Highlights of Sakartvelo – Best Things to Do in Georgia


After spending 3 months in Georgia, I wanted to share the highlights of my trip and create a bucket list with the best things to do in Georgia.

Georgia is one of the best countries that I have ever visited and am sure that you will fall in love with this country as well after ticking off most of these things.

In this article, we will cover food, wine, landscapes, main attractions, must-do experiences, mountains, hidden gems, sea, relaxation, extreme activities, and, of course, monasteries.

Join me on this journey and let’s discover the best things to do in Georgia together!

Best things to do in Georgia

Experience Georgian hospitality at Toma’s Wine Cellar

Toma's Wine Cellar, Kutaisi, Georgia

Supra is a traditional Georgian feast and a big thing in every Georgian house. Toma’s Wine Cellar offers you to try this experience. They open their family home and cook traditional supra for you, share their traditions, and introduce you to Georgian food.

It is not a restaurant, don’t expect to see the menu or say no to chacha before you start your meal, but I can guarantee that you will leave this experience satisfied, full, and with beautiful memories with your new Georgian friends.

Toma’s Wine Cellar is located 40 minutes walk away from Kutaisi center. However, the easiest way to arrive is using Bolt and it will cost you no more than a couple of euros.

The price per person is 50GEL (15EUR). This includes multiple starters, local khachapuri, 2 hot dishes, sweets and unlimited wine.

Also, make sure you book this experience via Facebook or Instagram.

I always heard about Georgian hospitality and I found it at Toma’s Wine Cellar. This is certainly one of the best things to do in Georgia and it is not negotiable. You must do it!

Hike in Juta

Hike in Juta, Georgia

Do you have a passion for mountains and epic views? Even if you don’t, you should still do the hike in Juta to find one of the most peaceful places in Georgia. Also known as Georgian Dolomites.

I believe after seeing the photo, you are ready to plan your hike in Juta, so let’s talk about practical stuff.

To arrive in Juta you will need a 4×4 car, because it is a country road. In fact, in winter the road is closed, so make sure you follow the forecast and visit it before the snow season. The first option, you rent your own car and drive to Juta.

The second option, rent a driver via gotrip and this is my personal favourite, because it is completely stress free. You can also take marshrutka from Tbilisi to Stepantsminda and then catch another marshrutka or bus (seasonal) to Juta. Last option is budget friendly, but complicated and not reliable.

I’m not an experienced hiker and I didn’t even have proper shoes, but I easily managed the hike in Juta. It takes around 30-50 minutes to hike and from there the path is easy. In total, we spent 5 hours on this hike taking a lot of breaks for photos, but we didn’t arrive until the end of the hike.

Also, there is a hotel and bar at the top, but we visited this place in November and everything was already closed, so make sure you bring some water and some food with you. We waited for a sunny day and the weather was fantastic, even in November.

Go on a wine experience at Mestvireni

Wine tasting in Kakheti, Georgia

Another Georgian treasure is their wine. Georgia is the oldest wine-producing country and their traditions last 8000 years – this is something that every Georgian will mention at least once during the conversation.

The winemaking process here is completely different. It is called the qvevri-making method and it is part of the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List.

You will see a lot of wine-tasting experiences around big cities and wine tours to the countryside, but Kakheti is the most important Georgian winemaking region. Also, in Kakheti, you will see many famous wineries, but that is not my style. I want to take you to family family-owned winery – Mestvireni.

Mestvireni is also a traditional Georgian villa, so you can sleep here during your visit to Kakheti. See my review of Mestvireni.

Wine experience includes trying more than 5 different wines (some straight from qvevri), learning about Georgian famous chacha, understanding Georgian wine-making traditions, and spending a wonderful time with a local who has worked with wine for many years and has a big passion for what he does. The price is 40 GEL (11 EUR).

See the impossible of nature – Katskhi Column

Katskhi Column, Georgia

I think we all can agree that Georgian landscapes are very pleasant for our eyes, but I found something special. I bet you are looking at the photo and thinking that it is Photoshop or some weird perspective, but no, it is Katskhi Column and it looks exactly the same in real life. Maybe even more impressive, because it simply seems impossible.. yet nature never disappoints.

