How to Reach Gergeti Trinity Church in Georgia


After spending some time in Georgia I learnt that it is not so easy to move around Georgia, so I had to do a lot of research to find the most convenient way from myself.

Today I want to talk about Gergeti Trinity Church and how to get there. Pros, cons and prices included. I believe that this article with help you with other travels around Georgia as well.

I have to mention that Gergeti Trinity Church is one of the highlights of Georgia and you simply can’t miss it. If you want to see more must visit places around Georgia, make sure you check this article.


Rent a private driver

Rent a private driver on is my favorite way how to reach Gergeti Trinity Church. Actually it is my favorite way to move around Georgia in general.

You have a lot of freedom to plan your own itinerary and your driver brings you from point A to point B. Timing and itinerary is up to you and its completely stress free. I personally love to plan my own itinerary, so for me this was a perfect option.

I tried this option multiple times during my time in Georgia and all drivers were wonderful. Make sure you choose the one with best ratings!

Price: around 50 EUR per day.

Pros: comfort, stress free, independent itinerary, so you can visit more places on your way, like Friendship Monument, Juta etc.

Cons: not the cheapest option, you have to do your own planning, not easy if you want to stay in a hotel and book a driver for multiple days.

Group tour

You can book a group tour with a company that has planned itinerary for you. However, this means that you don’t have much freedom and you have limited time per every single stop. Could be great for solo travelers or people who don’t like to plan things.

I personally tried Smart Travel and I cannot suggest it. We left in late and had to skip some places that were part of itinerary – I believe it doesn’t happen every day, but just keep in mind that you are not in charge of your own time and comfort, so you never know how it goes.

Price: 20-30 EUR per person

Pros: no planning needed, you can meet new people, normally you get a guide, cheap option, especially for solo travelers.

Cons: no flexibility, no control over your needs or comfort.

Private tour

Booking a private tour with a guide who knows all the local gems and follows you everywhere to share these things with you. Guides usually have planned itineraries that can be adjusted to your needs.

I personally think it is challenging to find an interesting guide, because I do my own research about the places that I visit, so I know the main things about the places already.

If you have no prior knowledge about the places and you want to be guided around, make sure you go for this option. 

Price: 70-100 EUR per person, but this often includes dinner as well

Pros: control over itinerary, but not a lot of planning needed, detailed information from the guide, stress free.

Cons: expensive, hard to pick someone who knows how to satisfy your needs.

Rent your own car

You can rent a car and this gives you a lot of freedom. The best rated website in Georgia is myrentacar and from my experience, everything went smooth. You can explore anything that you see on your way and plan your time accordingly.

If you choose this option, make sure you spend couple of nights in Stepantsminda and spoil yourself with a luxury stay at Intourist or Rooms Hotel.

Normally this is my favorite option, but I have to say that driving in Georgia is not easy, especially once you have to get out of Tbilisi. Quality of road is not the best either.

Price: from 15 to 20 EUR per day + petrol (but price is very low). No additional road fees.

Pros: a lot of flexibility, your own schedule, possibility to spend a night in your destination.

Cons: stress even for experienced drivers, quality of roads, animals on the road, traffic.

Public transport

In case you are on the budget, you can use something called marshrutka – old mini van that takes you from train station of Tbilisi and brings you to Stepantsminda.

I have to mention that it can be uncomfortable ride with too much noise and too much speeding. There is no schedule for marshrutka, because most of the time it leaves whenever it has enough passengers. Also, you don’t get much flexibility but you see the main attraction in Kazbegi.

Price: around 3 EUR

Pros: very affordable, drivers are very experienced.

Cons: not the safest option during the night, not comfortable and not reliable.

Keep in mind…

HOW TO travel around Georgia

No matter which option you choose, you can’t just drive up to Gergeti Trinity Church. The road is in a horrible condition, so you will need a special 4×4 car. Once you arrive to Stepantsminda, you will see Delta taxi and it will cost you another 4 EUR per person. 

You can also hike up without the taxi. It is not very challenging hike, but it is certainly long, so make sure you plan accordingly. It will take you around 2 hours one way.

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In conclusion…


Georgia is a beautiful country, but you need to be prepared. It doesn’t have a good public transport, so it takes a lot of planning and I hope this article helps you to choose the most comfortable option how to reach Gergeti Trinity Church.

I would love to hear your thoughts, so if you have any feedback or additional tips, leave a comment below. Also, check out my Instagram for regular travel videos and travel inspiration. Or explore other destinations on this travel blog.

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  1. AKARAPUN​ says:

    If​ you​ take​ the​ Delta taxi​ how​ much​ faster than​ hiking up?

    1. lasma.plone says:

      Taxi will take around 15 minutes one way while the hike is going to be around 2 hours. Hope it helps 🙂

  2. What a beautiful church! Too bad it is hard to get around!

    1. lasma.plone says:

      Still so worth it 😍

  3. I’m dying to visit Georgia and hike. Did you go on any trails?

    1. lasma.plone says:

      Yes, the one of Juta! I have another article where I share more about it 😊

  4. What a beautiful church! Thanks for the tips on how to get there.

    1. lasma.plone says:

      Always happy to share! Hope it helps!

  5. Finally, a complete guide about all the options how you can reach Gergeti Trinity Church! Well done!

    1. lasma.plone says:

      I appreciate your comment, thanks ❤️

  6. My favorite was definitely Gotrip. The best thing you could find in Georgia ❤️

    1. lasma.plone says:

      I couldn’t agree more!

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