find it!

Andalusia is calling and I must go.

Hola from Andalusia!

Siestas and fiestas… I could get used to this!

Sangria counts as fruit right?

Hola from Andalusia!

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Quotes about Granada

Quotes about Granada
Quotes about Granada

“Granada; more dazzling than the flower and more flavourful than the fruit it is named after, like a virgin lying in the sun.“ – Alexandre Dumas

“Granada is so moving that it stimulates and melts all of the senses.“ – Henri Matisse

“Granada is the perfect dream and fantasy, forever ineffable. Granada will always be more malleable than philosophical, more lyric than dramatic.“ – Federico Garcia Lorca

“The truth is, that I’m beginning to wonder if there is any greater pleasure in life than visiting Granada and it is going back and visiting it again.“ – Alexandre Dumas

“In no part of the world is the landscape like that of Granada.“ – Manuel de Falla

“Granada is the perfect dream and fantasy, forever ineffable. Granada will always be more malleable than philosophical, more lyric than dramatic.“ – Federico García Lorca

“Granada is Spain’s most valued treasure; a melting pot of flavors, smells, and passion.“ – Víctor Hugo

“Yes, the impact of your wonderful Granada is within me; sad, so sad, but a sadness so attractive that it draws me in and carries me with it like a thread through a needle. I need to take in each and every aspect of Granada.“ – Juan Ramón Jimenez

“Granada is like the beautiful, delicate land of our dreams; all those who see her dream of visiting her again.“ – Chateaubriand

“If you were to visit just one city in Spain, it should be Granada.“ – Ernest Hemingway

Quotes about Seville

Quotes about Seville
Quotes about Seville

“The air soft as that of Seville in April, and so fragrant that it was delicious to breathe it.” – Christopher Columbus

“Seville is like dreaming of heaven.” – Lola Flores

“People in Seville are very happy, the lifestyle here is very relaxed, and you can walk everywhere; it’s very easy.“ – Paz Vega

“Seville is a tower full of fine archers. …Under the arch of the sky, across the clear plain, she shoots the constant arrow of her river.” – Federico Garcia Lorca

“A man of Seville is shaved by the Barber of Seville if and only if the man does not shave himself. Does the barber shave himself?” – Bertrand Russell

“A typical Seville shop reaches far along the street front, with many open doors, and a counter running the full length. Here ladies sit in pairs and groups, never singly, to cheapen fans and mantillas, while the smiling salesmen, cigarette in hand, shrug and gesticulate and give back banter for banter as gayly as if it were all a holiday frolic.” – Katherine Lee Bates

“A dream is something that you set for yourself, not what other people set for you. When I qualified in Seville I burst into tears. I couldn’t believe that I was going to the Olympic Games.” – Natalie Du Toit

“I visited Eduardo Miura’s ranch in Seville where he raised bulls for bullfighting, and I was so impressed that by the time I got home I had already selected my future emblem.“ – Ferruccio Lamborghini

“Bullfighters are Seville heroes.” – Paz Vega

“Once, while exploring Seville Cathedral, I walked into a metal bar and gashed my head.“ – Kris Marshall 

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Quotes about Jerez

Quotes about Jerez
Quotes about Jerez

“If God had not made Jerez, how imperfect would his work be!” – Benito Perez Galdos.

“There in Jerez, I drank the famous wine from its very source.” – Lord Byron

“Jerez de la Frontera is a city that should be in Paradise.” – Victor Hugo 

“Jerez is a large open town surrounded by a beautiful country and much more desirable as a place of residence than Cádiz.” – William Wirt Wysor

“Jerez: stately and bohemian, modern and traditional, monumental and alleyways, devout and rumbera. But it doesn’t need to clarify, because it welcomes everyone.“ – ElPaís Viajero

“If penicillin cures the sick, sherry raises the dead.” – Alexander Fleming

“Smells of Jerez, of pure and new wine
like a rose, the rose smells only.” – Victoriano Crémer

“The city of Jerez is a legalized alcoholic incest.” – Carmen Lopez de Sole

“Jerez seduces and captivates. For what it is and, above all, for the nostalgia for what it was.” – Maria Duenas

“This window takes me
look at it open or closed,
to Jerez de la Frontera.” – Raphael Alberti

Quotes about Malaga

Quotes about Malaga
Quotes about Malaga

“Don’t talk to me about art if you haven’t come to Malaga.“ – Pablo Picasso

“There are no more beautiful beaches or happier women than in Malaga.“ – Unknown

“This place has a divine light, and the climate is one of the best in southern Europe.” – Ernest Hemingway

“Málaga, a martini of the sea.“ – Rafael Pérez Estrada

“Málaga for me has been the advance of the paradise that I will not have. I have come to Malaga to say goodbye to life.“ – Antony Gala

“From Malaga, wine, raisins, anchovies, and sweet potatoes.“ – Unknown

“Leaving Malaga, following the undulating line of the coast, you enter the empire of light. Reader, I have been emperor for six years within a drop of light, in an empire bluer and more splendid than the land of the mandarins.“ – José Ortega y Gasset