At the top of the column are a church, a burial chamber, a wine cellar, a curtain wall, and three hermit cells. However, local monks are now the only people on the planet who are allowed to take the 20-minute climb up the steel ladder on the side of the column to the very top.

Today, the pillar is still celebrated as being one of the most sacred landmarks on Earth, so that is something that you don’t want to miss. The best views are from the highway or parking that takes you to the Column.

It is not far from Kutaisi, but you will need a car to reach it, so make sure you rent a car or use gotrip again. This can be combined with other things around Kutaisi.

Reach Gergeti Trinity Church with Kazbegi Peak in the back

Gergeti Trinity Church with Kazbegi peak in the back

I have to say that Gergeti Trinity Church looks like a typical monastery of Georgia and it is not particularly impressive inside, but its location makes it so unique. First of all, it is not easy to reach but the mountain view in the back makes it spectacular.. And not just for the perfect photo, but also for breathtaking views.

Keep in mind that you can’t just drive up to Gergeti Trinity Church. The road is in horrible condition, so you will need a special 4×4 car. Once you arrive at Stepantsminda, you will see a Delta taxi, and round trip will cost you 4EUR per person. You can also hike up without the taxi in case you have some extra time.

Discover different kinds of Georgia at Martvili Canyon

Martvili Canyon, Georgia

I remember the first time I saw the photo of Martvili Canyon and I couldn’t believe it was in Georgia. Something so unique must be visited, right? Located near Kutaisi, you can combine this trip with White Cave and Katskhi Column. Similar to these places, you will need a car to reach it, so make sure you rent a car or a driver.

People visit Martvili Canyon to enjoy the scenery, and its waterfalls and take a boat trip in the river with deep green colour. I personally think that the boat ride is the highlight of this place, so make sure you choose that option. Also, I was a bit worried about bringing my camera equipment, but the water was very still and the boat was stable. There are no boats during the rain, so make sure you check the forecast and plan accordingly.

Canyon is not big and you don’t need more than 1 hour to visit it, but it is certainly worth it. The entrance fee is 17.25 GEL (5EUR) per person and the boat ride will cost you an additional 15GEL (4.30EUR) per person. I visited during the low season and didn’t see any lines, but from the reviews, I can see that it gets busy during summer, so try to avoid weekends and peak hours.

Try wine tasting in the White Cave

White Cave, Tetra Cave, Georgia

I know that we covered wine before, but there is another unique place that you should visit and that is White Cave (or Tetra Cave) and yes, they offer wine tasting inside the cave.

White Cave has 30,000 years of history, can you believe that? Yet it was found by mistake by a geography teacher who visited the area with a group of students. They were playing with the ball and it landed inside the cave, so that’s how the place was discovered.

White Cave was recently renovated and now is popular destination for health tourism (because of many health benefits that this cave offers) and wine experiences. You can come for a simple visit as well and don’t have to do the wine degustation.

The price was 25GEL (7EUR) per person with wine tasting. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice how much was a simple tour, but you can contact our guide via Instagram for more details. Once again, easy day trip option from Kutaisi.

Visit the tallest Orthodox Church in Georgia

Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi

Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi is located in Tbilisi and you will see the golden roof from most of the viewpoints of Tbilisi. It really stands out and it is massive compared to the other churches that I have seen.

The construction of the church was proclaimed a “symbol of the Georgian national and spiritual revival” and was sponsored mostly by anonymous donations from several businessmen and common citizens.

I highly suggest that you visit this church inside even if you are not religious. Entrance is for free and that was the moment when I realised how massive it actually is. In fact, the height of the cathedral from the ground to the top of the cross is 87.1 meters.

Best way to reach Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi? Bolt. Or you can take the metro to Avlabari Metro Station and walk up to the cathedral for 20 minutes.

