Food Guide: Where to Eat in Batumi, Georgia

Best Adjarian Khachapuri in Georgia

What is the best way to get to know a certain country? For many people, it is through food – local dishes, unique products, must-try drinks, eating traditions, and so on. So I am here to help you discover Batumi through food and share my favorite places where to eat in Batumi.

Below you will find a complete food guide and the best places where to eat in Batumi for every taste and every budget.

Things to know about restaurant culture in Georgia


Before we talk about where to eat in Tbilisi, I want to share restaurant etiquette in Georgia.

Most of the restaurants in Georgia are open from midday until midnight. This means that you can find food any time, however, locals tend to eat late – lunch after 2PM and dinner after 8PM.

Keep in mind that here dishes don’t arrive at the same time. Cold dishes always come first, but after that it is Russian roulette, you never know what comes next. Can be awkward that you get your dish first while others still wait for their orders, so the best is to share food as you wait for your next dish. High end restaurants are different.

A lot of restaurants don’t include VAT or Service fee, but this is usually written on the bottom of the many. Percentage varies, so make sure you check it in advance. This also means that you are not obligated to tip, but you are always welcome to do that.

What about khinkali? This is a dish that you must eat with your hands, but be careful because it is filled with broth that you need to suck. Georgians say that you should be very loud when eating khinkali – this should be a good sign.

Porto Franco 

Adjarian khachapuri, Batumi, Georgia
Small Adjarian Khachapuri

Usually I don’t have a particular order for my food guides, but this time I decided to start with Batumi essential – Adjarian Khachapuri. Porto Franco happens to be my favorite place for that and I tried many. It is also the best rated Adjarian Khachapuri in the entire world according to TasteAtlas. Another great thing – they have small, medium and large size Khachapuri. The one in the photo is small and it is more than enough for a one person.

Price: €
Specialty: Adjarian Khachapuri


Meat platter for 4 people

Traditional cuisine along with European staples in a down-to-earth restaurant with alfresco seating and many Pirosmani paintings. If you are wondering where to eat in Batumi, choose Pirosmani, because it has all Georgian essentials and the food is exceptional. Great wine list and live music in the evenings as well!

Price: €€
Specialty: meat platter, grilled meat, khinkali

Blue Wave 

Seafood in Batumi, Georgia
Grilled Dorada

Seafood is another thing that I loved about Batumi. Especially after couple of months in Tbilisi where seafood was very average. In Batumi there is a fish market where you can buy fresh fish every day and nearby there are restaurants that serve the best seafood in Batumi. Blue Wave is one of the best options in this area – you can sit on the terrace, on the sea or inside and have a wonderful view on the Black Sea.

Price: €
Specialty: seafood paired with wine


Mama Khinkali in Tavaduri, Batumi, Georgia
Mama Khinkali

Beautiful restaurant with great service and interesting menu options. Their speciality is mama khinkali – huge khinkali filled with baby khinkali. It comes with a show as well – waiters cut it open and serve you baby khinkali. Keep in mind that these khinkali are smaller than usual and there are 10 pieces inside.

Price: €€
Specialty: mama khinkali


Seafood in Batumi, Georgia
Grilled Dorada and fried red mullet

Another great seafood restaurant near the fish market. A little bit fancier setting, so food is a bit more expensive, but still very affordable. Make sure you try red mullet (barabulka) that comes from Black Sea. Comes with a terrace and view on the sea.

Price: €€
Specialty: seafood paired with wine


Best Adjarian Khachapuri in Georgia
Adjarian Khachapuri with ham

Do you remember we talked about best Adjarian Khachapuri in the world? Well, this is the second best rated. Many interesting options for Khacapuri – different cheeses, meat etc. Beautiful location with a view on the promenade! There are two Retro restaurants in Batumi, but below I shared the exact location. They offer masterclasses as well, so you can learn how to make your own Khacapuri once back home.

Price: €
Specialty: Adjarian Khachapuri


Best Georgian Food

Many Georgian options for very affordable prices, but their wine list is amazing. Make sure you try Kisi wine! It is particular Georgian wine that you won’t find in many other places. It is dry and comes in beautiful amber color.

Price: €€
Specialty: Georgian specialties, Kisi wine

Taverna Balagan

Seafood in Batumi, Georgia
Mixed seafood platter and Georgian starters

This will be the last seafood restaurant in Batumi. Doesn’t have a terrace on the sea like the other ones, but you can go up to 3rd floor and enjoy the view from there.

Also, you can buy your own seafood in the market nearby and ask the restaurant to cook it for you – cooking will cost you just couple of euro per kilo. I never tried it, but I from what I have seen, it seems like it is a popular thing to do.

Price: €€
Specialty: seafood

Heart of Batumi

Batumi Food Guide

Traditional specialties & wine offered in a down-to-earth destination with a terrace. If you want a home cooked meal and wondering where to eat in Batumi, choose Heart of Batumi. I tried Chakhokhbili and it became one of my favorite dishes ever – stewed chicken, tomato, paprika and fresh herbs. Comes in a hot pot!

Price: €€
Specialty: Chakhokhbili, many Russian dishes available


Adjarian Khachapuri in Batumi
Adjarian Khachapuri

We started with Adjarian Khachapuri and we finish with that. Compared to other places, this is a very simple restaurant with a friendly service. Khachapuri is delicious, but these 3 places are world famous and you can’t go wrong with any of these options. Just depends on your own taste.

Price: €
Specialty: Adjarian Khachapuri

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In conclusion..


I think by now you already know that I have a passion for food and I like to explore it the local way. I really hope that after reading this article you have a list of places where to eat in Batumi and I cannot wait to hear your feedback once you actually get to try these restaurants.

I would love to hear your thoughts, so if you have any feedback or additional tips, leave a comment below. Also, check out my Instagram for regular travel videos and travel inspiration. Or explore other destinations on this travel blog.

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    1. lasma.plone says:

      Haha right?! Adjarian Khacapuri is the best ❤️ But everything else was great as well!

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