“When you go to Malaga, you don’t want to leave.“ – Unknown

Travel quotes about Andalusia

Travel quotes about Andalusia
Travel quotes about Andalusia

“Where was that fascination, that yearning for a typical Andalusian city, for a better town, that security for later, that stopped time? This is it, here is Ronda, Serranía de Ronda.” – Juan Ramón Jiménez

“Ronda is the place where to go if you are planning to travel to Spain for a honeymoon or for being with a girlfriend. The whole city and its surroundings are a romantic set. Nice promenades, good wine, excellent food, nothing to do.“ – Ernest Hemingway

“The art of bullfighting was wonderful because Ronda and Sevilla did it together.They united two truths into one with Illo and with Romero Sevilla and Ronda.“ – José Bergamín

“Strolling through Ronda at sunset, the cypresses, the palaces, all the air not far from the Courts of Cádiz; and a sky of inexpressible color, neither pearl gray nor silver; a suspicion of the slightest celestial that a certain white force of light erased and compensated with its irradiation.“ – Luis Cernuda

“In Ronda, one of the most impressive “Tajos” on earth. It would seem that some Cyclops tried to perform a surgical operation on the planet there, which he later abandoned, leaving the patient unstitched. In Ronda there are many streets that should carry a tourist sign: “To chaos”. In any landscape or path that is offered to the tourist, it is indicated that they will imperatively arrive “at the Cathedral”, “at the Museum”. But in Ronda there are many streets that lead to ourselves. El Tajo has no commitment to the guides. One looks at it and can find deep down fear, predictions, prayers or verses.“ – José María Pemán

“Round mountain range, 
Ronda square. 
And the light of bullfighting 
measures its wave. 

You win, peace of Iberia, 
my pure Ronda, 
square of light without fair, 
rose that lasts.“ – Gerardo Diego

“We sight Ronda. It was entrenched in the mountains, like a natural extension of the landscape and, in the sunlight, it seemed to me the most beautiful city in the world.“ – Juan Goytisolo

Quotes about life in Andalusia

Quotes about life in Andalusia
Quotes about life in Andalusia

“Cadiz, sweet Cadiz! It is the first spot in the creation. The beauty of its streets and mansions is only excelled by the loveliness of its inhabitants.“ – Lord Byron

“Almería is an open-air museum.” – Luis Siret

“Get lost in Cádiz, get lost in the little cup that with this blessed light all the photos will turn out beautiful.” – Juanma Braza ‘Sheriff’

“Perhaps there never was a monument more characteristic of an age and people than the Alhambra; a rugged fortress without, a voluptuous palace within; war frowning from its battlements; poetry breathing throughout the fairy architecture of its halls.” – Washington Irving

“Almería, where the sun spends the winter.” – Rodolfo Lussnigg

“Cadiz is a city of magic, like Cracow or Dublin, to set the mind on fire at a turn of a corner. The eye is continually fed, the imagination stirred, by a train of spectacles as charming as if they had been contrived.” – Honor Tracy

“When Almería was Almería, Granada was its farmhouse.” – Unknown

“Cádiz is a symbol of the Spain that could have been, that was about to be, that we could have had, and that for many reasons could never be.” – Arturo Perez-Reverte

“Almería is one of the most thriving and daring cities in southern Spain.“ – El Mundo, Spanish newspaper

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Inspirational quotes about Andalusia

Inspirational quotes about Andalusia
Inspirational quotes about Andalusia

“Almería, poem of the landscape and the sun.“ – Grace Vera

“Almería, a remote and impossible land, lunar and dramatic, of a strange and suffocating beauty, is a delicious factory of illusions, an incomparable setting.“ – Ocholeguas

“I like the south of Spain, notably for the Moorish vigour and the weather.“ – Alexei Sayle

“People envy me when I tell them that I am lucky to wake up every day in Andalusia.” – Unknown

“Give wings to a bird and do not doubt that it will fly directly to Andalusia.“ – El Cabrero

“To the traveler imbued with a feeling for the historical and poetical, so separately intertwined in the annals of romantic Spain, the Alhambra is a much an object of devotion as is the Caaba to all true Moslems. How many legends and traditions, true and fabulous, – how many songs and ballads, Arabian and Spanish, of love and war and chivalry, are associated with this Oriental pile!“ – Washington Irving

“And it is that Andalusia
she is a lady of such nobility
that hardly cares about the matter.“ – Jose Maria Peman

“The people of Jerez are cosmopolitan, but within an order. The outsider does not amuse them at all” – Cristian Domecq

“To be happy and drink Jerez, that is all my illusion” – Ben Johnson

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80+ Best Andalusia Quotes and Andalusia Instagram Captions + Beautiful Sharable Photos

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80+ Best Andalusia Quotes and Andalusia Instagram Captions + Beautiful Sharable Photos
80+ Best Andalusia Quotes and Andalusia Instagram Captions + Beautiful Sharable Photos

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