Try the best-rated Adjarian Khachapuri

Adjarian khachapuri, Batumi, Georgia

You cannot visit Georgia without trying their famous khachapuri. Adjarian Khachapuri comes from the Batumi area and you have to try the best-rated Adjarian Khachapuri in the entire world – in Porto Franco.

Acharuli Khachapuri is a Georgian bread stuffed with cheese and baked in the oven until molten and sizzling hot. An egg yolk is added during the last minutes of cooking, and the whole delicious mess is topped with a pat of butter. I bet your mouth is watering right now, but wait until you visit Porto Franco in Batumi.

Prices vary from 7-14GEL (2-4EUR) and depend on the size. Keep in mind, that normally you eat this Khachapuri with your hands. You break the bread from the sides and dip it in the cheese – make sure you mash it with egg and butter. Like a real Georgian.

Visit the most isolated town in Georgia – Tusheti

Tusheti in Georgia

Tusheti – hidden in the Caucasus Mountains is the treasure of Georgia. The mysterious part is different from all the other sides of Georgia, its nature is diverse and enchants tourists.

Also, it is the most isolated place in Georgia, because you can visit only 4 months per year and you need to take the road of death. In fact, most of the Georgians are not brave enough to take this road. You can use marshrutka or drive there yourself, but keep in mind that a 70km drive will take you 4 hours.

There are no shops in Tusheti, so locals live from the products that they make & grow. But there is a guest house that will welcome you and make you a wonderful Georgian dinner for only 20EUR.

They don’t communicate in English or Russian, but they find their way to speak with their guests. There is not much information online, but you won’t get lost in this tiny village.

Explore the old capital of Georgia and visit Jvari Monastery

Jvari Monastery, Georgia

Jvari Monastery is one of the most iconic in Georgia. The name of the church is translated from Georgian as ‘’the cross’’ and has its own history. According to the legend the cross of St.Nino, one of the most revered saints who converted Georgia to Christianity, is kept here.

Make sure you visit Mtskheta and have lunch in the House of Beans. We went with a tour guide, but I can’t recommend him, there are many ways how you can reach Jvari Monastery – many tours available from Tbilisi. Or even use a taxi.

Experience sulfur baths in Tbilisi

sulfur baths in Tbilisi

A sulfur bath is another must-have experience when visiting Tbilisi. In fact, the name “Tbilisi” means warm place and the widely taught myth of the city’s founding involves these natural hot springs.

The legend states that in medieval times, King Vakhtang went hunting with his falcon in a heavily wooded region in central Georgia. The falcon caught a pheasant and during the struggle, both birds fell into the hot spring and died from their injuries. The king was so impressed with the hot water that he decided to clear the forest and build a city around this natural wonder.

I have to mention that it comes with a particular smell that is not pleasant, but it is part of the magic. Sulfur bath has a lot of benefits for your skin and it consists of two baths – hot and cold. Kisa is a scrubbing procedure that you must add to the experience as well.

I booked Chreli-Abano / Sulfur Bath & Spa and I chose the option with a sauna. The price was around 30EUR per hour and Kisa will cost you another 5EUR per person for 20 minutes of scrubbing.

Visit the Black Sea in Batumi

Batumi, Georgia

Batumi is quite unlike any other city in Georgia and it is most certainly worth visiting. It offers a fascinating contrast to other, more traditional, destinations in the country and keeps another treasure of the country – Black Sea.

It gets particularly busy during the summer because not only Georgians come here, but tourists also love this sunny destination. After all, it is one of the best summer destinations in Europe!

You already have to come to Batumi to try Adjarian Khachapuri, so add the Black Sea to your list as well. The coastline is long and available in the heart of Batumi, however, it is covered with rocks, so the best way to enjoy it is to rent a sun bed. It will cost you around 1EUR. Or you can take a ride and visit Green Cape or Sarpi.

You can also visit the Black Sea with a boat and get a wonderful view over Batumi. Once you arrive at Ali & Nino Statue, you will find many boat rentals for every budget. We negotiated 30 minutes on a private boat for 100GEL (28EUR).

Discover the romantic town of Georgia – Sighnaghi

romantic town of Georgia - Sighnaghi

The Georgian town of Sighnaghi is located in the eastern part of Kakheti, and is known as the City of Love. The town sits atop a bluff overlooking the Alazani Valley, which is one of Georgia’s most famous wine-producing regions.

There aren’t any main attractions in Sighnaghi, but make sure you get lost in tiny streets and discover charm of Georgia. Visit Sighnaghi’s city walls that are five kilometers long and incorporate 23 towers.

Also, visit Bodbe Monastery that is on your way to Sighnaghi and have lunch in Amo, Signagi – you will have a beautiful view on the town.

Overall Sighnaghi is less than 2 hours away from Tbilisi and there are many ways to reach this magical town, so make sure you use that chance.

Go Paragliding over The Russia–Georgia Friendship Monument

The Russia–Georgia Friendship Monument

A cylinder monument with a spectacular vista commemorates a friendship that some say never existed. 

Inside the cylinder monument, a vibrantly colored mural depicts heavily stylized scenes from Georgian and Russian histories. Stone archways open up to Devil’s Valley, and offer an idyllic view for visitors.

Interesting attraction to visit, but I want to make it more exciting for you, so why don’t you try paragliding over the monument? Once you arrive to this attraction, you will meet many people offering this experience.

There are many companies, but the experience lasts from 15-45 minutes and you do it with experienced instructors that will make paragliding exciting yet safe. Prices vary from 80EUR up to 200EUR.

Ski at Svaneti resort in winter

Svaneti starts to be the major Georgian magnet for mountain lovers not only in summer, but also in winter. 

Surrounded by the highest mountain peaks, covered with legends and myths about hallowed local traditions, Mestia is the heart of the region. From here, routes to further destinations in Svaneti begin. Mestia is also convenient point to stop for overnights and move towards ski lifts, equipment rentals, marked pistes, and virgin slopes. 

I personally didn’t try this experience, but I heard wonderful things from locals. This is basically like Switzerland, just way more affordable.

Main slopes are Hatsvali & Tetnuldi and they are open from December until April.

Bake your own Khachapuri and make khinkali


We talked about Adjarian Khachapuri before, but you should try regular khachapuri and khinkali as well. It is hard to tell where is the best place to do it, so I advise you to book a masterclass and make it yourself. This means that you can bring the recipe back home and cook it for your friends and family. It’s a souvenir that you will never loose.

There are many options, but I personally booked this experience in Tbilisi and I can’t recommend it enough. Comes with starters and wine, so make sure you skip lunch or dinner. The price is 18EUR per person.

Learn the history of this magical country at Chronicle of Georgia

Chronicle of Georgia

Chronicle of Georgia consists of 16 massive pillars that show the history of Georgia and its rulers as well as the scenes from the life of Jesus.

When I saw this place on Instagram, I wasn’t impressed, but it is another things when you are standing next to this massive monument.

Chronicle of Georgia are located 9km away from Tbilisi centre, so the best way to visit is Bolt or Yandex. Price is around 3.50EUR, but it is going to be hard to book you way from Chronicle to Tbilisi, so try to negotiate with the driver to way you. I paid another 3EUR for 1 hour waiting time and another 3.50EUR to go back to centre of Tbilisi.

Actually 1 hour was way too much time, mostly because of the strong wind. It is open air, so no entrance fee.

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In conclusion..

Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgia was my dream destination for so many years and I can say that it didn’t disappoint. I want to share how I fell in love with this country, so you can follow this guide and do the same!

I would love to hear your thoughts, so if you have any feedback or additional tips, leave a comment below. Also, check out my Instagram for regular travel videos and travel inspiration. Or explore other destinations on this travel blog.

Pin it for later and make sure you know the best things to do in Georgia!




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      I hope you get to visit one day, because you won’t be disappointed! I use lenses with small f stop (1.4 for example) and my camera can handle ISO pretty well.. I use Nikon D850 😌

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      Georgia has a bit of everything – food, wine, culture, beautiful architecture, welcoming people and breathtaking nature. Did I mention food? 😀 Thank you!

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